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When sending a affidavit of complaint to a public official who has refused to respond, can I reserve my rights without prejudice UCC 1-308  UCC 1-103.6 or should this be used instead

Reserving all God-Given Rights Unalienable Birthrights, Waving None, Ever,

Also is it ok to state in the affidavit that a true and correct copy has been sent to the opposing party, and I keep the original if needed later.   I am new to this and just want to get it right any help would be appreciated, thanks

suggested websites

Even a simple complaint letter, as I have done without a notary has stalled the law firm hired by the municipality to further harass me.


As Mr. Hamilton has suggested before check out:


Also, a no longer existent organisation online has some cool examples of what a good complaint should look like.....


Thank you for your response, being a newbie isn't the easiest thing.


The Voice of the People


Here is a suggested affidavit ( link above). We are all newbies in the life of learning. Although, there is no perfect method of winning. Sometimes we have to just accept our fate. We need to think realistically and do lots of our own research as well as learn from others that have valuable information. This isn't about hating government but about using our common sense against the betrayers of liberty. The Constitution is not our master or laws. To win the fight against the powers that be, we just have to keep our heads above water and think logically. Without spreading anarchy or wars as they push in the media and politics.



Good quotes on government corruption
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What a treasure trove

That's a treasure trove of quotes.

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