Example Petition to Congress

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Example Petition to Congress

As I have read from and witness in daily free speech issues online, is that as China has been doing all along has been controlling media  news outlets that hold liberal views. 

The American people that care know that Congress must be held accountable, as well as foreign powers that interfered in the 2020 elections. There is no doubt that everything from the Russian Collusion was a hoax.

Pelosi and others condemning Mr Trump continue to waste tax payer dollars on censuring political opponents through political theater. 

Many Americans are asleep as to what is really going on in our country. Democrat governors passed marijuana laws in most states to dull people's minds; governor' across the states , mostly democratic have used the Corona virus pandemic to abuse their authority to close down businesses, receive funds from George Soros to push radical leftists viewpoints of Antifa and BLM terror groups on towns and cities across US,  as a political stunt to quash  conservative and American ideals.

I myself a conservative American, do not represent or support a particular party. I'm only interested in people that represent our American Judeo Christian heritage.  I think those in congress that oppose Trump really hate America or have ties to foreign powers or influence from foreign powers. 

The time is now to bring America back to what it was. Trump was for America. People know this. The liberal media must be held accountable as well as government that oppress the public with radical leftist agendas that plan to weaken our once great country. 

Cultural Marxism is racist. It is far worse than White Supremacy. Both are terrible. Many hold their own opinions and views. As the ACLU would say "free speech is defended with more speech". Racism is something politics can not cure. We need to leave racism, religion, gender to the people and states. Abortion, gender, etc, the courts can't resolve all issues. The states and the people should take issues at local levels and not push radical leftists views in the public domain.

America continues to allow for elections to be stolen, to allow a regime to take over with wasted tax payer dollars having troops patrol The White House, giving appearance of a new dictatorship. 

I think Congress needs term limits. It appears  the Speaker of the House can do as she pleases without any investigation or inquiry from party to limit her over reach. 

Many conservative sources I've read have given me a complete picture of the gross abuse of power that radical leftists use to influence Congress to suppress the people from what is really going on with China. 

Mr Trump is still one of the best and most pro American president since JFK. 

With churches closed, businesses closed or limited capacity; mask wearing, hatred for police....etc... The leftist agenda really is political in nature to silence any and all opponents that do not tolerate Marxist views of which is a hatred for American life and prosperity. This is Treason !

The people are tired of abusive, oppressive leftist Marxists running our country. We need term limits for career politicians. There must be stricter Pro American guidelines to allow only Pro American candidates into state and federal offices. Illegal aliens, those with radical Marxist views must be arrested and even removed from our shores.  

It is sad to see some in Congress act as if all the rioters and looters are in the right, while homes and businesses burned, towns and cities harassed by Antifa and BLM,  historical monuments by mayors and towns removed... 

America needs peace and justice. We need to get our country back in order how it was. Radical leftists continue to threaten our way of life with their foreign influenced agendas from Beijing, Russia, etc.

Congress may need to form a elections integrity committee to investigate the 2020 election fraud as enough was out there to prove Trump won!

Congress must choose are they for the people that they are to serve or for themselves and make money off the people they serve!





We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

Abraham Lincoln