A Free Country Website "Risk Warning/Untrusted Site"

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A Free Country Website "Risk Warning/Untrusted Site"

Has anyone else had to add an "Exemption" or gotten a "Warning Page" before having access to this site?  This could very well discourage others from even visiting our site.  I find it very strange that a site that teaches how to be FREE and stay that way in America has been presented to the public as a "Warning/Risk" page.  They will try anything to keep the American People from being FREE.  They can't make money off of the Revenue of Tickets, Fines and Taxes, if the American People actually knew the TRUTH...so they present this page as a "RISK" and attach a "Warning" to it.  I find this to be disgusting of anyone who would do this to any site that is TRUSTED, yet will allow any and all pornography pages to go through without any warning...knowing that many are tracked and viruses get put on people's computers from those sites.  Americas "Controllers" are so afraid of FREEDOM that they'll try anything to keep the American Public from knowing the TRUTH.

God Bless All Those Who Strive for Freedom, Truth and doing what is Right.  May we never relent to such Tyrannical Behavior and always spread the Truth and help everyone we can to Wake Up!!!

Randy "Doc" Townsend


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Security Certificate has expired.

This message is simply occuring because the security certificate has expired and I waited until two days before to order the new one. It takes a couple of weeks to get a new one. If you view the details of the certificate it becomes obvious. There is not more danger of using the site and accepting the exception does not put anyone at risk.

M. R. Hamilton
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