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Confusing Forum Structure

It is very confusing trying to follow threads and gets further confused when entangled with so many responses in a thread that don't follow a course of time in each response. It is taking longer and longer to try to find a conversation, never mind trying to follow it too. I also don't know whether this type of topic is even supposed to be here. But here it is . . .

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The forum is for each individual person to post their case, then get follow up help from anyone in the forum.   Everyone should have just 1 post, then many follow ups with help, including getting any information to help the case along and eventually Michael will get paperwork written and posted for that particular persons case.  We try not to ever mix forum posts up so that people are not confused.  Everything in my case is in my forum and so on.  If you want to see how Michael writes papers, then go see my forum post and click "Last Post" then go up from there...Each post is time stamped, so there should be no confusion as to when a post was made.  When wanting information about your personal case, only post on your forum, just make a new post.  When a new post has been made that you haven't seen, the post will have a YELLOW "NEW" by it, which, after you click on it, the "NEW" will go away...that way, you know what you have seen before and what you haven't.

Hope this helps,


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As an example

Also as an example, people can either reply to an entire thread like DocT did, or reply to a specific post. The reason for this is reveal in the first thread that you made your post in. People come into a thread and ask questions that do not really belong there. It should make it easier for someone who asks a questions to find the answer to his question when a reply is to his post rather than teh thread. If you ask a question, and three more people make a post, and someone answers your questions at the bottom of the thread rather than the bottom of your post, you have to figure out is the answer was for your question or someone else. So to keep things clear, when you are asking a question in response to a question, don't make the post at the bottom of the thread. Make it by replying to the specific post.

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So instead of replying . . .

 . . . I should start a new thread?  It doesn't lesson the confusion. The fact that one has to search through the forum structure itself is nuts. If you have information and documents they should be neatly listed in an order that can be seen and clicked on.  I've been doing information architecture for at least 15 years now. Nothing about a forum with threads makes sense. Not to me.

So, at the beginning Michael, you stated to start a new thread in the Victimless Forum. Okay. It's there. .Every day is like a week to me. I understand you are working a full time job outside of this. But I just had to close out my only source of income just to enable me to read to try to figure out this mess I'm in.

I'm lost in this place. You want to help. I need email and phone numbers because very shortly I'm not even going to have the Internet.  Then shortly after that I'm going to be IN THE STREET~!   Go ahead, tell me not to allow my emotions in this. The stress alone is __________________ (you fill in the blank).

So, there are only really two people that participate in this. Michael and DocT  . . .

I've been here a week. I think I'm doing pretty good for only having a BICYCLE to do it with. Come the 1st of the New Year if I'm not ready I will be gone. Homeless. I hope you can grasp that CONCEPT.


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Trying to Settle the Confusion

You only have to put one post, after that post has been replied to simply stay in the same post and the replies will list down together. I feel your pain as far as the stress goes, I am facing felony charges right now. Tomorrow I render a judgment and hopefully it will all be over.

It may be a little confusing at first, but eventually it becomes easier to navigate, which I have been talking with the administrators about this as well. Hang in there! They cannot lawfully proceed once their jurisdiction has been challenged and once a counterclaim has been filed. It may seem as if they will try to proceed, but as long as you stick to your guns they cannot LAWFULLY do anything.

I just answered one question you had as far as not being able to file paperwork, money wise I mean. I am starting to reply to things as well, I have just been researching so in depth into common law and sovereignty that I have not wanted to reply to certain subjects unless I have personally dealt with them. As to now that I have dealt with a ton of paperwork I will be responding more as well. Each day we assemble more Lawyers (those who study law) not Attorneys (those who practice statutory law) and responses and knowledge will increase with frequency.

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Lay People - Not Lawyers

I believe I read somewhere recently that a lawyer or attorney pertains to those in civil or equity. (If I'm correct, law pertains to statutes.) But I did see the differential between the two in a sentence. I just don't know what document it may be in the middle of. I think it might be : Never Hire an Attorney (or something like that). I'll look in my documents.

I saw the other post on the Indency document. I started a new topic (somewhere).

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You do not have to understand everything to file you docs

Brian, it has taken me years of study to get to where I am. If you plan to know this as well as I do before you file your counterclaim, you might be in year 3 of a five year sentence before you get to it. When a document is written for your particular case, it is much clearer when you read it. I once had a computer programming instructor who would tell us in class, don't expect to know why initially. It will come later. Just kow that it does.

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It's not a Question of Knowing Why

My fear isn't about knowing why; or knowing what I am reading. I understand, and have understood all the concepts for many years. I started on this road I guess in about 1995. However there is a problem with that; meaning my documents are not in any clear order. I am not understanding the order in which all Papers are to be filed and it seems ever paper or affidavit opens up another question and another paper. It's not that one can just study Common Law, we have to use their courts and file papers using their forms and their language.

I'm not looking for a copy and paste solution, but wouldn't that be great at this point? That is exactly what I need at this point.

By the way, Michael . . . I just received a call from Life Care at 11 AM. My mother has been taken from my brother's house and I'll be going there shortly to get a better understanding why. She is in her 90s and I live at her house. My brother and I are enemies (LONG story). He has kept me from seeing her and one thing the nurse at Life Care stated on the phone is she has rips in her skin. My brother is very violent. I hope to be back by the time you call tonight but I'm heading to Life Care shortly.   By the way Michael; you can call my house at any time. I don't care if it's 3 in the AM. But right now, I've got to go. Thank you

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Forum structure is very similar to any other forumj structure

I am not sure I comprehend your confusion as to the forum structure. When you click on the forum link in the left navigation menu, it brings you to a list of all of the board on the forum. clicking on any of the link in the list will take you to that topics or sub forum whichever the case may be.

There is also a search box in the upper left side of the each page wherein a search can be conducted for keywords just like any other search engine.So if you search for the key words "never hire attorney", the very first of the retrieved result is the article that you remembered having seen, but could not locate.

When you go the search result page, there is even a link for an advance search. Naturally, as I am sure you well know, having a website yourself and all, you can bookmark any page you might be returning too. I am also always open to suggestions. I do plan to spend more time working on the site later when I upgrade it, but time being very limited, I am sure that anyone who is expecting help with legal docs will appreciate me not spending time on that.

M. R. Hamilton
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