Censorship policies in towns and lack of news

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Censorship policies in towns and lack of news

It is highly dangerous when towns do not have any local newspapers keeping people abreast of the corruption. It seems to be a tactic of local corrupt officials and Alderman and corrupt mayors to keep the public aware of inconsistencies in public laws that enure the people are safe and have oversight of their elected ones.

The corrupt exposed

Feminists, and mean-spirited  lawyers on power-trips, as well as public officials that patrol the towns for the elected dumb shits we have running public offices like a zoo are the Nay-Sayers! They allow drugs and crime, but if we can't drive without a license what is the big deal anyway? The wealthy make up stupid laws out of their time spending on their toilets. They are immune from their own laws. More people are moving down south or west where more rights exist! They are raping the people of their rights and erasing rights we find on well written affidavits sent all over to public officials and judges that are beyond reasonable.

The Constables A forgotten power of The People!

I knew a constable. This office by the public, has the power to arrest an entire police/sheriff  by force and legal too! Sadly, this office is almost extinct or is in many states that didn't adopt the Constable that has power over police, sheriffs, etc.  Again local officials elected over and over again and their snob wealthy lawyers are erasing what little rights we as The Reformers have! Lawsuits and complaints by the public do little to nothing to stop these greedy bastards in public offices that should be ousted or better yet Fired!


better yet try them for the crimes they commit. there not writing laws there using statues an code against you.

its getting on time to hang someone some place and see what the rats do! 

just like the gyn control issue....how about the 100 million registered gun owners all go march/protest on there perspective state capitals on the same day.....ooh heart attacks well happen!

The future of quick written Affidavits!! Also..




AI robot judges in works in UK. Soon fighting for rights will be much easier with a dumb robot in a judicial seat!

A cool link to a Constitutional Criminal Complaint draft
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