Really great websites exposing Democrats and Pro American Content

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Really great websites exposing Democrats and Pro American Content
Prayer and thoughts

Yes many are lost. Even church folks can be lost. There is plenty of time to reach the lost souls with Gods only gospel.

I've noticed how so called church leaders compromise with worldly standards. Things like allowing more blacks that are likely liberals to pack their church and influence Marxism.

If you were like me, you noticed how certain members of your church or church groups you visited seemed rather soft and easy about mixing races. The unspoken rules at the church would be if you don't speak to a black visiting church member your automatically racist and treated different by that particular church staff.

Our churches are indeed of the world. Pride and ego are big in these man-made clubs. Many of us have been hurt or disappointed with the world church system. Many continue to attend or feel obligated to go for whatever reason. Possibly some feel guilt based on their religious upbringing.

The church age has appeared to end with all the democrats now running the show and the Chiba virus has forced stores, other businesses to close or have limited visits.

Masks are communism. Google and other search engines have banned Christians and continue to support foreign communist interference in everyday social media, etc.

God is in control, yes, but we are also to be sharing the gospel. Singing and dancing won't save anybody. Many lost people do that with no problem.

The Christian is to show love for his neighbors and share the gospel which is to tell people about Jesus Christ that saves us , and that nothing we do could ever accomplish what Jesus Almighty alone did! ( Read Gospel of John).

Many feel saved and secure in this life. They have nice homes, nice churches, nice schools, they love their food, alcohol, their vaccines, health, etc.

But Jesus is so much more than what we have, more than what we experience, Jesus is so much more!

The Bible says to not love the world. That means we are to not become stubborn and love our lives so much that we never trust God and give only Him the glory.

Yes God is Love. He is Also the Judge ( Revelation).

Many of us have done church. Many are fanatics about religion. There are some that don't care about God but love their selves so much and this life that God is not even on their minds.

As the world gets colder and more evil, so will people lose hope in God.

Much prayer is needed and patience.

Letter to a southern senator

I am very upset with how the Biden family , Pelosi and several GOP have fallen become traitors of the American People. Our country was founded on biblical responsibility for our leaders to follow. Without God our country is damned.

I am disappointed as many are with how the elections are controlled in America by Deep State traitors like Antifa and BLM. My congress people in my state are Marxists. Sadly it appears our country has sold out to foreign powers like China. With electoral college votes by such people as the Clinton's that can vote their own votes, we have a great evil on our hands. Congress has failed to protect our beloved country from fraud elections, and the only way we can fix this is by trusting God and to force traitors like Mike Pence, Pelosi, Biden and others to be arrested for taking stance again our best President, Mr Trump. He is the best we have. Now with Biden in office we will see America go to the depths of hell we never seen before.

Antifa and BLM will harass us as Biden controls Congress. Its already looking like a nightmare with staged violence by anti-Trump riots run by democrat mayors and state democrat governors

I really hope to see Trump back in office but with Pelosi, democrats and sadly even Romney in control , we may never be safe in America again.

Congress must act swiftly and push Trump to bring in the Insurrection Act to establish Law and Order!

God Bless you and stay safe

Nashville bomber psyop FBI cover up

Nashville RV bomber comment

Headlines are saying bomber believed everyone is part of the Lizard People conspiracy theory, which is hilarious. But makes total sense, as the Bible says many are ruled by satan himself

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