boss ce-3 service manual

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boss ce-3 service manual

boss ce-3 service manual

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boss ce-3 service manualSearch results for: (found: ) ask for a document File Date Descr Size Popular Mfg Model: Found in chassis2model: Found in repair tips. Please do not offer the downloaded file for sell only use it for personal usage. Looking for other manual? For this no need registration. May be help you to repair. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock. Instead, contact your nearest service center. Note! To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. In addition, Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. These free programs can be found on this page: needed progs If you use opera you have to disable opera turbo function to download file. If you cannot download this file, try it with CHROME or FIREFOX browser. Translate this page: Relevant AUDIO forum topics: Skytec spl 400 erosito recsego, pattogo hang a hangszorobol. Skytec spl 400 erosito recsego, pattogo hang a hangszorobol. A jelenseg a hangero szabalyozo valtoztatasaval halkul, illetve erosodik. A bemeneten semmi nincs. Az eloerosito tap soros ellenallasa megegett. Feltehetoen az RC4558L IC hibaja okozza. A baj az, hogy ilyen IC-t sehol nem talalok. Ez egy nyolc labu inline tokban van. Van valakinek otlete, hol lehet beszerezni az IC-t? Elore is kosz. Omnitronic CDS-1100 kalibracios kerdes Hello. Van 4db a cimben emlitett DJ-CD-jatszom, mely immaron 14 eves. Megelt mar fejcseret is, illetve korabban RW-s lemezekre is volt hangolva (ezert is kellett idovel a fejcsere). Akadt jo nehany gagyi lemezem meg korabban, amikhez hozza lettek hangolva a keszulekek. A problemam jelenleg a kovetkezo: Ha regi 4x, 8x sebessegen felirt lemezt hasznalok, 75-bol tobbnyire 73 frame hibatlan (70-ig le lehet menni, hogy a munkaban ne okozzon problemat).

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Viszont az ujonnan laptopos iroval (10x) felirt anyagokat csak a 4 lejatszobol 1 kepes 60-65 jo frame olvasassal lejatszani, a tobbin pattog (de a tekeres a jon sem mindig mukodik, mert a (track elso 2mp-et (CUE puffer) nem kepes beolvasni, addig pedig nem enged tekerni). Am ezen pl. maga a tartalomjegyzek beolvasasa a 2-3mp helyett fel perces a lemez behelyezesekor. Tudom, irjam ujra asztali iroval.Gagyi lemezeket regen se szeretett lejatszani (frame hianyos, tekeres darabos volt).Ehhez kernek segitseget, aki BP-n vagy kozvetlen kornyeken ezt muszerekkel meg tudna oldani es csinalt mar ilyet.Tehat aki csinalt mar lezer-hangolast, annak varom valaszat. Elore is koszonom! Weltbild Ds 486 internet radio nem kapcsol be. Sziasztok ! Adott a fenti radio. Minden feszultseget rendben talalok, az oszcik rendben mennek megsem lehet bekapcsolni, viszont a processzor kornyezeteben van egy 25Q32 FVSIG flash lehetseges hogy ez adta meg magat. Varom velemenyeteket. Keverobe keresek 50k,B sztereo potit Sziasztok! Keverobe keresek az alabbi kepeken szereplo potit. Nyak-os, 2x 50kohmB-s. Koszonettel. Attila Similar manuals: You can write in English language into the forum (not only in Hungarian). Maybe you can upload a pic for the By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules: Although the administrator will attempt to moderate comments, it is impossible for every comment to have been moderated at any given time. You acknowledge that all comments express the views and opinions of the original author and not those of the administrator. You agree not to post any material which is knowingly false, obscene, hateful, threatening, harassing or invasive of a person's privacy. The administrator has the right to edit, move or remove any comment for any reason and without notice. Failure to comply with these rules may result in being banned from further commenting. Upload date: 08 August 2018 MD5: 6ea864e22957eff505f53e1b6924694b Downloads: 262 since 08 August 2018 Information: Service Notes Start Free Download It is collected for only two reasons: Administrative purposes, should a need to contact you arise. To inform you of new comments, should you subscribe to receive notifications. A cookie may be set on your computer. This is used to remember your inputs. It will expire by itself. This policy is subject to change at any time and without notice.By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules: Although the administrator will attempt to moderate comments, it is impossible for every comment to have been moderated at any given time. Please quote this FSM ID: 97184 if exchanging manuals. For other technical information, refer to the LC-. Copy the text from the form below to place the link to this repair manual at other sites, forums and on blogs. Contact Us Was Added: Fri Jan 07 2011 By: manualdirectory More from this category Boss 0D-20 Service Notes Boss AD-5 Service Notes Boss BE-5B Service Notes Boss BF-1 Service Notes Boss CE-2 Service Notes Boss CE-2B Service Notes Boss CE-3 Service Notes Boss CE-5 Service Notes Boss CE-5(T) Service Notes Boss CH-1 Service Notes Boss CH-1(T) Service Notes Boss CS-3 Service Notes Boss DR-550 Dr. Rhythm Service Notes Boss DR-550 MKII Dr. Rhythm Service Notes Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3 Service Notes Boss DSD-2 Service Notes Boss DSD-3 Service Notes Boss EH-50 Service Notes Boss EV-5 Service Notes Boss FV-60 Service Notes. Did you miss your activation email ? I monkeyed around with the CE3 LFO too, but didn't get the vibrato sound I wanted. What I wound up doing improved it somewhat, and the chorus is a little richer too, but it's far from a VB2 sound I was hoping for. I can post my mods here if you're still interested. Hey Puretube: I sprang for the CE3 service manual from Roland. Regards, Joe Regards, Joe. Subscribe for updates. Register your product and stay up-to-date with the latest warranty information. This lets users create any kind of chorus effect--from a mild, natural chorus to the clear and penetrating stereo chorus effect popular in contemporary music. Available individually or in a package of three (BIC-PC-3). Also available in brown (BSC-20-BRN) and natural (BSC-20-NAT). You can also contact our Product Support department by phone or email. In addition, we have a library of Owner’s Manuals and Support Documents that you can download and reference. The CE-2 builds on the legacy of the CE-1 with reduced features: mono output instead of stereo, no vibrato mode, no integrated power supply, no level and no intensity controls. The CE-2 has higher input impedance and boosted mid frequencies, both arrangements very suitable for electric guitars. Roland stopped marketing the CE-2 in 1982, however still produced until 1990. There are basically 3 versions of the pedal: Some early stand-alone stompboxes like Vibra-Chorus and Uni-Vibe by Shin-Ei were released in 1960s, creating some degree of phase shifting or chorus modulation. The CE-2 follows the same tonal response. The usual delay times are around 5 to 50ms and LFO oscillating frequencies are up to 20Hz. CE-2 uses triangle LFO waveforms. There are several possibilities: Hearing both signals together the chorus effect is created. The input and output circuits use the dual op-amp uPC4558C IC, while the LFO is implemented with the help of a TL022LP op-amp. Some additional active filtering is applied using Sallen-Key transistor stages. The effect response is commanded using two controls: The top of the board contains all the pads to attach the cables to be connected to the jack connectors, potentiometers, and the footswitch. It also carries other benefits like the number of components used in the pedal and using a light indicator and a power-on LED at the same time. The JFET Bypass Switch enables two possible toggle configurations: The VR 3 potentiometer is able to finely trim the 4.5 voltage: sometimes due to the loading of all stages, the 4.5 voltage might suffer some offset, the BBDs are sensitive to the bias, adjusting VR3 will bring maximum clean headroom. The 9V regulated line will bring the supply for the Bucket Brigade Stage, rejecting high-frequency harmonics which are especially harmful in BBDs signal processing due to the clocking noise of the MN3101 clock driver. This pedal was originally designed for an external 12V ACA supply adapter. The series resistor R53 and diode D5 between the minus input on the power jack and ground are used to reduce the internal voltage supply. The voltage drop over the resistor and diode will under-power the pedal making the power-on LED glow faintly. One easy solution is to use a daisy chain cable together with another standard pedal. The link between the two pedals will short the resistor-diode circuit and the pedal will receive full power. It also separates the guitar from any pedal DC potential, protecting the pickups in case of circuit failure. But applying the same filtering to the delay signal, the output signal will reduce any hiss acquired via the delay path. Boss CE-2 uses the op-amp inverting architecture. It is also implemented over the 4558 dual op-amps and designed to attenuate the magnitude of the high frequencies with respect to the mid-low frequencies. This filter takes the unnatural sounding pre-emphasized audio and turns it back into its original response. These are generated at integer multiples of the sample rate. The ideal filter specification is the same as that for the anti-aliasing filter. In this way, the input signal is bandlimited to prevent aliasing. The cut-off frequency can be calculated as: The output signal must be bandlimited, to remove the clock noise and prevent aliasing (meaning Fourier coefficients being reconstructed as low-frequency waves, not as higher frequency aliases). The cut-off frequency can be calculated as: After the delay stage, slightly more bass pass through the circuit. At the same time, a Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO) is needed to drive the MN3101 in order to generate the variable delay time which is the gist of the chorus effect. It is used to discharge the C 22 47pF timing capacitor, which is charged through the R 38 150K resistor. Indeed, Q 5 together with the MN3101 will oscillate by itself at a constant frequency without Q 4 and its associated components. The cycle repeats at an ultrasonic rate. Immediately after C 22 discharge, the diode D1 is needed to isolate the output of Q4 transistor.As the LFO cycles, the delay time goes up and down and therefore the delayed audio pitch slightly shifts up and down. Some ticking can be mixed with the audio when the LFO produces the rising or falling edge of a square wave and there is a very sudden surge in the current. This simple circuit provides a variable frequency triangular waveform whose amplitude is also variable. The oscillation frequency can be calculated following the formula of the Triangle Oscillator by Ron Mancini: The action of VR2 will modify the steepness of the ramp and therefore the amplitude or depth at a fixed frequency. Boss CE-2 Information by BossArea Chorus Effect Explanation by TestTone Chorus guitar effects by Hobby Hour Tonepad CE-2 Cloning Project Triangular Wave Generators by FreeCircuits 3rd Order Sallen-Key Filter with one OpAmp by EDN. Shelving Filters by Linkwitzlab. Boss ACA and PSA adaptors by StinkFoot. Pre-Emphasis and De-Emphasis filters in DIYStompBoxes. BOSS CE-2 Service Notes pdf. 2SC732TM Transistor pdf. Trademarks, brand names and logos are the property of their respective You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Code licensed under MIT License. The site may not work properly if you don't update your browser. If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit old reddit. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Log in sign up User account menu 1 How do I set the bias on a Boss CE-3? It looks like you need an oscilloscope to properly bias it though. Basically you use a screwdriver to turn it but assuming you don't have a scope you won't be able to properly bias it. It looks like the testing notes require a square wave input. Also, too bad service manuals for modern pedals are hard or impossible to come by these days. Consumer electronics just aren't made to be serviceable any more. Which signal am I using: one instruction says to use a sine, and then the box of three waveforms says to input a square wave. Do I do both? What am I supposed to see when the sine is input then. Do I simply tap a lead from the oscilloscope on the pins. What is the q6 and q8 emitter. All rights reserved Back to top. The CE-5 began as a continuation of the same chorus circuit as the Boss CE-2 and CE-3. The General Information section elaborates on how the CE-5 unfolded.Opinions of the digital (post-2001) version of CE-5 tend not to be positive.When Output B is used, Output A is pure wet signal. This forces all the wet signal through Output A and the dry signal into Output B. The wet signal is vibrato. When combined (summed) with a non-modulated dry signal, the result is heard by the human ear as a chorus sound. If using this trick be aware that without the effect level at Max, the wet signal will not have unity with the dry signal, causing a volume loss when engaged.This effect still gets rave reviews on both the lushness and subtlety of the chorus effect. The earlier CE-5 models share the same pedigree (and MN3007 bucket-brigade delay chip) as the CE-2 and CE-3 and are valued for such. Later models of the CE-5 discard the older analog design and use a new digital architecture. Panasonic stopped producing the MN3007 chip, causing Boss to change to the new digital architecture.If the pedal is white, it's newer and will be digital. If it's dark grey, it's the digital version. If they'll open the pedal up and take a shot of the PCB, even better.This is because when you find a seller of an analog CE-5, he or she will likely be unaware of any difference. It's usually possible to get a seller of an analog CE-5 to sell at a price that's the same as used digital CE-5s. Analog CE-5s can still be had rather inexpensively. Sometimes, they just take a little time and some effort to find.Our explanation is going to be a bit more complicated than that for other pedals.If phase between Output B and Output A were different, that would be a problem. We think this has something to do with the fact that the signal goes through IC2b twice. At least the way we read it, the signal goes through IC2b first, without inverting, for the low frequency filter, and then goes back through IC2b and gets inverted and then goes on its way to the high frequency filter. Of course, we're not as experienced with solid-state electronics, so this is some informed guesswork on our part; but it also helps us get to where Output A exits the pedal In-Phase.The service manual is being made available since the schematic may not be legible enough for everyone interested in viewing it. Having two outputs gives you the option of having a chorused.Having two outputs gives you the option of having a chorused signal from Output A and the direct signal at the same time from Output B. These can be panned left and right to simulate the sound of two guitars playing simultaneously. Paint finish has some scratches and chip and is missing 1 knob. Please check their website for the length of warranty and warranty conditions. If an item you Second Hand products come with a 4 week warranty from us. If there is an issue let us know ASAP. This covers normal use and does not cover accidental damage, misuse, wrong power plugged into it, modding, water damage or any other damage caused by mistreatment. Just treat it nice and all will be good!We've never lost a thing and your awesome new gear will be packed up really well to avoid any damage in transit. If your order comes in before 2pm we will ship it same day. Most of the time we pack things up all the way to 4pm so just call if you need it to leave same day after 2pm. We ship mainly with Australia Post but may use a courier depending on location and size of the package. Free Post ships with Australia Post standard and expected shipping times are between 4-6 business days depending on location. It will be longer to outside of metro and rural areas. Express Post will usually be with you next business day in metro areas of QLD, NSW, SA, VIC and TAS. WA will take 2 days to metro and extra days after that to out side metro and rural areas. Everything we ship has a tracking number with the exception of some power cables and smaller envelope packages. You will be emailed tracking once your order has been shipped! Items returned in undesired condition (scratched,chipped, etc) will be subject to a restocking charge of up to 30. Modded items will not be refunded. Postage must be paid by the purchaser to get the item returned to us and we will exchange at our discretion the amount of the products but not the postage costs. Items must arrive here within 14 days of your order being placed. Some items cannot be returned like Pedalboards you have already put velcro on, strings, pedalboard tape, Cables and DIY cable kits. Please don't use the Manufacturers box as the packing box or you will automatically be charged a 30 restocking fee. Email us BEFORE returning your items so we can resolve or sort out any problems you may have and just so we know to expect the You may also want to insure or register your item as we don't take responsibility for lost or damaged post. Roland Corporation RotoSound Schaller electronic Schulte Audio Elektr.The CE-2 took theThe early CE-2 used the 3007 bbd chip, later Japanese CE-2 pedals used the 3207. The 3007 chip was used in theAny hint is highly appreciated. Other than that we'rePlease submit your offers or leads here: e-mail. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Report this Document Download Now save Save Boss CE3 schematic For Later 109 views 0 0 upvotes 0 0 downvotes Boss CE3 schematic Uploaded by Jamie Valentine Description: Service sheet with component numbering Full description save Save Boss CE3 schematic For Later 0 0 upvotes, Mark this document as useful 0 0 downvotes, Mark this document as not useful Embed Share Print Download Now Jump to Page You are on page 1 of 1 Search inside document Scribd members can read and download full documents. Your first days are free. Continue Reading with Trial Share this document Share or Embed Document Sharing Options Share on Facebook, opens a new window Share on Twitter, opens a new window Share on LinkedIn, opens a new window Share with Email, opens mail client Copy Text Footer Menu Back To Top About About Scribd Press Our blog Join our team. Browse Books Site Directory Site Language: English Change Language English Change Language. This may happen as a result of the following: Javascript is disabled or blocked by an extension (ad blockers for example) Your browser does not support cookies Please make sure that Javascript and cookies are enabled on your browser and that you are not blocking them from loading. Specialising in British schematics Roberts, Hacker, Bush etc.Multi page manuals are Emailed as pdfs. Please Email if you have any queries,Thanks for looking, Mike.Some sources searched:-Gernsback 1922-34 Crosley 1929-42. Dividers, master clock, aux, logic, logic switches Change the VCO and LFO range amongst oth CPB circuit diagram. SSK circuit diagram See more information on the site. By John Simonton Korg PS3100 PS3300 resonator. drawn by K. Ishii VCF series routing, VCF slave mode Rogue Divider Xpander PCB, schematics partslist and ass Including all pictures in TIFF format, and the article text in a textfile Used as Oscillator 3. Schematic Publisher is perfect for students, hobbyists, and professionals. The schematics is converted from the PS file. Also the Schematics drawn by Bugbrand. It contains circuit diagrams ( schemas ) etc. We have proficiency in offering quality services in order to provide our customers most satisfactory and value-added services help them to meet their requirements. It also usually contains parts catalog. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email. See below for delivery information. The 4 knobs (manual, depth, rate and resonance) allow the users to shape the sound as desired -- from dynamic jet-plane effects to short delay, chorus and vibrato sounds. Connect an oscilloscope to TP-1 test point. Rotate the MANUAL knob fully clockwise.Feed a 200Hz, sine wave, 0dBm signal into the INPUT jack. Connect the oscilloscope to Q3's emitter. While turning MANUAL across its entire rotation range, set VR6 for a clip-free waveform at the peaks.Plug short circuit into INPUT jack. Connect OUTPUT jack to an amplifier and speaker. While touching a screwdriver to TP-2, set VR5 to the point where oscillation begins. Hydraulic flows based on 4.48 C.I.R. motor requirements at 2600 psig average.While there are standard safety rules, each situation has its own peculiarities that cannot always be covered by rules. Therefore with your experience and common sense, you are in a position to ensure your safety. Lack of attention to safety can result in: accidents, personal injury, reduction of efficiency and worst of all - Loss of Life. Watch for safety hazards. Correct them promptly. Use the following safety precautions as a general guide to safe operation: Do not attempt to remove any compressor parts without first relieving the entire system of pressure. Do not attempt to service any part while machine is operating.Periodically check all safety devices for proper operation. Do not play with compressed air. Pressurized air can cause serious injury to personnel. Exercise cleanliness during maintenance and when making repairs.Do not install safety devices other than authorized BOSS INDUSTRIES replacement devices. Close all openings and replace all covers and guards before operating compressor unit. Tools, rags, or loose parts must not be left on the compressor or drive parts. Do not use flammable solvents for cleaning parts. Keep combustibles out of and away from the Compressor and any associated enclosures. The owner, lessor, or operator of the Compressor are hereby notified and forewarned that any failure to observe these safety precautions may result in damage or injury. These decals must be affixed to the vehicle after it has been painted, trimmed, and undercoat, etc.The decals shall be placed so as to be clearly visible to the user and service personnel. (Figures 1 through 6.) Figure 1. To be placed on visor or dash near start-up procedure decal. Sometimes referred to as the separator element. CFM - Refers to the volume of compressed air being produced expressed as cubic feet of air per minute. LOAD CONTROLLER - Sometimes referred to as the engine speed control. OIL SUMP - The first stage of oil separation from compressed air. Also serves as reservoir area for compressor lubricant and sometimes referred to as the receiver tank. PSI - Refers to the operating pressure the system is set up at, expressed as pounds per square inch. SAFETY VALVE - A valve located on the oil sump which opens in case of excessive pressure. Sometimes referred to as the pop-off or pressure relief valve. SHUTDOWN SWITCH - Works in conjunction with a temperature and pressure switchgauges, sending a signal to stop the compressor power source in cases of high temperature or pressure. SIDE MOUNT PTO - Power take off gearbox that bolts to the side of the transmission. The PTO input gear with one of the gears in the vehicle’s transmission. The rotation developed by the engine drives the transmission which turns the PTO gear box and rotates the PTO output shaft, driving the compressor. ADAPTER GEAR ASSEMBLY: SIDE MOUNT PTO - The adapter gear assembly and the side mount PTO are assembled to the side of the transmission. Typically a PTO box installed on a manual transmission will require an adapter gear assembly in order to obtain the proper engine rotation required by the compressor. Most automatic transmissions utilize engine rotation PTO’s. Consult Boss Industries Inc. Components include a housing (stator), two screws (rotors), bearings, and bearing supports. Power from the engine is transferred to the male rotor through a drive shaft and gears in the gear housing. The female rotor is driven by the male rotor. There are four lobes on the male rotor while the female rotor has five roots. PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION In operation, two helical grooved rotors mesh to compress air. Inlet air is trapped as the male lobes roll down the female grooves, pushing trapped air along, compressing it until it reaches the discharge port in the end of the stator and delivers smooth-flowing, pulse-free air to the receiver. During the compression cycle, oil is injected into the compressor and serves these purposes: 1. Lubricates the rotating parts and bearings. 2. Serves as a cooling agent for the compressed air. 3. Seals the running clearances. LUBRICATION SYSTEM Oil from the compressor oil sump, at compressor discharge pressure, is directed through the oil filter, cooling system, and to the side of the compressor stator, where it is injected into the compressor. At the same time oil is directed internally to the bearings and shaft seal of the compressor. The oil-laden air is then discharged back into the sump. OIL SUMP Compressed, oil-laden air enters the sump from the compressor. As the oil-laden air enters the sump, most of the oil is separated from the air as it passes through a series of baffles and de-fusion plates. The oil accumulates at the bottom of the sump for recirculation. This valve acts as a backup to protect the system from excessive pressure that might result from a malfunction. When air is demanded at the service line, it passes through the coalescer which efficiently provides the final stage of oil separation. OIL RETURN LINE The oil that is removed by the coalescer accumulates at the bottom of the can and is returned through an oil return line leading to the compressor. MINIMUM PRESSURE ORIFICE The minimum pressure orifice is located at the outlet of the coalescer head and serves to maintain a minimum discharge pressure of 65 PSIG in operation, which is required to assure adequate compressor lubrication pressure. OIL FILTER The compressor oil filter is the full-flow replaceable element type and has a safety bypass built into it. COMPRESSOR COOLING SYSTEM (STANDARD) The compressor cooling system consists of an oil cooler remote mounted aerodynamically designed cooling pressure or a cooler mounted in front of the truck’s radiator. Oil temperature is controlled by a thermal switch or a valve located down stream of the oil filter. It is designed to be mounted inside the cab or in a protected area outside of the cab. Operate compressor within the discharge pressure limits as indicated in specifications section. HOURMETER The hourmeter records the total number of operating hours. It serves as a guide in following the recommended inspection and maintenance schedule. The hourmeter will only rum when there is pressure in the system. The switchgauge ensures safety shutdown in case of excessive operating temperatures, preventing compressor damage. ELECTRICAL AND SAFETY SYSTEM The BOSS compressor’s standard electrical system consists of a gauge panel; a remote mount 12 VDC fan package with fan switch and relay assembly (for standard cooling system only); and a resetable normally closed shutdown switch. These components are integrated together to provide a safety shutdown system that is activated when extreme high temperature or pressure conditions are present. When the temperature or pressure exceeds the maximum set parameter of the respective switchgauge a signal is sent to “trip” the shutdown switch from normally closed to open. This signal will then shut off the engine in vehicles equipped with a CABLE PTO or disengage the PTO in “HOT SHIFT” PTO applications. ELECTRONIC ENGINE INTERFACE Electronic engine interface for the compressor speed control incorporates several BOSS supplied electrical components that are chassis specific. A chassis specific wiring diagram and electrical components are supplied per the vehicle application data at the time of the order. It is located at the downstream side of the coalescer head and will automatically bleed the sump to zero pressure when the compressor is disengaged. Blow down time interval takes between 30 to 60 seconds. CONTROL SYSTEM The prime component of the compressor control system is the compressor inlet valve. The control system is designed to match air supply to air demand and to prevent excessive discharge pressure when compressor is at idle. Control of air delivery is accomplished by the inlet valve regulation and modulation as directed by the discharge pressure regulator. DISCHARGE PRESSURE REGULATOR VALVE This valve, located on the coalescer head is used to set the desired discharge pressure within the operating pressure range.