Conspiracy Theorists and Crazy People

One of the best ways to discredit anyone who exposes the truth, or anything for that matter, that the status quo does not want exposed is to call the messenger a "conspiracy theorist". After all who would believe those crazy people?

Well, I had an experience just today that will most likely result with me being called a conspiracy theorist or even a crazy people. I recently had installed an application on my Andriod smart phone call ACR, which is an application used to record phone conversations. I sometimes have to take recorded statements over the phone for the work that I do, and it worked very well. The program can be set to automatically record when a call comes in or goes out and it stops automatically when the call ends.

Yesterday evening I drive through Washington DC. While approaching Washington DC from the south we ended up driving around DC for about 30 minutes just to get aimed back in the right direction, because the actual layout of the highway did not match what the GPS thought it should be.

This morning I discovered the ACR application was recording and had been for more than 16 hours. I went to the program and it was not showing any recording since the 26th of June, four days earlier and I could not stop the recording. I tried look to find where the recording was being saved and could not locate it. I have had this program on my phone for more than six months and this has never happened before. I even did a force quit on the program and the recording continued.

Now, it might be that the program was just showing me something that had been otherwise installed on my phone and now I uninstalled the only means of detecting it. It might be that while driving though DC past the Pentagon, they have some kind of signal that detects phones passing by with recording apps installed and turns them on just to collect everyone's information.

It could also be that since I am exposing the corporation for what it does and exposing that Americans have higher authority than government and are not required to abide by any statutes of government and thet fact that I quit paying income tax 19 years ago, might have made me personally a target. Conspiracy theory or conspiracy? I don't know. Maybe I am just crazy. I did get a witness though.

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It might be that uncle scam has taken over more than we realize my friend...Or more than most have realized...Question everything research everything and research your research...Because the whole puppet show is a scam....however I am considered a "conspiracy theorist"...LuLz

M. R. Hamilton M. R. Hamilton's picture
Even when the theory is proven by fact

Yes, that is the norm for the status quo elitists. Even when proof is presented, you will still be labeled a conspiracy theorist, because we can't have the public believing the evidence presented right before their eyes.

Liberty and ignorance cannot co-exist, because
"He who sleeps on his rights has none."

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Dont worry

The Most High was recording for your protection . Not to be used against you only to help you . Your safe , dont worry about a thing the next time that happens .

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D.C. is Lucifer's

D.C. is Lucifer's jurisdiction. Streets are laid out like the Baphomet goat-head shape. Pentagon and pentagram have a lot in common.

"It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

Just saying

Welcome to the blame game.



The ACLU is a joke for a civil rights protector.



Found a interesting website..

Found a interesting website... and

Another opinion

Instead of our schools, libraries, etc, teaching about having fun in Pokemon, trading cards, etc., there should be more classes and events on rights of the people. Politics locally allows shuns the people from professing their ideas and views in non-violent ways. Education is where this should start just as it was back in the Constitutional 1700s.


Because you are basically suggesting that the Slave Owner teaches the Slaves how to get off the plantation.

Its not going to happen.

Education is the fathers duty to the son. The state has no business indoctrinating your children.

Solders do not train with the enemy.  

One of the People of the united states of America.

so true

this is so very true.

they areslowly closing all the little holes so we cant get out

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That is not the purpose of public schools

Public schools are owned and operated by corporations. Those corporations have an agenda and the stakeholders are who gets to decide what the schools will teach. If you owned a school the specialized in deep sea fishing, should the student and/ or their parents have the right to make them teach about trapping in the mountains? Of course, not. The stakeholders of the schools have an agenda to teach student how to abide by the corporations rules. That is what they do. It is not the fault of the stakeholders. It is the fault of the parent for putting their children in those schools. Parents can opt out of those schools. They can home teach or send their children to private schools. The issue is both parents have gone to work and do not make much more money when considering the additional expenses associate with both parents working. If one of them stay home to take care of the children, then the expenses of work clothes for the second parent, travel time, fuel, clothes for the children to go to school, day care all adds up to probably more the the second parent is making. But most people do not consider these expenses.

Liberty and ignorance cannot co-exist, because
"He who sleeps on his rights has none."

Superior Court Chief Justice Badge #20001

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