Being Proactive With the IRS

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Being Proactive With the IRS

I had signed up as a member and dont have access to the member forums yet.  Hope this is the proper area to ask the question.

Current Status:

Naturally born person in California.  Have not filed a return since 1983.  Have been self employed most of my adult life.  There are 3 years in 97,98,99 was employed by a consulting firm.  Submitted a W4 for with EXEMPT status at that time.  The IRS began their process around 2007 and ultimately did a TAX lien.  I have been working with a firm for 4 years now and the pay has been B2B.

The IRS has requested all data on what monies I have been given since 2011.  As most companies would, they will comply.

This means the IRS is in the investigative process.  My personal info is plastered on linked-in and the internet.  Havent been trying to hide from them at all over the years.  I have am fortunate to have no need for credit or to use the borrowing system.  Any homes acquired have been paid for in full.  However, nothing is in my name.

The question, I feel the need to stop them in their tracks and being the process of communicating with them immediately.

My question is, what is the best approach.

Thanks in advance

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Affidavit and notice

Hi Steve, they finally sent a letter claiming they were not going to respond because the claim is frivolous

I sent them an Affidavit and Notice last November that stumped them. I received two requests for 45 days extensions and they finally sent a letter claiming they were not going to respond "because the arguments are frivolous. " In other words, they don't have an answer after 5 months so they are going to hope that someone who wrote that Notice and Affidavit might just forget that he is not required to pay income tax and start paying again.

My next step is to file a Notice and Demand. This is to notify them that they have exceeded their jurisdiction by filing a Notice of Federal Tax lien and that they have committed a fraud for filing the notice without a tally having a lien signed by a judge. I don't expect the results I want, so my next step is to sue them.

When you see the IRS you should name the individual actors in the crime against you. That way there is actually someone you can eventually get to pay since government does not. 

I will check on your status tomorrow to find out why you were not automatically upgraded to member status and rectify it. I know there is an issue with the payment module. People are making payments, but they don't go through on my end. Whatever the issue, we will work it out and get you moving forward. 

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Affidavit and notice to the IRS

I'm looking for the affidavit of notice to challenge the IRS and I can't seem to find it. Please advise.

Omar Folkes

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I can't find it either

Omar, I thought I had it up here, but apparently I do not. I will upload it tonight and link it everywhere I mention it to make it easier to find. Sorry about that.

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No Lawyer? No Problem?

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Uploaded New Notice and Affidavit for IRS

Ok, I rewrote the Notice and Affidavit so it is now available for download frm the member forum.

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

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