How to Join the American People's Peacekeepers

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How to Join the American People's Peacekeepers

Until such time as we get this automated, the below documents may be used to join the American People's Peacekeepers or APP. The APP is a volunteer organization whose goal is to keep the peace in these untied states and spread the knowledge of just how people are sovereign above government and cannot be subjected to government rule without the people's individual consent.

Membership requires that you have read the mission statement and agree to its goals. It also requires that you own at least one firearm.

As a member of the APP, you are granted Contributing Member status to the  Member Forum where you can get help with legal documents from other members who have gone before you in challenging government jurisdiction.

The first document is the application for membership. There is no cost associated with joining the APP. You simply have to be a people of the united states of America to join. The 2nd document is an information sheet that you may fill out and include with your application so that we may see where you might best help the APP. It is not required, but is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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