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Becoming all I can be

Hello, I am new here, I live outside of Buffalo, ny. I would like to take the necessary steps to become a marshal and a superior court judge. I have been asking myself if it is worth it? Or should I go back to sleep. After much 

learning, I can't go back to sleep I feel a need to do this,  for so long I have been studying all the conspiracies that

have been perpetrated on us. jfk,911, birth certificate, gmo's,vaccines,family court fraud,etc.. 

Our country and our world has become infested with corruption, I know this, I study this, therefore I feel a duty

to become a watchman, I cannot in good conscience, sit by and watch this happen to my friends, family, and neighbors. it is my thirst for knowledge that led me here, the more I know, the more I want to know.  I am 43y.o.

of sound mind and body and need to be an advocate for our precious liberty.  I am so thankful to follow in the footsteps of those who have already done this. I will do whatever I have to to become all I can become.

Thank you for being here. ChrisB    



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Go to !!

Go to there you will find a treasure trove of information. You will see a section called "Introduction to Common Law", listen to it, then listen to it again. Drill it in your makes more and more sense each time you listen. You won't regret it.

Robyn Lansford

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We WELCOME all those who seek the TRUTH and doing what is RIGHT.  I can advise also to go through each file and download case files and read them and it will teach you a TON...Especially when you come across "The Law of the Case", which we use in almost every case and as EXHIBIT A.  Heck, here, I'll upload the one I have and get you started.  We also use LibreOffice 5.something and it is FREE, so we can all stay on the same page.  A lot of us are also Continental Marshals, which is taking another GIANT Step Forward in Stopping any Government Tyranny...if you are interested, Contact our Chief Marshal, which is a badass and we love and RESPECT her can get an application from her at

Good Luck in attaining all the informtion...sometimes it will be an overload, but just keep at it and then reread and relisten and rewatch videos until you can get others to understand and then we share freely and help EVERYONE STAY FREE!!!  As God intended us to be, as did our Forefathers.

Marshal Townsend

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Welcome ChrisB

We are happy to have you here. If I recall, Marshal Kevin Cote` is from New York. You should contact him. I do not recall if he is registered on this site, but he is on Facebook and can be contacted there. It is very important that you all gather as many into your assembly as possible. We will post the step by step procedures on this site soon to make it easier for people in the different states to accomplish this task.

There is a need for grand jury investigators, judges and marshals. However, you can only serve in one position at a time. Reason being, you cannot be both the judge and executioner.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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