12 steps to reclaim your estate by Anna Von Reitz

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12 steps to reclaim your estate by Anna Von Reitz

Top 12 Steps to Reclaim Your Estate – Birthright Citizenship vs Corporate Slave Citizenship

Anna Von Reitz
Tue, Apr 14, 2015
Subject; Top 12 Steps to Rightful Entitlement Holder of Your Estate www.MorningLiberty.com

I am not an activist. I am a Judge of the Alaska State Superior Court, and the Alaska State is one of Several States guaranteed the land jurisdiction of Alaska by Statehood Compact. That means that what I did here in Alaska directly impacts what applies to every other State on the land of the Continental United States including Washington State.

If no properly convened Washington State Court (not State of Washington which is a “State of State” — a Federal State– operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea) overturns my findings and Public Order, you will find that I already addressed the criminality of the North American Power Alliance and their subsidiaries. See attached Public Order and Notice to Law Enforcement (including Judges).

If you would like to get to the heart of this matter and put an end to such encroachment upon the land jurisdiction of your state and its citizenry, there are some (relatively) simple steps to be taken.

that they have been “offering” to contract— actually racketeering and press-ganging on the land jurisdiction and forcing American State Citizens to contract with them under conditions of non- disclosure and semantic deceit, allowing them to falsely claim that we are corporate franchisees or even corporate franchises of their foreign federation and its various corporations. *



1. Everyone must choose their proper citizenship. Do you want your birthright citizenship on the land of the Washington (or other) State on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States guaranteed to the United Colonies and carrying with it all your guarantees to the Bill of rights, etc., or do you want to adopt “corporate citizenship” as a franchise owned and operated by other corporate entities and operate as a debt slave in international jurisdiction of the sea for the benefit of the FEDERAL RESERVE and the UNITED NATIONS, INC.?

2. All those who wish to retain their birthright — gather together and begin operating your County and State on the Land, known as Washington State, not “State of Washington”. Notify the Registrars operating in the Counties where you were born with a sworn affidavit that you are above the
age of 21 and are the rightful Entitlement Holder of [YOUR NAME IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS] ESTATE. To prove this you will need at least two competent witnesses who know you and know your family and who can identify you in a photo included as part of the Witness Affidavit and verify your current address and at least the town address of where you were born. Typically this will be an older friend or family member—- “I am the natural person John William Wiley, a family friend and physician of the McClusky Family of Duluth, Minnesota, for the past thirty-nine years. I was the attending physician when....” or “I am John Bruce Richards, older Cousin of Lilian Diane Cooper. I was 19 when Lilian-Diane was born and have a complete recollection of her parents, birth in Peoria, Illinois, and her life ever since. I can competently identify the woman in the photo shown below as Lilian Diane Cooper, now married to Joshua Rayburn Clarke, of Piedmont Park, California.”

Your current address will have to be corrected— you are zip code exempt, write out the whole state name, and if you have a Post Office Box change it to a General Post Office Box (Whatever number) via a change of address card.
You will also need a long form Birth Certificate that has been Authenticated by the Secretary of State of the Birth State for use in a non-Hague Convention Country like Indonesia or Taiwan. In most States you can just order the BC from Vital Statistics and for an extra fee request that it be sent to the Secretary of State for the Authentication and then all sent to you without going back and forth. Once you get the authenticated BC you never let it out of your hands again.

You make copies of the BC and the Authentication and write “For Administrative Use Only” in red on the face of these copies and then on the back you write (also in red) “I certify as Document Holder that this is a true and correct copy of the Birth Certificate and Authentication on file..” — Signed Upper and Lower Case, all rights reserved, and sealed on the Signature with your thumbprint, also in red. Copies of the self-certified Authenticated BC, the Witness Affidavits signed before a public notary under a statement to the effect “Witness by Notary does not change Jurisdiction from the Land” written above the Notary block, and your own Affidavit should be entered on the public record of the probate court in the county of your birth. Request certified copies of the public record created.

3. Once this process is completed and your claim is received, posted on the public record of the probate court, and you have your certified copy of the action, you are the recognized Executor of your own ESTATE trust. You really always were the lawful Entitlement Holder— the rats just 

“misunderstood on purpose” in order to defraud you and control your assets.

4. Now you are the Executor of the ESTATE and they have to do exactly what you tell them to do and they cannot interfere whatsoever. They can no longer harass you or presume upon you or make false claims against you. No judge can act as an Executor de Son Tort with regard to your assets.

5. You, meanwhile, have fully realized that there are three versions of “United States” in play. There’s the Continental United States (land) for example, Ohio State, and there’s the Federal United States (sea) for example, the State of Ohio, and the Corporate United State, also known as the Municipal United States, which also operates in the international jurisdiction of the sea, for example, the STATE OF OHIO. The actual nation is the State which holds land jurisdiction, All the others are corporations— “inchoate States” that exist on paper only— and which as Federal “States” have *no authority on the land except* that which directly pertains to their own Federal Citizens (federal civilian and military employees, African-Americans, those born in DC, Guam, etc., welfare recipients, and poltiical asylum seekers) or actual federal property— docks, customs houses, arsenals, etc. that have been officially granted to the federal union.

6. Standing as the Lawful Entitlement Holder and as an American State Citizen on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States, you are empowered to serve as a juror of the Continental United States so long as you are not a member of the Bar Association and have attained the age of
21. If you meet the other requirements (age, education, etc.,) that were established for public offices of the land-based State prior to 1860 or meet those requirements adopted by the local citizens of the County now, you may operate as a Judge, Sheriff, Grand Juror, Coroner, or in any office of the State on the land or the County or the Township, so long as you are not a member of the Bar Association.

7. Be aware that the Titles of Nobility Amendment ratified prior to the Civil War and incorporated into the actual equity contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America is still in effect and it still prohibits Bar Association Members from holding any public office of the Continental United States. All these “courts” you see and all these “judges” operating them are operating in a purely private capacity — as corporate administrative tribunals and as military tribunals. The proof of this is plain to see— all “State Statutes” they use are privately copyrighted and so, are not public documents. The flags in their courtrooms are all “Executive Flags” of the Commander in Chief—- they are operating in “Special Admiralty”— and falsely presuming that you are an “Enemy Combatant” or “POW” ,etc., instead of recognizing that you are a civilian. Once you put this nonsense to rest by reclaiming your ESTATE from the probate court, they face court-martial and death penalty criminal charges if they continue to take such actions against you.

8. As the Lawful Citizenry of the Continental United States you each have more civil authority in your little finger than the entire “federal government”. You hold plenary jurisdiction over the land and its assets.
Any attempt to boss you around while you are standing on State land or on your own property is a breach of jurisdiction. Any crime committed on federal property is of course another matter. If you engage in actual international commerce the federales have something to say about it, but most Americans are only engaged in peaceful trade among other organic states of the union. The federal union may only promote and regulate trade among the States *so as to encourage and expedite such trade. *They are *not allowed to restrict *our internal trade.

9. Start reading The Constitution for the united States of America —- the actual Constitution not the corporate fake called the Constitution of the United States of America. The real Constitution is very brief — ten Articles, three Amendments, including the Titles of Nobility of Amendment which the later corporate fakes do not include. This document is the only treaty and equity contract tying us to the British-controlled Federal United States. *The United Colonies still hold the complete and plenary jurisdiction and extends it to every “State” formed, whether on the land or the sea (corporate). *

*10. Bear in mind that the land jurisdiction includes all actual material associated with the land— soil, plants, minerals, people, buildings, animals— all land assets and you have plenary jurisdiction on the land of the nation States. The Federal United States has plenary jurisdiction on “the High Seas and Inland Waterways” and otherwise has only the right to speak to its own Federal Citizens who are “residing” on the land. You don’t “reside” on the land— you “inhabit” the land. The problem has been 

that they have been “offering” to contract— actually racketeering and press-ganging on the land jurisdiction and forcing American State Citizens to contract with them under conditions of non- disclosure and semantic deceit, allowing them to falsely claim that we are corporate franchisees or even corporate franchises of their foreign federation and its various corporations. *

*11. Now you begin to see where your power lies and how you must exercise it. We have been swamped with pirates and armed marauders who are our employees operated under diabolical misappropriation by governmental services corporations that are in turn owned and operated by international banking cartels. *

*Here’s an example— the FEDERAL RESERVE newly organized as a franchise of the UNITED NATIONS, INC. is fronting its own franchise doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. This entity has created hundreds of millions of “public utilities” operated under the given names of living Americans — you can recognize these new corporate franchise doppelgangers because they all use names in this form: JOHN Q. PUBLIC.*

*So, are you a public utility owned and operated by a franchise subsidiary of the FEDERAL RESERVE banking cartel operated by the UNITED NATIONS, INC.? *
*No? *
*Time to stand up and shove this baloney. *

*12. The effort is underway to put an end to this criminal fraud scheme and seize back the assets of the Continental United States that have been stolen and plundered by the Federal United States corporations and misdirected employees. You can help by donating time, money, and skills to
educate others and to document and prosecute claims. Also time to repudiate the Odious “National Debt” and reclaim the credit and assets which have been purloined by various “State of” franchises via fiduciary trust fraud and fraudulent convertible debt.* 

Lawful marriage on the land

I have a couple friend set that are getting married.  I believe that a covenant marriage before God should be sufficient.  On the written covenant I have suggested that they add the lines that they are of sound mind and are human beings born on the land. This should be filed in the miscellaneous file of records. This marriage should be considered lawful and it seems to me that it would be a step in correcting their status.  We the people don't need permission from de facto to be married. No license needed. What do you guys think?  My husband is a minister and he is willing to perform marriages in this manner.  Most ministers require the issued marriage license. 

AmericanQueen AmericanQueen's picture
Hi Debra, I agree 100% that

Hi Debra, I agree 100% that no government can compel a license for God's covenant.Most pastors demand a marriage license because these pastors have unwittingly contracted their churches to be 501c3 when they didn't have to! Now they answer to Caesar and not God. Now they have two masters, and will hate one and love the other.I believe you would record that in the probate court, as there are two sides to that court, one is general and one is ecclesiatical. Of course, invoke the ecclesiastical side to record it.

"It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

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Good post, Anna! You know

Good post, Anna! You know what you're talking about!

"It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

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