The Wrong Way to Assert Your Rights

My wife told me about a news article she read about the means that some younger Americans have been asserting their rights. According to the news article, there has been a ration of people in their late 20' and early 30's who have been challenging police officers during traffic stops even though they have their families with them. According to the news article, they have been "egging on" the officers. They tell the officers that they do not have to do anything the officers tell them. This is not how to challenge jurisdiction!

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Liberalism and Freedom Cannot Coexist

We commonly hear liberals, especially young liberals claiming that conservatives are taking away their freedom. They say that conservatives are taking away their freedom of speech, freedom of "choice", freedom of whatever they are claiming. While it is true that some freedoms are lost to conservatives for those who consent to government jurisdiction, the biggest danger to a free society is liberalism.

The Success of School Conditioning

I had an exchange last night with a guy named David Burleson over on Facebook who is the perfect example of what government wanted to accomplish and how successful it has been when taking control of the school system in these united states. Those who wish to control people know that control of the people's education is key.

What Mistakes Did Rod Class Make

A friend of mine who is stating to appreciate common law ask me about someone name Rod Class and said he was arrested. I didn't know who he was, so I looked him up on the Internet and it didn't take but a couple of clicks to find a YoutTube interview with him.

So I started watching this interview and in under three minutes I observed the first of his mistakes.

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Hello fellow patriots,

We at would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year. Let's all do what we can to spread the truth about freedom in these united states.

We also welcome all of you new members who have joined recently. There have been a few changes around here and one of those is a new group called American People's Peacekeepers. We are having an issue with the registration form, but should have it straightened out soon.


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