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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have DELETED 3 Forum Posts.
   This website is for people to discuss, learn, and get help with Common Law and Common Law Cases.  We do NOT allow Advertisements for Steroids, Drugs of any type or any products of any type.  What you do with your body is your business...This is just not the place for Advertisements.

   If you need to learn about Common Law and need to ask a Question, then Please, Feel Free to ask anything.  We are all here to learn and help each other gain knowledge on how to Exit the Matrix of the De Facto Judicial System.  It can be done Lawfully and Peaceably.  We are willing to help anyone in need and we are NOT here to do file your Actions, at law...BUT to teach you how to do it with confidence.  Start looking around and reading and watching Bill Thornton on Youtube on the subject of Common Law and/or Sovereignty.  Start learning who you truly are and how much power and authority you have and when we all get together, we are unstoppable.  We all get nervous and scared, but what will you do?  Saddle Up and Ride or tuck your tail and run?  Courage is being scared as shit and still doing what it takes to get the job done and doing it RIGHT.


Chief Marshal for the State of Texas

"Give me Liberty or Give me Death"


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Ok, I have deleted the spammers

Just so everyone comprehends what occurred. We use a module for Drupal called Cleantalk for filtering our users who register or make comments or site inquiries. After the last update, there was an error and I had to uninstall Cleantalk for a while until the problem was rectified. I went back to an older version so we should not see any more of this type of stuff and the developers at Cleantalk are working on a new update. They figured out what is causing the issue and are now working on a solution for their next update.

If any of the hundred or so users I deleted was legitimate, please register again. If you pass during the next registration, you are good to go.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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