Illinois to hire illegals as Cops

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Illinois to hire illegals as Cops

OANN news as well as many other conservatives have regarded this "MADNESS".  


A friend .....

my advice to you and everyone else in a blue state is get out. the lunatics are running the asylum.

Some Thoughts on Law vs laws


The police use a psychological tactic called the Reid technique, which is basically a trick developed by an attorney to get would be suspects to confess to a supposed crime.


 If we can learn to oppose and resist such corrupt tactics by uncanny police, police detectives. The easier it will be to bring a good defense. 

Simply studying and learning our rights isn't enough. As police, prosecutors have now proven with the J6 prisoners, Trump, that anyone can be jailed for anything. Even elected federal officials. Which by the way is not even constitutional. 


Lawfare is what the liberal Marxists use to keep opponents busy with fake lawsuits. The laws of man have never been able to control man. Because law is created by the fake courts which are military courts actually. The supreme court is no even a real court. It is a military super court. 


A JAG lawyer isn't a real lawyer as they still require to register their yearly dues with the state BAR Association. 


The police man, detective, prosector is not a constitutional run office. Even if it is an elected " office". The policeman is a business role. Just like a clerk of the court is. There is no legal basis for even the office of " attorney general". Putting such a nane in capital letters only proves such a office is made up. A fake. Some have used Private Attorney. Even though congress has created such a nane does not even mean the office exists. Of God didn't create it, it's fake. That's how simple this is to understand real Laws ( God's commands) from fake laws ( man made codes and statutes. 

Tenth Amendment Center on sheriff's, etc
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