Bill of Rights Vs. The Constitution

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Bill of Rights Vs. The Constitution

I hear The Bill of Rights is the correct way to rebuke  government as the US Constitution only protects the employees of federal,state  and local government.

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Bills of rights does not apply to US citizens

The Bills of Rights does not apply to US citizens. Until you correct your status, the courts will always ignore you arguments using the Bill of Right as as a US citizen, you are not considered a people and the bill of rights only applies to people. Go read each of them. They start with "The right of the people". You cannot just say you are not a U.S. citizen, U.S. person or corporation. You have to get them to update their system. One way to do this is to apply for a non-citizen national passport. When you fill out the DS-11, you have to mark that you are not a US citizen and neither were your parents. Just because you were born in one of the state, does not make you a US citizen. US citizens are slave of government. As long as they have you in their system as a US citizen, you have no rights and they know it. When you update the system, they will actually treat you as a freeman.

M. R. Hamilton
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