Red Camera Scam

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Red Camera Scam

There is no way out of a red light camera ticket in the mail in IL. The politicians are so corrupt there and courts. At least in other states they are soft on tickets unless you hurt and injure someone.

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Cameras do not prove who is operating the car

Cameras usually do not show who is operating the car. I would, however, suggest that you complete the right to travel affidavit and get that filed in your county and then serve a copy to the Commissioner of the DMV giving them 30 days to rebut. He will not be able to rebut and it becomes law. This is how some of us have gotten the record updated. Cops go by what the computer says, not by what you say.

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No Lawyer? No Problem?

Driver Rights form

what's the link for that form?  Has it really worked. IL is so corrupt, not sure it would work.

City's law firm still on my behind

They still disregard all I have written with case laws, etc. They seem to have that above the law attitude like many Mayors instill in their corrupt silly local governments. They aren't above the law!

MR Hamilton Good News

The state DMV never did rebut my own petition.


Also the Governor has ended license suspensions over debt starting in July 2021. Hard to believe a democrat has done that. Lol


I'm sure they will still find ways to fine us

Link to info you seek
Things won't change due to greed in politics

Seems like every town has their share of  "Citizen Haters" or those incompetent and greedy scum running local offices that forget who elected them in the first place. I personally dont participate in any elections of any kind.

A former FBI agent had a good idea when his nonprofit , the defunct : www reportpubliccorruption org was taking complaints by the public of how low local officials go to make revenue. Sadly, that organization went extinct after a year or so.

Some are saying the driver affidavits won't work and things are so corrupt that the most you can try to do is complain to the feds or something about how low our low life officials abuse laws,etc.

Traffic Issues

Sometimes the police report can work in the favor of the one complained on. The charge the person said did not stick and the cop believed me over the other moron driver. It was a insurance issue.


There have been people posing as cops and security guards in other states. It is time for the We The People to require identification from the hoodlums that make illegal stops! It is time to bring justice back to our communities.

Media exposes this corruption

A group in Chicago has exposed and did a classaction on their city last year. Also the suburbs were exposed. Looks like the greedy municipalities are getting their devils do!

not yet to 3%

the people are waking up. this last election cycle has kick off a huge ball moving.

so many people are upset about the political circus we have there reading and searching.

it is happening and it getting to be faster.

do the things you find here on how to change your legal status and you will see things chage in how they deal with you.

we are seeing this in colorado on the eastern side some folks are starting to challenge the courts and there getting upset.

I have a good friend of mine who is doing some of this work.

he has been to court 9 times in 4 months, this stuff worked 8 of them.

judges hate him.

there learning his face and will recess court and tell someone else to go deal with him.


Bullies in municipal

Municipal government are bigger bullies than federal at times. They takes your tz money and use it to make themselves rich. A Canadaian mayor said on NPR a while ago, that mayors have no power. They obey the people above them.

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Right to travel affidavits do work

It is important to get the right to travel affidavits in. If they do not rebut the affidavit, then then have enter a contract with you by tacit agreement. There are only 3 ways an affidavit can be rebutted; another affidavit, a jury trial or by settlement. When you write your affidavit, get it notarized or witnessed by two people, record it in the county and pay a process server to serve it on the office of motor vehicles. It then become evidence in any case against you. If then any cop cites you for anything, you send a letter from the executor's office with a copy of the affidavit as evidence of the contract they entered with you. I will be posting the details of the executor's office soon. I am very excited. Things are swinging back toward freedom very quickly.

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No Lawyer? No Problem?


I haven't seen anyone use an affidavit and some laugh at it. It seems the only rights you have is to ignore a traffic fine and use it as toilet paper and forget you ever got it.


 After a local large newspaper in Chicago exposed the Red Light cameras in Chicago, the suburbs exposed this problem too as corrupt yet no lawyers or Pro Se Advocates will attempt to sue the local government as if they fear them. Sad!

"Citizens Bureau " A solo-lution to the greedy bureaucratic municipalities

Robo Ticket Fighters on the New

A new technology makes it possible with a Robo- Lawyer to challenge tickets! The future is here and lawyers may be out of business if the bots replace them!

Municipal scum

Just made a 2 page petition and contested to the municipal crooks over red light scam as the newspapers investigated already is a Scam and Tax payer waste! Hope to see this waived soon. Paying even lawyers agree paying doesn't do shit.

Local judges don't read affidavits of any kind

They usually tell you to read what the affidavit says and never even read the affidavit.

What Does Hamilton think about this website?


Also a cool cartoon with Shuttlesworth Vs. Birmingham, AL case law challenging the state...

Fighting Back

 Hearing Officer= basically a cop or traffic lawyer ,as usual ignores my petition for redress along with said federal case law and sent my debt collection letter with case laws using Driver's Rights federal laws to hopefully stop them from mailing me repeated collections. Hope my letter works!


California seems to have a lot of Driver's Rights lately and so many winning arguments for abusive municipal codes.


Public Officials Ignore God's Law of Love and Justice....


Love your neighbor as yourself

Do Not Steal

Do Not Covet

Love God with all your person

Owe no man anything, but to Love one another

Great News

The DOJ/Feds agree the state driver's license suspension law , traffic debts is Un-Constitutional... May 30th 2018, ACLU sues state for suspending drivers licenses for unpaid debt


Lots of good info from NC anti red camera website

Funny how they (municipal )

Funny how they (municipal ) say you have no rights to dispute a red camera after ignoring their first letter 35 days later. All these legal garbage.

Media exposes fines issue and a positive effect to come Supreme Court justices signal they will put limits on states power to fine

Can State Governments Impose "Excessive Fines," Treat Citizens Like Walking ATMs? Indiana Says Yes - Forbes

Traffic hearing handled by Zoom Lol

I moved to another county in IL. All farmland here. Don't see much police either. Seems like a Republican town. So far no red light cameras anywhere near me. :)


Sadly the piece of mail I got a few days ago , and had contest camera fine was a loss for me. I didn't even get to say a defense. Judge seems like a Marxist . I decided to tear up my fine, etc. I'm fed up with towns that support red light scams.



Warrants on municipal tows, boots

A deputy once told me down south you can get a warrant on anyone. If they boot or tow your car isn't that something a warrant would fix?

Courts across the country find red light cameras illegal
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