How to Rgister as a Marshal on this site?

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How to Rgister as a Marshal on this site?


Been on the call of 11/22/2016 (Continental Marshal Roundtable), lots of info, but no real info on how to get a copy of the Marshal's Manual, How to get signed off on the manual, etc.

If I may, get the links to all of the different websites that was listed on the call. There seems to be a disconnect between the call and actually of what's going on.  I've been involved since August as a Marshal, I'm still in the dark as to what is happening.

Can't get any up dated info from Chief Marshal Haywood, and she is the only contact I have in the Marshal group. Justice Robert Gilman is at this time the only source of info I'm getting on this movement, but his info is more in line with the over all actions being taken, not on activities of the Marshals.


Ohio Chief Marshal david-r.: roberts


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Send me a copy of your oath of office

Marshal Robert, send me a copy of your oath of office that you recorded in your county and sent to the Sec. of State and Dep. of State. Once I get that you get free access to the member forum.

You should also make sure you subscribe to the marshals email list by sending an email to Once you are approved by Chief Marshal Haywood, you will receive email from the list and may send email to the list. It will eventually be the means of communication for the continental marshals.

The marshal's handbook can be found at You have to be logged in to read it. I do not see where to get the acknowledgement form or the pdf version of the Handbook. I will let you know once I find out.

M. R. Hamilton
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I'm waiting on my Oath of

I'm waiting on my Oath of Office to come back from Marshal Haywood. Last I heard the OoO was tied up in Lamar County. Your welcome to check with her if you like.

Will check with the email.list.


Marshal Dave

I really would not encourage this ....

There are some unpleasant consequences to pretending to be a law enforcement officer, including the very real possibility of a confrontation with a real law enforcement officer.  

As an example, US v. Bryant (1997) 326 US App DC 114, 117 F3d 1464, cert.den 523 US 1071:

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Obviously does not know law

I have given fortinbras chance after chance to provide some evidence of the core arguments on this site being wrong. he has provided none whatsoever. We arw swearing in continental marshals, judges and grand juries. This is not the pretense of law enforcement. Our oaths of office are recorded in our counties and a certified copy is file with the secretary of state and the department of state. Anyone on any branch of law enforcement can verify through Washington DC that we are in fact bonded law enforcement. Unlike many judges who are supposed to have an oath and bond on file, we are all bonded.

To date, the peoples' grand jury of Colorado has had 9 judges forced to step down from the bench for lack of oath and bond. The law does not allow for any public officer tp sit in that position without an oath and a bond. One would think that someone who got his "law" degree in 1979, would know better, but it has become quite clear that Fortinbras is here to disseminate disinformation. I have decided that we should not have to tolerate the antics of someone who is either too ignorant or, most likely, intentionally working to discredit the truth that he himself cannot overcome. If there was a shred of evidence that he could produce that people are no sovereign, he would have produced it. yet here we are, he has produced nothing of the sort.

If there was a shred of evidence tht a court of record does proceed according to he definition so provided on the definition reference on this site, as provided in ?Black's Law 4th edition, he would have provided it.

I have never disabled anyone on any of my sites in the past, because I feel that people have a right to look as intelligent or ignorant as they so please. However, in this case, I cannot let unlawful arguments o nanswered and answering those argument has become to time consuming.

I have taken the oath of office for superior court judge for the continental united states of America and have been recognized as such by my home parish. We have multiple marshals and judges that are recognized by numerous governmental agencies, so these governmental agencies acknowledge that we are not "pretending". More than one of our judges are acknowledged to be juge and are called judge by all of the judges in all of the courts in the Denver metropolitan area. So, if any of our marshals and judges are pretending, there are a lot of government public servants who are participating in the conspiracy of pretense.

I apologize to our users for having o tolerate this user for so long. He will no longer bother us again. I have, however, left his comments so that you can see the counter arguments to his, fir public consumption.

M. R. Hamilton
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Ahh M.R did you kick FOR THE

Ahh M.R did you kick FOR THE BRAS off the site. sometimes the side we don't agree with make us stronger, anyway give it a thought. And I really appreciate the education and advice you give people, I feel more like a slave everyday I read some new LEG that they are proposing. My friends and I discuss almost on a daily level the corruption just in our local government, beside the tyranny of the rest of the prison states. Hey at least America in #1 at something, more prisoners than any other country. Really makes me sick.

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I did block it

I  did block fortinbras. I was wasting too much time countering all of his feeble arguments. We have so much case law to support what we are doing and about to add a bunch of constitutional law. People like fortinbras are arrogant. They think that anyone who hasn't had their conditioning could not possibly be able to comprehend something in law. Like we do not know how to use a dictionary. For example, I posted the definition of a court of record and he said I could not know what that means even though our experience in court has proven us right.

M. R. Hamilton
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