SCOTUS Randall Townsend Vs Edmond Dietz

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SCOTUS Randall Townsend Vs Edmond Dietz

Justice Hamilton,

I've taken our last Notice of Felonies and put as much information about the case that I know of, but left many lines because I didn't want to take out anything that I wasn't sure of that might be useful. 

How many copies do you think I'll need of my last 2 cases and do I also send them copies of each Exhibit?


Marshal Townsend

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I think you will need only one copy

One copy of you case should suffice. Just make a copy of your certified copy to send with the notice of felonies. I am going to wait until I get Justice Tadlock's NoF to include some of his new findins in your NoF.

M. R. Hamilton
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