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NM llc

I'm looking at registering my business thru the state of NM, has anyone on here had success with the process described in the article Best form of Business?  I'm assuming it would be a good idea to write the notice to the IRS in your own words other than using the one posted correct?  Great info MR Hamilton, Thx! 

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New Mexico LLC

I have done this with two separate LLCs. The first I did through Free Registered Agent. It is a site that belongs to Incorp.com.

You can change the wording if you want to, but I do not think it is necessary, because they would still have to overcome the argument.

If you have employees you might also want to provide them the Certificate In Lieu of W-4. The reason is if you withhold from your employees, you become responsible for the tax. But then again, title 26 is not law.

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