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Maybe I've had a little too much to drink tonight; but then again, WHO the fuck is sitting here talking with me anyway? It doesn't matter now DOES IT? You guys don't know me. You guys don;t even know yourselves. HOW do I know? 60 years on this planet is how I know. AINT nobody EVER come up to me with ANY answer.

There are NO answers. WE are all just DEAD. Not one of us on this planet matters a horse fart IN HELL.


later . . .

M. R. Hamilton M. R. Hamilton's picture
Some of us do care

This site is a testament that someone does care. I do not believe that wealthy elitist have a right to take away the rights granted us by God. I also know it is easy to feel depressed when you think you are alone. Most of us in this site have lives outside this and have to contend with those lives and family members.

I also believe when God gives us an assignment, we need to follow through with it even when we sometimes do not feel like it. I have had friends ask my why I bother. They tell me most people don;t get it and many of those who do, don't have the courage to do anything about it. But Then I come across people like Randy and Kassidy Townsend, I know that it is for them that I stick with this. I do not believe that they are the only ones out their. It is our God given responsibility to assure that our natural rights are defended

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?


How do you know when what you think you know is real?


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You win

You know because you win. We have had a number of successes that prove what we are doing is right. Marshal Tom Benson filed his action on Friday. He was in court for his trial on Monday. When his case was called, before he got to the bar, the judge dismissed his case "for lack of witnesses." The cop who sited him for driving with no driver's license was in the court. Case was dismissed.

He is still proceeding with his claim, because they did not have authority to do what they did to him and his family. We are seeing little victories all over. The facade is falling away and the truth is coming out. It is happening because so many of you who have found your way to this site are learning and with your learning are losing your fear to take a stand against the corrupt foreign agents who sit behind that bench looking down on the people.

You will know you are right, because you are going to win.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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Cornwell said: "We are all

Cornwell said: "We are all just DEAD".

Yes -- actually, anyone who claims to be an ALL-CAPS NAME is dead in the eyes of law. This is why corporations are in all capital letters and why tombstones are in all caps. I never identify with the ALL CAPS NAME. NOBODY spells their name in all capital letters! All Upper Lower for me.

"It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

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