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Property tax

Lately I been conducting an examination of my property tax statement.  I see tax amount numbers and an associated amount.  I also see tax and fees and associated numbers.  So, what do the numbers mean if there is no dollar sign.  Say for instance I owe 5000.  Am I required to assume this is dollars or to say FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.  Maybe I can pay them with 5000 peanuts or maybe 5000 oreole cookies.  

So, I contacted my county assessor and there is no response.  I also contacted the secretary of state in and again there is no response.

Has anyone read the case of MEMPHIS BANK AND TRUST V. Riley C. Garner, Shelby county Trustee, et al. No 81-1613 Argued Nov. 29, 1982. Decided Jan 24 1983.....31 USC 741 became the law of the land.

Later in another Case in 1984 called the People of the STATE OF MICHIGAN vs, Frederick L. Shephard in Lansing Michigan, (This I cannot find on the internet any longer and the Government I think tried to hide 31 USC 741. 

Why,?  Because 31 section 742 took away all taxing powers of every state in the UNION, FACT!

31 USC 741 was moved to 31 USC 3124.. 

Any way should we care??

31 USC 3124 Makes it very clear that NO STATE can tax any obligation of the United States  nor can any STATE use any obligation of the United States to Compute a TAX obligation.

18 USC  8 - Obligation or other security of the United States defined the term Obligation or other security of the United States includes all bonds, certificates or indebtedness, nation bank currency,Federal Reserve notes. Federal Reserve band notes, coupons, United States notes, Treasury notes, gold certificates of deposit, bills, checks, or drafts of money.  drawn by or upon authorized officers of the United States , stamps and other representatives of value, of whatever denomination, issued under any act of Congress, and  canceled United States stamps. 


Is it the County's intent to force you into committing fraud against the United States by forcing you into paying an unlawful computed tax based on an obligation of the United States?

Personally I think it was and is now their intent.  

So what are their options.  If they tell me yes you must pay in federal reserve notes thy just induced me to commit fraud and their letter to me results in mail fraud.  As a government employee under USC 18 did they now have committed treason by ignoring the LAW.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Ok, they do not tell me to pay them with federal reserve notes.  Now we are back to peanuts and cookies or you can remove me from your tax roles

Also, since you compelled me to commit fraud on the United States and  It was unauthorized and illegal  to pay with federal reserve notes then maybe from day one you need to refund me all the monies you received from me by way of fraud.








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Interesting input on Property Tax

You may be onto something. I would demand them to inform you in writing what you are expected to pay. Make them get specific. In Louisiana, it is hte Sheriff's responsibility to collect the taxes. I have heard of people getting property tax removed by informing the property assessor that they have miscategorized the property as residential when it should have been private. That has not always worked, but you seem to have found something that could. I would have to have a look into it, but I am deep in a Bible course now and am not sure when I could get to it. Life sometimes gets in the way. I am going to devote more time here and less time on Facebook. That gets real old real fast.

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