Louisiana Grand Jury

This is the master group for the common law grand jury for this state. Contrary to the claims of the state of Louisiana, who claims the law of Louisiana is civil and not common law, the people of the united states of America are guaranteed the common law in the Constitution for the United States of America if they so choose. The reason a state would prefer civil law to common law, is because there are no statutes and codes in common law. The law is what the sovereign decrees it to be in common law and each and every people must consent for any statute to apply to him of her. That means that the government has no lawful authority over anyone who does not grant that authority. This is the obvious reason that those who want to control the people do not like the common law.

Since the grand jury is who chooses cases against government officials will be tried, they are who cases should be brought to make this determination. So called grand juries that are built under statute, which are all grand juries the equity court chooses, are controlled by the prosecutor and the judges. They, of course, decide what cases the grand jury will consider and they puppet the grand jury to get the results they want from those grand juries. So when a public official is being considered for corruption, the result is usually what the prosecutor in control of the statutory grand jury wants it to be. 

The grand jury for your parish is a subgroup of the state grand jury group. Discussions in the parish group is available to the state group, because you may have cases you are investigating in common with other county grand juries. You will want to have more than 25 people on your grand jury pool so that when you meet, if anyone is not able to meet, you will still have a lawful grand jury.

What to do after organization.

Once you have organized your local grand jury, it would be best to get a room at your local district court house in which to meet. This will help to build credibility for your grand jury. You may have to file a suit against whomever does the scheduling to get the space. Do so if that is the only way that you will be able to meet. If the court official attempts to tell you that they already have a grand jury, ask how many people are on the grand jury. If it is less than 25, your grand jury is of higher authority, so proceed with steps to get your space. You will also want to make sure the the members of the grand jury are not claiming to be citizens, since citizens are subject to the jurisdiction of government and will not be able to make unbiased decisions knowing the they are under the thumb of those they are supposed to be overseeing.

It would be best to post the results or minutes for the meetings the grand jury has so that the information is available to other members of the grand jury who sit in reserve and could not be present for the meeting. The information is secure and not available to anyone not a member of the grand jury. Make sure that you notify the group manager for this state group so that a link can be included on this page for your local grand jury so that others finding this page can quickly find your local grand jury.

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