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This website is infected with a great deal of nonsense. No need for Boss or Sexual information.  This

is not the intent of this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Been in contact with Cleantalk tech support

I contacted Cleatalk tech support. Hopefully the issue is resolved.


M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

website infestation

BOSS  is alive and well.....


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how do I reclaim my name and become an American state national

<p>there was an arcticle&nbsp;and now I cant find it, Im looking for the process</p>


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American State National

ggonvaw:  the more i learn about the law, our status, and our rights; the more i am convinced that we are not to bother with a change of status (i.e. American State National); know who you are and stand on it: you are "man"; the highest order of God's creation;

we do not change our status; the State and its actors must change their perception and presumptions about who we are; there is not really such a thing as "American State National" except as AVR has invented; titles are a trap, do not use them, refer to yourself as "i; a man: (type or print name in lower case); i am learning that in common law, adjectives before subject words create titles, which throw you under the jurisdiction bus;

we don't state "constitutional rights" or "inalienable rights" or "natural rights" ... just "rights", such as are common to man; American State National is a title; it's not who you are! Titles are for corporations and their officers and / or employees and / or agents; we avoid those pitfalls by referencing to ourselves as "man".

I am Sovereign by nature of existence; not of license nor statute, and it does not take leave based on administrations, nor does it suffer deprivation due to jurisdiction. Sovereignty remains while policies change. -- mark - alan: tisland

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