A Soverign Citizen Sentenced to Life in Colorado

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A Soverign Citizen Sentenced to Life in Colorado

On May 23, 2018, a Colorado judge sentenced a man to 38 years in prison after he challenged the courts and officials claiming Yahweh and 10 Commandments gave him authority over state government. (source a black organization known as SPLC in Alabama)


Seems that even if you protest or fill out forms and challenge local government they will kill you or sentence you to prison! :(



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They were not attacking public servants

The problem the Colorado 9 had was they thought they were holding government officials to task. They were not,. Government has not been seated for years. What we have instead is a bunch of corporation pretending to be government offices. We have the means of being left alone, and I will be adding those means (hopefully) soon. Look up how to occupy the office of the executor. That is how we do it. Also go to https://inpowermovement.org and watch their videos and check out their process for doing a Notice of Liability. They are using it to have smart meters removed of blocked, but it can be used for anything.

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