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Armed forces federal employee


First, thank you Michael for creating such a website for people to educate and regain their natural sovereignty. As a federal employee, I have witnessed legal deception within the system and began my freedom journey.

With the knowledge of users a/o experience with the system, what are, if any, the steps for Soldiers' that currently serve in the Armed Forces to reclaim sovereignty? The pay stubs received are from a foreign state, and do not include any business or trade in the United States (District of Columbia, territories). Any documentation signed is all under legal fiction, hereas, all caps grammatical. 

Is it possible while still serving under the Armed Forces to obtain a non-citizen passport, and continue the process? Or does the person wait until contract completion. Any guidance?

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Wait for contract completion

As I comprehend, you must wait until your contract is completed. As we learned in the case of Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad, the federal income tax only applies to those who earn a wage from federal government. In a nutshell, before the 16th Amendment if a congressman, for example, had a hardware store back home, the wage he earn from a benefit of that position was taxable, but what he earned in his hardware store back home could not be taxed. After the 16th amendment, the hardware store back home could be tax, but only so long as he held a federal position.

What this shows us is one's status changes when he signs that contract. But from everything that I have been observing, many of the fraudulent schemes that have been put into place by the Satanic cabal are being systematically dismantled. You are serving under the greatest president every to serve as president of the united states of America. Before Trump, the best was Reagan. I served in the Air Force under Reagan from 1980 to 1986.

Trump was recruited by patriotic military officers who had contemplated moving into Dc and taking back our country by force, but they knew the risk was high for lash back from the public, because the vast majority of the public is very ignorant. Although there are around 80 million patriotic vets who own around 300 million guns, it would still most likely have resulted in bloodshed, which they want to avoid.

The point to all fo this is The United States of America that you thought you were standing up to fight for is returning, so by the time you get out, you will not likely have the issues that you are now facing. We are to return to the Constitutional republican form of government as guaranteed in Article 4 Section 4 on The Constitution for the United States of America that we all swore an oath to defend and uphold. This is supposed to occur very soon and has actually been slowly put into place.

How many times have we heard President Trump tell us at his rallies how many new federal court judges have been appointed that will "adhere strictly to the Constitution." The last time I heard him say that was at his Mississippi rally. He expected to have over 300 by the end of his first term.

I have also read that our Chief SCOTUS justice has been implicated in teh Epstein scandal and is expected to resign within 2 to 3 weeks. So Trump will be appointing another supreme. I think it will come out soon that the old wpman is now dead and they have been hiding that fact so Trump could not get another justice on SCOTUS. So once the election is over, Trump will be appointing at least 2 more supremes and that is only if more are not implicated in payoffs, which is why Kennedy left. Corruption has permeated all levels and all branches of our government and that is why Q has said what is happening is Biblical.

So thank you for stepping up to the plate. I for one appreciate every single fellow active duty and vet. Nobody who hasn't served really knows what it is to be a fellow veteran. I know one guy who is a former Marine. I know they say once a Marine, always a Marine, but I do not think they would claim this guy. He is very far left leaning, mostly because of his wife. He hates Trump even thought Trump made his life easier using the VA system especially the VA hospital. Some people live with their heads in the sand.

So to end this very long response, I think you are going to now have to go through what all we did, although you will still want to update your status once you get out just to make sure there is not confusion. I do not think the feds are going to broadly advertise that there is a need to do so. Although, one of the things that isd suppose to happens is the return of our original Constitution which only has 13 amendments, so there will not be a 14th amendment. This is one action I am really hoping to see when NESARA is in full force. We are about to see some of hte greatest disclosures in the history of the world.

God bless you my brother in arms.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?


The federal income tax only applies to those who earn a wage from federal government

I question this premise.  USC 26 is not law per 7806.  It is also not positive law.  Even if it was Federal employees are paid a wage or salary due to their labor.  Maybe I am wrong but they have no income if there is  no gain or profit.  Their pay is an exchange for labor.  Personally I think anyone who is paying tax on income is being cheated.  It is clearly thief by deception!  


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