How Libertarians Can Take back America in Less Than Two Years

I used to be involved in the Libertarian Party. As a matter of fact I chaired the Libertarian Party of Pierce County Washington for a couple of years back in 2000 and 2001. One thing I found frustrating was how most Libertarian candidates could not garner more than around 30% of the vote. This was true even though the race, like mine, was only a two way race. In my case, I ran against a young Democrat who did not have the courage to come to any of the eleven candidate forums except one that was held at a college. His handlers knew well that this young Democrat would not fair well if his lack of experience were to be made public at these forums with his opposition there. But they know what they were doing, because the Libertarian candidate only garnered around 30% of the vote. This was in spite of the fact that I made it well known to Republicans that the Democrats would take the majority on the council if I lost the race.

Well, Republicans don't like to vote for 3rd party candidates even when there is no Republican for which to vote. Just to do a comparison, My campaign raised and spent around $23,000 against my Democrat opponent's $27,000. A neighboring district also had a two way race between a Republican and a Democrat. The Democrat spent around $76,000 against the Republican who spent $840 of the $1,200 she raised. She still garner 10% more than I did in my race as a Libertarian candidate. This was pretty telling about the Republicans. They obviously want to be able to call 3rd party candidate spoilers rather than candidates.

So, what can Libertarians do to make the most difference? The fact is, the united states of America is already a libertarian society. It already has everything that libertarians are working to accomplish. The libertarian philosophy is basically a live and let live mentality. They believe as I do, so long as you do not hurt anyone else, you can do whatever you want without having to get permission to do so. It is already here and has been since the inception of The United States of America trust that was established by the Constitution for The United States of America. So rather than beat yourselves up putting up with statutes and codes that have no lawful authority over you as a people, why not just make the government corporation abide by the common law.

"So how do we do that?" you ask. I'm glad you asked. The Libertarian party already has an organization in place throughout these united states. The first thing that Libertarians can do is to organize common law grand juries in every county they can. If the Libertarian Party organization is to small to gather together 25 people, the number required for a common law grand jury, then it can work to recruit the remaining needed. It would be best to not do so as the Libertarian Party, but to do so just as Americans with a desire to reign in government. As you well know, Republicans and Democrats alike will not want to work with you if they know you are members of the Libertarian Party, even if they agree with your stances.

A grand jury does not fall under the purview of any other branch of government. It is of the people and cannot be control by any court, prosecutor or anyone. It can have its meetings in secret without any intrusion from any government agent. The grand jury is who decides what cases will be prosecuted. It would be best to start with cases that are obvious just to build a reputation and garner credit worthiness. Cases that anyone would agree should be prosecuted. If the first case the newly formed grand jury comes up with is charging a judge with treason, it will simply be viewed as a group of nut cases and will not be taken seriously. So the grand jury should work first to build a reputation. Then go after corrupt judges and politicians.

The next thing that should be done is spread the word that any time someone is arrested or cited, challenge the court's jurisdiction. For everything from speeding tickets to murder, the courts jurisdiction should be challenged, because the court that the case is brought in is an equity court for fictitious entities otherwise known as companies or trusts. Even if you are charged with murder, you deserved face your accusers, and the government claiming to be "The people of" is not your accusers. Government employees are not permitted to testify in a common law court. Statutes and codes also do not apply in common law.

I have seen the Libertarian Party do some amazing things in a short amount of time. When I ran for the Pierce County Council in 2000, the Libertarian Party had 66 candidates on ballots throughout the state and made major party status that year. I was very proud to be a part of that and believe the members of the Libertarian Party can make all of the difference in the world, but just not as party members. People are very emotionally infused with their party labels. When I ran for office, I would sometimes be having a very pleasant conversation with a voters who would be agreeing with almost everything I said. Upon learning I was the Libertarian candidate, the voter, would say, "Oh, I can't vote for you. I'm a Democrat." The most common response to "Why are you a Democrat?' was, "My father was a Democrat and his father was a Democrat." So the best thing to do is avoid the party labels altogether.

In any case, libertarians can produce far more significant results by holding the government to the common law than they can by running candidates for corporate officers positions, which is what they have been doing.