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Hello fellow patriots,

We at aFreeCountry.com would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year. Let's all do what we can to spread the truth about freedom in these united states.

We also welcome all of you new members who have joined recently. There have been a few changes around here and one of those is a new group called American People's Peacekeepers. We are having an issue with the registration form, but should have it straightened out soon.

NRA is Big Business

What do you suppose would happen if it became common  knowledge that there was a cure for cancer? There have been reports of cancer being curable from natural sources. So let's say for the sake of argument that cancer is curable from natural sources. What would happen to the multi billion dollar industry that reaps huge amounts of money from cancer treatment and cancer research? It would dry up, would it not? That is one of the real reasons that anything claimed to be a cure has to be man made and requires government approval.

Freedom Group

This is a group where people can discuss how to do things that they do not want to be read in the general public, but want to make available to member of the group. To join the gorup, click the Join group link.

Trouble Registering

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What is Common Law?

Common law is basically common sense. There is a lot of misconception about common law. For example, some people claim that common law is based on case law and the judges opinion. Others report that it is based on the magna carta when in actuality the magna carta is based on common law. The magna carta can be used as common law if the plaintiff so chooses. It just makes it easier to give bureaucrats something to see in writing since they cannot seem to grasp concepts. While others claim that common law is a combination of statutes and case law.


Honest Cops Deserve Our Support

In light of the recent execution of officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjen Liu we need to take a serious look at what racist politicians are doing to incite violence against police or any other people and what we people are not doing to protect them. We should acknowledge that, yes, a percentage of police officers are corrupt. But even if 20% of police officers are corrupt, that means that 80% are not corrupt and they deserve our support to help weed out those who are corrupt.

Government Run Schools

I have seen many complaints about government run schools. So many people dislike that fact that schools are teaching their children to accept homosexuality, inter racial relations, the theory of evolution as fact, and the acceptance of the satanic religion of Islam as peaceful. They gripe about what government runs schools do, but fail to do anything about it. Some of them will go to the school board meetings to complain there, but none of this has any impact on the course of the conditioning our children are exposed to.

Utah's Plan to Seize Back Federal Land

Lead by Representative Ken Ivory, Utah plans to seize control of it's own land. The federal government to date controls the land that is actuallly part of Utah. The federal government is not permitted to own land under the terms of treaties signed to obtain the land originally. When Utah became a state, the land transferred to the state, yet the federal government, a foreign entity in relation to Utah, took control of the land as "national parks".


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