[Member Announcment] Update to Terms of Service

Member Announcment
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M. R. Hamilton has sent you a group email from aFreeCountry.com.

Hello fellow patriots,
The Terms of Service ("ToS") at aFreeCountry.com have been updated. It is critical for anyone who is a member of a BAR association or is a practicing attorney and a member of aFreeCountry.com to read the ToS as continuing to use aFreeCountry.com hereinafter means you agree to the terms in its entirety. The relevant added paragraph is below.
NO MEMBERS OF ANY BAR ASSOCIATION PERMITTED (added 02/15/2016) The member forums at aFreeCountry.com are for the use of non BAR association members. It is strictly for the use of those who have not sworn an oath to the BAR and/or are no longer a member of a BAR association. You agree that should the Administrators of aFreeCountry.com discover that a registered member to the member forum is an active member of a BAR association, said member agrees to pay to aFreeCountry.com $1,000.00 per day from the date the member gained access to the member forum to the date of the discovery. Any member who is a member of the forum at the time of this notice who is also a member of a BAR association must notify admin at aFreeCountry.com so that access to the member forum may be terminated. Contacting admin at aFreeCountry.com within 14 days of the update of these terms of service, wil not result in the fine of $1,000.00 per day against the member so notifying aFreeCountry.com. Failing to notify aFreeCountry.com of a member's association with any BAR association or other association that permits only attorneys who have sworn an oath to a BAR association or any other association, club, or organization, constitutes an agreement by said member to pay $1,000.00 per day from the date these terms of service were update with this clause. Any registered user who was, but is no longer a member of a BAR association may have access by written permission only and access will be approved prior to the payment of the annual member dues unless said register user desiring to gain access is doing so as a contributing member to aid others in conducting their lawful business in a court of law. The registered user desiring to access the member forum must email admin with his name, address, phone number, every BAR association previously a member and the member numbers of each BAR associations to which he belonged. If approved, the registered user will be granted access to the member forum. - See more at: https://afreecountry.com/?q=tos#sthash.gdgeXDXF.dpuf