Government Run Schools

I have seen many complaints about government run schools. So many people dislike that fact that schools are teaching their children to accept homosexuality, inter racial relations, the theory of evolution as fact, and the acceptance of the satanic religion of Islam as peaceful. They gripe about what government runs schools do, but fail to do anything about it. Some of them will go to the school board meetings to complain there, but none of this has any impact on the course of the conditioning our children are exposed to.

Utah's Plan to Seize Back Federal Land

Lead by Representative Ken Ivory, Utah plans to seize control of it's own land. The federal government to date controls the land that is actuallly part of Utah. The federal government is not permitted to own land under the terms of treaties signed to obtain the land originally. When Utah became a state, the land transferred to the state, yet the federal government, a foreign entity in relation to Utah, took control of the land as "national parks".

Rules of Engagement for APP

The American People's Peacekeepers is a member organization of volunteers who recognize that people are sovereign above government and uphold common law in these united states of America. We recognize that the people in these united states are not servants of government, but the government is subservient to the people. We protect our liberties directly when the need arises and will not succumb to an intrusive government overstepping its bounds. Any act of government to overstep its bounds will be viewed as an attack on these untied states of America by a domestic enemy.

Why I Say these united states

Some readers may wonder why I so commonly use the terminology "these united states" when referring to the group of states known as The United States of America and why I do not capitalize the name. The United States of America is a title and one name of a trust formed at the establishment of these united states. Contrary to what American people have been taught in government run schools, the group of member states are separate nations. The United States is a name that was actually trademarked by the corporation The United States of America.

Why I Do This

I recently watched (again) the video about an airman in the Air Force and the injuries he sustained and his overcoming these injuries. He had lost both of his legs and his hand when a rocket RPG exploded 3 feet from where he stood. He was thrown 25 feet in the air.

Comprehending How the Government Controls People

People seem to be at a loss about what can be done to correct the wrongs of the corporations that we have been told run our government. You should be aware that a corporation has no more authority over you than Walmart or Home Depot. The united states of America formed a 2nd corporation in 1879 (thereabouts) to operate the business of the federal government. With the corporation it was able to do what any other corporation could do. It did not gain any authority over people in forming this new corporation.

How to Cut the Size of Government in Half in Four Years or Less

I have listened and read complaints by many people about the size of government in these untied states for years now. The way that most people attempt to fix a bloated government is to elect other people who promise to reduce the size of government. Yet, if we look at government, it has never gotten smaller and only gotten bigger since its inception in the united states of America. As a matter of fact, I have met people from some European countries who talk about how much worse the police are here than in their home countries.

How Libertarians Can Take back America in Less Than Two Years

I used to be involved in the Libertarian Party. As a matter of fact I chaired the Libertarian Party of Pierce County Washington for a couple of years back in 2000 and 2001. One thing I found frustrating was how most Libertarian candidates could not garner more than around 30% of the vote. This was true even though the race, like mine, was only a two way race.


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