Jurisdiction - Swear No Oath

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Jurisdiction - Swear No Oath

Thought you folks may enjoy this document, I will say it has certainly helped gel the concept of Jurisdiction for me. There is no case law here just history and logic. 




Jurisdiction: A Spoken Oath.


Judges, lawyers, cops, slaves, voters, All have sworn an oath with their mouth to the Constitution.

Slaves were granted 14th amendment citizenship by registering to vote, and swearing an oath to the Constitution.

Swearing an oath to the Constitution makes the man a FEDERAL OFFICER

For a court to prove Jurisdiction over a man, they MUST produce evidence that the man before the court is a sworn FEDERAL OFFICER and has sworn an oath to the Constitution.

“swear no oath” Matthew 5:33



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I think you are right on here

I think you are right on here. That is something that they cannot do. It dovetails with the fact that only federal employees are required to pay income tax.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

section 83

income tax section 83, can we get some discussion on this.

seeing as Its getting nearly impossible to claim my nationality and kiss there citizenship good by, this may be the only thing to keep the tax bastards at bay

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dieseldoc, I will be uploading some docs soon

I will be uploading some docs soon that we are having great success with. I am also going to finish studying the videos that phish submitted in another post. We are very close to putting an end to the attacks, but that means that we have to put an end to our attacks. I will be rewriting the steps to sovereignty in the next couple of days.

I have learned a lot in the last few months since I have not been on this site much. The things I have learned will change everything for you guys. Look for it soon. I will write a long article that explains it, then post templates for people to use. So far, this has worked 85% of the time.


M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Public Servant Questionnare and comments

I think when people use "Sovereign" to expedite redressing their rights I think it just makes it laughable , and cops or lawyers will just laugh and it will just sound to silly.


The Public Servant Questionnaires, some are really unique but cops, fed agents, etc. don't have to sign such papers.


Lots of people seem scared and running from us folks that use the Constitution as a learning tool and treat folks that use this theory as criminals.

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