Gross Government Surveillance & Privacy Violations

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Gross Government Surveillance & Privacy Violations

Since 2010, my life has been severely surveilled, scrutinized and violated by governing entities for my attempt to simply try to help a certain agency by submitting a tip online. I am Christian who prays continually and often times, during prayer, there will be certain inspirations, promptings, leadings or revelations received that are very helpful and valuable. Many Christians understand and are aware of those in the body of Christ who are gifted prophetically, which I happen to be one of them. This gifting is that which helps to bring those inspirations, especially while in prayer. These inspirations that I was receiving, even around that same time frame, had to do with very sensitive issues concerning our nation.  

I made that initial attempt to submite a tip online because I did not what else to do with the information. I was hoping that I might find or meet someone who was directly linked in to that arena, who could understand me, so that I had a much more viable way of sharing this sensitive information which I was receiving through prayer. So after that initial attempt It was not but just a couple or so months later that I was searching online for a prayer line that I could call and pray with someone and it turned out that we prayed, talked and began to develop a relationship to the point that this person shared with me that there was a team of Christians who pray and share their insights and inspirations with those who are directly linked in to the Intelligence Community. This person also invited me to be a part of the team of Christians who, again, actually pray and receive from the Lord some of the same sort of "help" that I was able to initially offer to that one agency online as a tip. I was told through the team leader that I needed to submit anything I received through prayer to the team leader, who would then pass it on to those who were directly within the governing arena. 

Well, during this process of me seeking to help with matters of great sensitivity, I began to come under heavy surveillance, harassment, house-break-ins and major privacy violations. So at two different points of time since it all began, I inquired if my help was still wanted, since I thought that since I was being oppressed so badly that maybe it was not. Yet those 2 occasions came back with the answer of a clear "Yes" my help was still desired, from the governing agent, through the team leader to myself. 

I was noticing so many strange things taking place near or around my life that adversely affected it, that I knew there was no doubt about the fact that my life was not being rewarded for the help I was offering through the team, but it was being affected negatively and it has continued since 2010. 

My computers and cell phones have been hacked into more times than I can even remember or count and I have even sat there watching someone else pushing buttons on both my PC and my phone while I am sitting there not touching anything, but just watching it happen.

I feel at this point, that this must be made known to others who may care about my life and seek to be of communicative support. I have come to understand that one of the main goals of those in these specific governing arenas who do this, is to  try and isolate the persons and make them feel helpless.

So after taking it for 5 years now, I am finally going public with this until it ceases. I am seeking for those who value my life and the lives of tens and maybe even hundreds of thousands of people who have experienced the same sort of violations I have, who have been named "Targeted Individuals,"  to offer some offer support and any reasonable assistance, beyond that of what I already have, by the grace of God.

Your comments will be greatly valued and any and all suggestions would be greatly valued as well. Again, nothing like all of the various gross violations of my life and privacy has never happened before reaching out to try and help those who specifically state on their websites that they desire help, which has been my sole intention and motive, in order to support this country's best interests.

Obviously this is very personal. Yet like I stated previously, I know that keeping it to myself and right thereabouts is no longer the best course of action in order for all of this to finally cease. I have researched it and found that making the issue known to others who may care is one of the best things to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I sincerely hope that there will be  positive feedback and support from this. God bless you.

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I do not have the experiences

I do not have the experiences you are speaking of, but maybe someone else here does. It is always best to bring what those want to be left in the dark into the light to all to see as a means of self preservation.

Could you provide some specific details about some of these intrusions? Are you able to name someone or some agency? Do yo have evidence that could be presented in a court?

If moral support is all you seek, you have it. If communicating with people who care about the lives of others, you have that as well. We will see if together we can come up with a more usefull solution to your issue than that I have presented here.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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