The Greatness that is comming

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The Greatness that is comming

Ok folks MR has mentioned NESARA in a few posts.







I have been researching this one for a year now. this is going to be a fun one to watch unfold.

what we have here is the laws that were to go active 9/11/2001

This set of laws is going to make some amazing changes to the future,

Returning common law to the law of the land.

constitutional election...look at the shit show we have at this moment.

RV, revaluation of currency, GOLD standard, rainbow currency, think gold, silver, platinum etc.

Debt forgiveness, your mortgage goes away, credit cards gone, auto loans gone

The prosperity payments are not happening from what we have been hearing from and annon

, this is something i think is a poor choice as the people will need this after the Planedmic.

We are going into the age of Tesla. yes as in Nikola. Will cover this a bit more in a later posting.

but the connection is this uncle Jhon G, Trump was Teslas apprentice.

The medical world is about to change big time. the medical beds are real.

The research shows cost at this time as over 100k each so only the elite can have this tech...


you will find this information as NESARA/GESARA the G is global.


now folks this is one of the more enjoyable sources.


Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast

Santa is a smart cookie, high energy and has squirel moments big time.

Samy has been busy...she will show youe the QFS is real!