Plans for the Corrupt to control humans

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Plans for the Corrupt to control humans
Forced vaccinations, quarantines coming...thanks to Bio Weapons




Just doing all I can to share things of interest that might help us Patriots stop the next projects to take over out rights. We all have to stick together and overthrow the corrupt or give in and accept our fate.


Video proves Government has started Martial Law, soon worse to c




Soon FEMA will steal our food by coming to our homes. Unless we grow food like Info Wars said. Sadly learned Info Wars is really Bill Hicks not Alex Jones. Crazy. I could share videos of Info Wars but they disappear. 


People scared to be arrested while their towns are closed down. Its all happening before our very eyes. Government taking control of citizens .

Virus, beast system
Martial Law and my petition to DC
Video you must see
Survival health
Interesting materials



I have a nice treat for all of you today to calm even the greatest of your fears on this virus issue!


I spent some time with our old buddy Ted Weiland the last few days and we've highlighted something he's just done on the corona issue.


I was just about to put a video together about this topic myself when Ted's brand new audio came across my desk, and after listening, I knew there was no need for me to do my own! ...called him up and bingo!  ...we have a great new video for you which we hope will be the fastest spreading video we've done so far!


See what you folks think, but PLEASE, for the love of our nation and our loved ones, please hit "like" and spread this one far and wide for Ted, yourselves and all our frightened loved ones, as we may not have many more opportunities to calm folks like this in the near future!


So here's the latest from Ted and myself on the virus "scare", a video that should give all of you a much more "at ease" feeling about our situation after you've seen the whole thing including the "fear melts away" section!:


Ted's website:


Our site of course:


Prayers are going out with this for all of you, that your hearts will be greatly comforted by this better way to see these things!


And send me a response and let me know what you thought of this one if you would (pros AND cons), and also if you'd like DVD copies, brethren, as we are already making DVDs of this as well and I'd like a better feel for how many to expect to make up front, being that this is such a time-sensitive issue. Thank you!


In YHWH's law of love that was cast in stone for our own protection,


  I'm not sick at all. I

  I'm not sick at all. I rarely get sick. I know some people are getting crazy and weird about this so called virus which I believe is nothing more than people that are already sick have made the issue worse than it is. I believe our country , police, parents , etc, will be out of work if we don't stop panicking .

  We must look to God and not rely on what the news says as things get blown out of proportion . Its time we start respecting our neighbors and we can still be helpful to our neighbors even in these weird times. It's not rocket science. We are a nation of compassion. Many states are going through hard times. But now is not the time to give up and think everyone will be sick or die.

  This is a time to be compassionate, respectful, even if we are to keep our distances. This is nothing new. We should keep clean, as most of us have.

Here is a video to show that this virus is about nothing more than to divide people and the country to be less loving and respectful.

I hope this lecture helped you.


Rockefellers seek to depopulate
Govt mind control
Virus epidemic
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