I have the most heartbreaking and corrupt case

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I have the most heartbreaking and corrupt case

Dear Mr. Hamilton, 

I have the most heartbreaking and corrupt case imaginable. Its going on up here in Marquette County Michigan. My ex told some of the biggest lies in our 29 year marriage to get the police against me. She incorporated a prosecutor to run interference and with her social worker background got the judge on her side. I've been raising our grandchild Cameton ( he turned 9 yrs old on 9/11/18. He remained in a limited guardianship for 7 years. Parents abandoned him long ago. She used her lies, the guardianship powers, and the parental rights (which should have been terminated) to steal my pride and joy and now shes being allowed to adopt him and completely cut me out. Parent alienation, false reporting and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The child's best interests were never considered at all. My do nothing attorney told me he had never seen a collective effort like this and immediately cowered away.

The child is our grandson. Sorry I didn't clarify. The guardianship was established between the 2 biological patents families, my son is the father. . My wife and the biological mothers dad were co limited guardians. Myself and his wife were appointed co- limited guardian standbys. My wife and I gladly took on the task of raising him. We have been his primary custodians and supporters since 2011. We gave him our last name in 2015 for school social purposes and he began calling us mom and dad soon after. My ex has some higher court custody participation and when we parted ways she took him and waged a campaign to sever contact and now shes trying to adopt him, immediately after I filed a petition for parenting time which I would have been granted but she used a no contact order to muddy the water and screw me over for visitation. It's a unique situation, the judge is willing to overstep her jurisdiction to accomplish this adoption as a favor to my ex....its collusion and corruption at its finest.

I'm on the outs with the other family because I prevented the adoption of this child originally. These assholes have adopted out 3 of their own daughters kids. Shes pregnant with her 5th now. These shitbags have made profit off the adoptions of their own grandkids.

When I learned of the adoption plans, i claimed my legal idiocy. Made a claim for the return of property to family court and informed them I was now acting as a Pat J Hill a man. This is wrongdoing and I'll flip the courtroom to common law if I get back in front of the woman in the black robe. They adjourned my petition and now it was dismissed..

I had nothing to lose. There's a federal district court in Marquette. I intend to use it. The rights I'm fighting for are inherent. I worked for administrative law judges with the department of labor. I fought and sacrificed for workers rights for 3 years. Waging campaigns against employers who were unscrupulous

I studied the fair labor standards act for years before I used it. I've been preparing for this custody battle in the same manner. There's no dirt in my background, just false claims. I had everything in my favor in a fair fight, so they went low. But they fucked up, they had to go so low its completely transparent. Their wrongdoing is right on the surface and it's an easy win.

There was even a signed mediation agreement for visitation. She refused to honor it. That's when I filed a petition. She showed up day of hearing with a lawyer and the other family all signed off. To prevent me from getting her in a courtroom, her ship was sunk. So they arranged a sleazy adoption behind closed doors.

I got duped on the guardianship paperwork but it wouldn't have mattered. I've supplied the custodial home and practically all support for him since birth. His home and stability was always with me.

Hes 9 years old. No abuse in the background and I've received the most heartbreaking hand written letters from him telling me he wants to see me and we expected to be together months ago. My ex has since severed all contact.

There's no CPS involvement here. Just a false stalking complaint which was pushed not by my ex....by the prosecutor who runs interference for the corrupt county family court. They've offered delay of sentence and a splash of probation because they know I'll win in a jury trial. I kicked my ex out. I wasn't stalking her. I was attempting to reestablish contact with Cameton. I'm a loving, involved and engaged parent to him, im dad in his eyes and to his friends and the public in general. It's a fricking tragedy.

When I sniffed out her legal maneuvering I asked her to leave. She had no business taking him. But she stooped low and lied to the police to jam me up.

Please share your thoughts, Thank You.

file as the exectutor of the estate

as the executor of the estate this becomes bout LAW and you position in it.

your now exwife was property under these laws and has no rights to custody.

Steps to Real Freedom

There was a good movie years ago about a college boy that was fed up with the system. He wanted to run away from it all. He got rid first of his drivers license. Walked for miles to a no mans land where he lived in a bus.That seems to be the best way or remedy if things got real bad !

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