November Stock Market Crash Not Really a Crash

There has been an abundance of predictions about a November stock market crash world wide, but this is a huge misconception. Those of us who have been following the currency revaluation and have a comprehension of the money system know what is about to happen.

Currently most currencies are fiat currencies. This means that there is nothing to back the currency other than the faith of the government behind it. We have seen some currencies nose dive in value when their governments failed to control their economies. I do not favor governments controlling their economies, because an open and free market tends to provide better control than central bankers as has been seen over the decades. However, if a government is going to control its economy, it should do so responsibly. Zimbabwe and Venezuela are two examples of countries whose currency value took a nose dive.

Currencies that are backed by a commodity like gold and silver do not suffer the ups and downs in value that fiat currencies suffer. People think that the cost of goods and services rise, but what is actually occurring is the value of the fiat currency is dropping which gives the appearance of a rising cost, because it takes more of the fiat currency bills to buy goods and services. For example, as of April of 2016, the US federal reserve note had depreciated an average of 3.33% per year since the year 2000. This is perceived by the consumer as price increases.

What is about to happen is worldwide currencies are going back on the gold standard. The Zimbabwe note that was printed in denominations in 50 and 100 trillion dollars because it was devalued so much, is soon to be redeemed on par with the new US Treasury Note which will replace the federal reserve note. Most "experts" do not believe that the Zimbabwe currency, which is going to be treated as an historical bond, will be redeemed for the current gold backed bill it is, but they have not been following the behind the scenes news of what is taking place.

So what we are going to see when the market is perceived to take a nose dive is the trading currency changing from the U.S. federal reserve note fiat currency or FRN to asset backed U.S. treasury notes (gold, silver, platinum, oil) currency. This is what will happen. Say you own a share a stock and that stock is valued at $15 measured in FRNs. When the currency changes from FRNs to TNs, and the value measured in TNs is $1, that value of the share did not change at all. As a matter of fact, if the value of the share dropped to $2, the share value actually doubled. It did not go down. This will be viewed as a stock market crash by most people as they are not aware of how the money system works and of course have been lied to for decades anyway.

Just remember this when the news media spreads its chaotic message and tries to blame Trump for destroying the world. It is not a stock market crash. It is merely a change in currencies from fiat to gold backed. That change will result is prosperity to the entire world. We will see over the coming 50 to 100 years an elimination of most poverty. There will always be some poverty, because there will always be some people lazier than other who are not willing to work for what they have. The prosperity will also result in the elimination of most welfare handouts further propelling the economy skyward.