1828 Supreme Court Ruling on 6 Man Commmon Law Jury

United States Supreme Court


Summary: That the Court which ordered this sale was properly a municipal Court, and a Court of a separate and distinct jurisdiction from the Courts of the United States, and as such, its acts are not to be reviewed in a foreign tribunal... The common law rule is, that when a Court acts within its powers, its acts are binding on all the world; but if beyond them, they are entirely void.

...by virtue of the decree of a certain Court (tribunal / jural assembly), consisting of a Notary and five Jurors, proceeding under an Act of the Governor and Legislative Council of Florida, passed the 4th of July, 1823... the establishment of this tribunal, therefore, however justice may be distributed in it, is no unwarrantable exercise of the legislative or judicial power vested in Florida. American Insurance Company v. Canter, 26 U.S. 1 Pet. 511 511 (1828)