Bill Thornton's Video Lecture Transcribed

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Bill Thornton's Video Lecture Transcribed

What I did last night was transcribe Bill's video of People or Citizen ? Which one are you ?

What follows is a combination of Notes from a document named above located at and my addition of a transcribed video of Bill Thornton as he was talking about this document. This I file under HISTORY because Bill has a firm grasp of American History as well as many other topics on Rights, as you will read. Without the transcript the document falls flat in my opinion. His video gives depth and understanding to the words. And who am I ? Just another guy; one of the People like you: B.W.Cornwell

FIRST you can read the document as it was presented and following the document I have the transcription of Bill's Video on this subject. In my opinion, the transcription is more in depth. It is 16 pages altogether.

I believe I have all of Bill's videos. I'm unable to supply it here or transfer through email so if you want the video this segment (taken from Bill's Intro to Common Law video) it is still on youtube here:  or just do a search on Bill Thornton's name. That should get all his videos.


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