Scribe / County Notary - Highest Office in Law

County Notary – Highest Office in Law

Govern is a lousy word. It's like Lording Over. Joe Biden and Barry Soetoro and Nancy Pelosi continue to throw that word around. Jesus said the Greatest Among You is the Servant of All. Aren't these public officials supposed to be serving us and our country? Why do these thugs govern when they could serve?

David Clarence does an awesome job laying out the Sovereignty of the County Notary. The notary is an impartial witness. The People are the Supreme Law of our Land. Law always prevails over commerce. The Corporate takeover of America has placed just about everything under the U C C system.

County Notary – the Highest Office in Law!

  1. office of notary, dates back to the creation of the Roman office of scribe, who acted as an impartial witness, creating a record of proceedings and acts and maintaining the integrity of that record – as a custodian. When the people of Israel, immigrated north around the Caucus Mountains and onto the land, now known as Europe, they settled onto one area now called England. When, they developed their government, they adopted the office of scribe, naming it – the notary. The notary performed the duties of scribe, recorder, commissioner and eventually – justice of the peace and county judge. When, democracy or commercial, corporate government, was created, as the United States and its subsidiary State fictions, and to give them the appearence of law, instead of what it is, which is commerce, they needed a similar or facsimile of the office of notary. The lawyers, always being in commerce. Invented, a fictional or corporate notary office, calling it notary public. Which, is not, a true notary – in law, but serves the corporate fiction, in a similar although less capable capacity, as a notary – in commerce or NOTARY PUBLIC. The word public, being adopted, from the Roman term publican or tax collector. A notary public, has as most people realize, no ability to perform the duties or exercise the authority of commissioner, justice of the peace or judge. This is because, a notary public, is an inferior-agent of the Secretary of State, who, is not a judiciary officer. The important distinction between the two offices, is that the notary acts or functions, in law and the notary public, can only act, in commerce, i.e. = collect taxes, called fees.
  2. a recorded, commissioned, silver-bonded, county notary, I serve, the sovereign people, who abide upon the county land, as their sovereign servant. I occupy, their office, to provide the sovereign, with recourse to their superior law and justice. The bailiwick or geographical jurisdiction of the county notary office, is defined by treaty – a law of nations. That treaty, is The Articles of Confederation, November 15, 1777; ratified and in force, since March 1, 1781, an historical document that has never been repealed and remains, in full force and effect, today, as the day, it was enacted. The venue of the county notary, is the geographical area of the Union nation states or united States of America and the territories and possessions, claimed by the United States. My commission, oath of office and silver bond. Is a matter of the public record of the Recorder of Deeds, for the corporate County of York, Pennsylvania, Instrument 2005067119, August 31, 2005.

Although the commercial Secretary of State, for the corporation Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, objected by letter, to the county notary office, being resurrected from it's dormancy. He, later wrote that he found no basis for argument and withdrew, his objection.

If I was impersonating an official office Especially, those of notary and judge I would have been arrested and so charged!

The facts and the law, is – the county notary, is an office and authority, superior, to that of the governments of the United States and it's corporation States, even that of the President, Congress and their commercial Supreme Court. As well, as those of their United Nations and it's commercial Hague Court.

Law – always prevails over commerce! The people, are the Supreme Law of Their Land! Commerce, is the law of inferior persons and their corporations.

Are you seeking Libery and Justice or Freedom from commercial "private-law" BAR-Fly proscution?

Then "remove" the private corporation State Court or U.S. Court case, Administrative or Tax claim – to your sovereign district court to the federal circuit, confederation united states of america! …

I remain, in service, to the sovereign people and their Creator, yahweh Father, By: david clarence: Expressly Reserving All Liberties.

See the link above for the full entry. It provides more information via radio, talkshoe programming, podshows etc.


A scribe was a member of an elite group of trained men, around the time of Christ, who were writers. They were knowledgeable in The Law of Moses as well as rabbinic traditions. Scribes were capable of reading The Law to people, which was a valuable service since most people could not read or write.

"In the ancient Near East the designation ‘scribe’ covered a variety of offices from that of the local scribe who copied documents and contracts for the people to government officials invested with serious responsibilities. Like the modern secretary, the scribe was generally concerned with written records, bureaucracy, and administration."

Scribes anciently held various important offices in the public affairs of the nation. The Hebrew word so rendered (sopher) is first used to designate the holder of some military office (Judg. 5:14 ; A.V., "pen of the writer;" RSV, "the marshal's staff;" marg., "the staff of the scribe"). The scribes acted as secretaries of state, whose business it was to prepare and issue decrees in the name of the king ( 2 Samuel 8:17 ; 20:25 ; 1 Chronicles 18:16 ; 24:6 ; 1 Kings 4:3 ; 2 Kings 12:9-11 ; 18:18-37 , etc.). They discharged various other important public duties as men of high authority and influence in the affairs of state.

There was also a subordinate class of scribes, most of whom were Levites. They were engaged in various ways as writers. Such, for example, was Baruch, who "wrote from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of the Lord" ( Jeremiah 36:4 Jeremiah 36:32 ).

In later times, after the Captivity, when the nation lost its independence, the scribes turned their attention to the law, gaining for themselves distinction by their intimate acquaintance with its contents. On them devolved the duty of multiplying copies of the law and of teaching it to others ( Ezra 7:6 Ezra 7:10-12 ; Nehemiah 8:1 Nehemiah 8:4 Nehemiah 8:9 Nehemiah 8:13 ). It is evident that in New Testament times the scribes belonged to the sect of the Pharisees, who supplemented the ancient written law by their traditions ( Matthew 23 ), thereby obscuring it and rendering it of none effect. The titles "scribes" and "lawyers" (q.v.) are in the Gospels interchangeable ( Matthew 22:35 ; Mark 12:28 ; Luke 20:39 , etc.). They were in the time of our Lord the public teachers of the people, and frequently came into collision with him. They afterwards showed themselves greatly hostile to the apostles ( Acts 4:5 ; 6:12 ).

Some of the scribes, however, were men of a different spirit, and showed themselves friendly to the gospel and its preachers. Thus Gamaliel advised the Sanhedrin, when the apostles were before them charged with "teaching in this name," to "refrain from these men and let them alone" ( Acts 5:34-39 ; comp 23:9 ).


finding one/becoming one

any one know a county notary/scribe in the denver are?


better yet how would one become a notary of this type.


I can see this being a big help with the things we are doing here.

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