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Just a rant



I am dismayed and flabbergasted at the left! Never in my life have I een such TREASON and TERRORISM from the left. And it seems no one remembers the laws regarding these activities!  

Rep. Maxine Waters- Please correct me if I am wrong but has she not committed TREASON, Domestic Terrorism, and Insight Violence.

Are these not felonies! do these not have a penalty of death by hanging?


Then we have these ANTIFA people, TERRORIST theses are just that.

Good to see one of them get KTFO for attacking American Christians.


I am so displeased with the double standard that we see from the DEMS.


Is this not a time for the MARSHALS and the GRAND JURIES!


Can we the people get some shit done and clean house!


M.R. Please sir we have not heard from you in a very long time on some key matters.....the COLO 8

And now this circus we have going on how do we help get things back under control and help to purge our great country f these evil luciferin communist pedifiles!



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Our Time is coming

Dieseldoc, do not dispare. I have been extremely busy learning new things that we have now found out work. We now have methodologies that scare judges and stop them in their tracks.

The Colorado 8 is now the Colorado 9. The last I heard, their case is being taken to the Environmental court that was commissioned by Congress in 1973. The corproate courts usurped their authority of the court of record and dismissed the federal case to stop the state court case even though we had a jury trial and decision in the federal court case.

There are numerous things that can be done to stop the criminal activity from the corproate employees and I will be posting that soon to update the topic Asserting Your Sovereingty, so keep an eye on that topic. The update will include templates for an Affidavit of Life, letters to write to numerous financial agencies and security exchanges to stop anyone from trading in YOUR NAME, and notify the IRS to update your masterfile to non-decedent (yes, they have you listed as dead), how to re-occupy the office of the executor of your estate, how to use the Notice of Liability, Notice of Fault and Notice of Default.

As a matter of fact, your study for those three documents can begin now by visting InPowerMovement.com. They have two videos you should watch for a better comprehension about what they are doing. They are using this method for stopping smart meters, but it can be applied for anything, including criminal cases. Once we have a good working templates that identifies all of the areas that should be edited with changes made to the templates on the above linked site, we will upload them here. This is very powerful and if one is to use it, he should stick to the exact steps used on the above site as they have proven it works. I know people personally who have gotten high level government officers to resign, sometimes the same day they received the Notice of Default.

I also know people who have been release once they have submitted an executive order from the executive office of their estate. Remember YOUR NAME is the name of YOUR NAME estate. They just dropped the word estate from the end so you wouldn't know that. I was notified just today that a freind of a friend of mine submitted his executive order to the office of risk management in a county in one of the Carolinas at 9 AM this morning and he was released at 11 AM. This is pretty powerful stuff. You were to occupy the office of the executor for you estate starting when you were 21 years of age, but abandoned it, because nobody told you. Soon you will know.

So that is why I have not been around much, because I wanted to have this stuff down pat before I shared it.

But things are improving all over. We heard just this morning that the Hammonds were pardoned by Trump. As anyone who followed the Bundy case knows, the judge in the case Navarro change her attitude drastically and actually scolded the FBI for their tactics in the case. Some of us think she got a phone call that from the administration to straighten up and abide by the Constitution.

I cannot recall where I heard this, but I did see a video recently that predicts that Trump will declare martial law around October or November to cause the arrest numerous corporate actors posing as government officers for treason. Last number of federal indictments I heard was over 32,000 and they include senators, congressmen, judges and sheriffs. I did find it very interesting that so many congressmen were deciding not to run for office at the end of their terms this year. We have heard that from both republicans and democrats. Paul Ryan being one of those and I think I heard that about McConnell, but I am not sure. I think it odd that these people would decide not to run for an office that they have had in the bag to a couple of decades. Some are not that old, yet they are resigning. I think it is because they know something about the federal indictments and they more than likely were given the option of resigning or being arrested. I prefer the arrested choice for them myself as they have committed under the color of law the most egregious crimes aginst these untied states. We have had more acts of treason from the so called public servants than from anyone else.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

thank you sir

M.R. Thank you for the update sir.

I am right with you on how odd it is that so many are not running again.

But as you stated I agree they may have been given an option.

I am hearing any where from 32,000-35,000 sealed indigtments!


woo hoo we might get our country back! 

I hope we get to make examples of a few of these treasonous lucifarian pedifiles!


Will get started on the resaech you mentioned as we are battleing some stuff here in denver, and I have the child support battle comming up in Utah!.

again thank you for the update sir!

Check this link out
The Quiet News

A big newspaper out of Chicago has mentioned that the Fraternal Orders of Police (Masons) control local police, politics. Reporters wont be able to get tips from the FOP in Chicago any longer for news reports. Shriners, FOP, etc. lie and have all sorts of bizarre , sick rituals anyway, who would believe what these organisations say anyway.

Sheriff gets cake and eats it too :)

A big shot sheriff down south is getting his Devil's due! The people are finally starting to get trusted and believed by a few good judges left on the bench.

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