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I just had my arraignment for driving without a license. Is it too late to do anything? I'm new to this forum, where do I look?

Also, on the affadavit, what do I put in instead of "parish of webster"? Is that where I live or where I am sending it?

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Send me an email with your phone numbe

I am domicile in Claiborne Parish. Send me your number so I can call you. In the mean time use Marshal Benson's case as a template. It got his case in the inferior court dismissed. http://afreecountry.com/?q=node/1289

M. R. Hamilton
No Lawyer? No Problem?

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info.

Irene Grider


seems someone cant take being wrong.

I have just delt with someone who has this mind set...

" I have studied at blah blah school of law so I am right"

I was in fact called a terrorist for believing sovergn rights apply to me!


mrs Molly Jenson in denver is a hack who would even let me speak before calling me a terrorist on the radio!


then again she is not wanting to educate the public on how to get out of traffic court as she wont get payed if we can do it our self!

Error in AffidavitDriversLicense-Template.doc

Page 2 of 5

60 days if this notice.

Should read:

60 days of this notice.

One of the People of the united states of America.

Please help me..

Dear M.R. Hamilton,


On Fri. June 16th 2017, the local police dept.(in California) towed my vehicle due to not having registration.  My car was parked on the public street outside my apt. and I wasnt even driving or sitting in it.  Now, I have no way to get to work or provide.  I feel this was a complete invasion and violation of my personal rights.  After reading your website, it appears that needing registration, insurance and Drivers License to travel freely is illegal.  Per the 5th(and 14th Amendment), it says we shall not be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.

Ive read everything on your site.  What can I do in this situation?  Can I use all these UCC & US case numbers or clauses to sue them for stealing my car?  Do I need to take this to federal court?  Can I receive any money for damages and mental distress?  I want to do everything within my power to get compensated for my car and my time.  On the $27,500 I purchased my car for, I only owed $5500.  That's $22k I put into my vehicle.. and now I feel all is lost and going to lose my job and apartment.  These people are the scum of the earth.  Its already hard enough for ppl nowadays, and they do sh*t like this to make peoples lives that much harder.

What can I do in this situation?  I really want to implement all the information Ive learned from your website, but don't know the best and fastest route to take for the best success.  Please help me!  I feel like im at my wits-end and so tired of this court system taking advantage of me.  They've really taken away my life, liberty and happiness.  Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you,

Fellow Sovereign

Robert Wright

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Hey rob

Well if there's one thing I've learned from this website is to always challenge the jurisdiction. Now my recommendation would be like to first understand what your birth certificate means. Then I would move on to legalese and definitions of words in a courtroom. Now that we know they're language you can move on they're positions and what they play. Then understand you are not that fiction entity and you are under common law (do no harm) and the templates people put up. Just don't over read, because you will not retain the information. I'm still in the process of filing as we speak and learning of course. So you're not alone. I'll send ya a couple of links that really helped me understand the system better 

Dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery

Lil Mama
Will you shine some light upon my problem?

Hello, Mr. Hamilton. I would like some help here if it is at all possible. My husband spent 13 years in prison for "driving" without a license. He has been out and home for almost 10 years now. He has to be able to get to work and haul his tools but they say he legally can't. This is a man who is 55 years of age and has owned his own drywall business for 30 years. He is very well known for his work so he is always traveling from job site to job site. The stress alone, worrying if he is going to get in trouble again is enough to make someone want to throw their hands in the air and give up, but not him...he says he has a family to take care of, a 6-year-old boy to be an example for, and he is not giving up his source of income due to some law that shouldn't even be one. So I am asking from the deepest part of my being, what do I do? How can we make sure he isn't thrown back in that horrible place again for basically providing for his family?

Lil Mama

you have much to do, not just the travel affidavid, you have to change your stautes in there rolls.

you need to move from a 14th amendment citezen to a natural free people on the land.


thus you need to to the cirtificat to challange birth, then the passport, as well the travel affidavid, this will allow you both to own your stuff as well he will be able to seek remiady on the 13 years they stole from him and that allow you will be able to leave your son very well off and his kids as well.

keep reading all that is here as well as the others that are mentioned here.

you hve a great recorce here


courts adjourned

Any kind of police report or evidence the police, others, etc. use against you outside the "fake" court system is all hearsay. Due Process (4th Amendment) is required for a charge against the employers (you and me the strawman).

Mr. hamilton you stated the sheriff is above federal agents

The problem is that some people are very upset with sheriffs in southern states where they think they are above everyone and answer not even to the people, thus making them appear to be a Dictator and a Criminally insane power hungry entity. I have lived and read where this sort of corrupt sheriff as a "god" is happening. The people are many yet fear one man. That is sad!

Sgt Harris

Just got 2 tickets in Raymore, Missouri. 1 for "Improper display of license plates" and the other was "fail to provide proof of insurance". I could use some tutelage or assistance in helping me set up my arguments in court on June 24th 2021. I already filled out and had recorded a copy of the affidavit on this site and had it served to the Director of Revenue. I just need some guidance. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Sgt Harris

Never believe anything you hear and only half of what you see!

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