Why Obamacare Has No Legal Authority Within the States

The reason this article is linked on the IRS menu is because it falls under the same legal authority as the income tax. Which means it has no legal force of authority within the 50 states. Allow me to explain.

The Racist Bigoted Democrats

Since its inception, the Republican party has worked to protect the equal rights of all Americans including black Americans. The Republican party is also responsible for the passage of every single major civil rights legislation in the history of the united states of America. The following is a detailed explanation of the racism embedded in the Democrat party and how they are still controlling "those people".

Democrats and the KKK

The Expansion of Unions Through the Minimum Wage

A persons wage is an agreement between an employer and a worker as to the value of that worker's labor. An employer has a budget that he is willing or able to spend on labor, and a worker has a value based on his experience and skill. Employers who require more skill and experience have to pay more to attract that skill and experience.

The Federal Reserve - Why US Currency is Not Real Money

The Federal Reserve - Why US Currency is Not Real Money

Gold and silver are considered real money in most parts of the world. Even in the united states of America, legal tender was backed by gold or silver until 1968 when the Federal Reserve Bank, finally convinced the congress to allow the FRB to remove any kind of real money backing whatsoever.

united states of America and World Economics

united states of America and World Economics

Most people have a modicum of knowledge about economics. They know when they have steady employment, they can typically afford to pay their bills. They know if they spend too much on credit, they may not be able to pay the bills. They also know that the cost of living increases. But what makes the cost of living actually increase.

Court Decisions and Legal Reference

The following are relevant cases supporting the income tax stance argued through this site. The cases provided included those for other case that relate to the varying arguments the prove the Citizens of the united States of America are not in fact required to pay a tax for the wages they earn. The cases are divided by categories.


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