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boss 740ua manual

boss 740ua manual

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boss 740ua manualPlease read this manual carefully before operating this car audio product. Please keep this manual for future use. It will be helpful to you if you are encounter any operational problem. Selecting fine audio equipment is only the start of your musical enjoyment. If you still have questions after going through the checklist, please consult your local customer service representative. Common Symptoms Cause The car ignition is switched off. There is no power. The fuse has blown. It also can turn on the unit to insert disc or USB. Press the power button and hold for more than 0.5 seconds to turn off the unit. The main unit wears a METAL MOUNTING SLEEVE. Please connect the wiring, eg, the Power Supply, the Speakers and the Antenna according to the requirements of this Instruction Manual, then install the metal mounting sleeve into the car as per the diagram illustrated below. Removing the tag from the remote before using. BATTERY INFORMATION: Lithium Battery: CR2025 3V Battery Life: Approximately 6 months. Replacing the Battery from the Remote Controller: 1) Remove the battery holder by pressing the locking tab with your thumb and pulling it out. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. For these purposes we created a catalog system, where all documents, that we have, are sorted by device name.The Boss Audio Systems Car Receiver manuals are sorted by popularity among Guidessimo users (by the number of downloads and views on our website). I only get radio and aux Also try different USB slots.Both are goodIf you know the boss and the kind of working relationship they have with your area manager, you will have to determine whether you should speak to them directly behind closed doors or lodge a formal complaint through the company (depending on the size of the organisation). If it is a serious allegation you may need someone to represent you from a legal standpoint.http://xn--80aeegvkak7c.xn--p1ai/userfiles/bose-auto-sound-system-manual.xml

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Look up the workplace laws that apply to you and seek appropriate advice.I am having the same issue. I have tried all possibilities with the wires in the back.Answer questions, earn points and help others. The Core Policy Focus on the pdf document, not product model Focus on English, not multilingual Focus on consumer electronics, digital products, automobile and household appliance Clear repeated documents with the same content of different file names Keep one pdf file applied to multiple product models and multilingual Non-English user's guide, owner's manual and operating instruction will be delisted. Single Mode BLE ModuleDescription. VersionVersionVersionLairdSingle Mode BLE ModuleContents. 3. Overview and Key Features. 4. Specification summary. 5. Hardware Specifications. 7. Power Consumption. 11. Functional Description. 15Tools For development of applications. 22. Application Note for Surface Mount Modules. 23FCC and IC Regulatory Statments. 25LairdSingle Mode BLE ModuleThe BL600 modules are enabled with Laird’sSmart BASICBased on the world-leading Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 chipset, the BL600 modules provideBluetooth v4.0 - Single Mode. External or Internal AntennasFull Bluetooth EPL. Compact Footprint. Class 2 output - 4dBm. UART, GPIO, ADC, I2C and SPI interfaces. Fast Time to Market. FCC, CE, IC certified and other regulatoryNo external components neededWellness devices. Fitness sensors. Location Awareness. Home automation. LairdSingle Mode BLE ModuleTable 1: Detailed specifications. Categories. Wireless Specification. Feature. Implementation. Slave (in base FW v1.1.50.0). FrequencyMax Transmit PowerMin Transmit Power. TX Whisper Mode1 Transmit. Power. TX Whisper Mode2 Transmit. Power. Host Interface. Receive Sensitivity. Link Budget. Range. Better than -91 dBm (typical). Up to 150 m in free space. TX Whisper Modes. Range reduction (NFC like) feature with. TX Whisper Modes with smart BASICRaw Data RatesDefault 9600, n,8, 1. From 1,200 to 115,200bps. Up to 28 linesUp to 10 bit resolutionServices supportedHeart Rate Service. Health Thermometer Service. Battery Alert Service. Blood Pressure Service. Device Information Service. Immediate Alert Service. IOPT (Interoperability). Link Loss Service. LairdSingle Mode BLE Module. Categories. Feature. Implementation. Transmit Power Service. Control Protocols. Any. User defined via smart BASIC. Firmware Upgrade. Base Firmware Upgrade via JTAGIn Future FW,Via UART. Supply Voltage. Supply. Power Consumption. Active Modes (Tx pwrAdvertising. TBD mA peak. TBD uA Avg. Connected Mode. TBD mA peak. TBD uA Avg. Ultra Low Power Modes. Standby Doze (Deep SleepAntenna Options. Internal. External. Physical. Dimensions. Weight. Operating. Storage. Lead Free. Warranty. Development KitTable xx on page. Note 2. In Deep Sleep everything is disabled and the only wake-up sources are reset andCurrent base FW ((v1.1.50.0) allows coming out ofSingle Mode BLE ModuleFuture FW release will allow coming out from Deep. Sleep to Standby Doze through GPIO signal or HW reset.Single Mode BLE ModuleMode1). Mode2). Measured waveform. Whisper Mode1). Whipser Mode1). Whipser Mode1)The values below are calculated for a typical operating voltage of 3 V. Table 3: UART Power Consumption. Parameter. Min. Typ. Max. UnitUART Baud rateMax. Unit. Table 4: SPI Power Consumption. Parameter. Min. TypMbps. Max. Unit. Table 5: I2C Power Consumption. Parameter. Min. TypI2C Bit rateLairdSingle Mode BLE Module. Table 6: ADC. Parameter. Min. Typ. ADC current during conversionUnitThe above current consumption is for the particular peripheral only and to operate thatCurrent Nordic silicon this fixed current is bitSingle Mode BLE ModuleThe integrated, highThe variety of hardware interfaces and the smart BASIC programming language allow the BL600Power management features:Peripherals consume current when. Open; each peripheral can be individually closed to save power consumption. to be included in future firmware:Pin wake-up system from Deep sleep. Power supply features:DCDC operation automatically suspended when only the internal low current LDO isThis feature is useful for applications using battery technologies with higher nominal cell voltages. The reduction in supply voltage level from a high voltage to a low voltage reduces the peakUsed with a 3 V coin-cell battery, the peak current drawn fromStandard accuracy clocks tend to have lower accuracySingle Mode BLE Module. The high accuracy 16 MHz crystal oscillator helps with Radio operation and also helps reduceUser has approximately 5 Kbytes of data memory available for smart BASIC application code. Please consult Laird FAE for more information.Antenna optionsParity checking and generation for the 9th data bit are supported.The signalling levels are nominal 0 V and 3.3 V (tracks VCC) and areBoth are active low. These signals operate according to normal industry convention. For example, when RX and TX are idle they sit atThe module communicates with the customer application using the following signals:Single Mode BLE Module. Note. The BL600 serial module output is at 3.3V CMOS logic levels (tracks VCC). LevelSome serial implementations link CTS and RTS to remove the need for handshaking. Laird doesIf these pins are linkedLaird recommends. Table 7: UART Interface. Signal Name. Pin NoThe UART interface is used to load smart BASIC application code.The SPI interface is an alternate function on SIO pins, configurable by smart BASIC.The SPI interface enables full duplex synchronous communication between devices. It supports aThe SPI peripheral supports SPI mode 0, 1, 2, and 3. Signal Name. Pin NoThis interface is an alternate function on each pin,The I2C interface is an alternate function on SIO pins, configurable by smart BASIC. The Two-wire interface can interface a bi-directional wired-AND bus with two lines (SCL, SDA). TheData rates of 100 kbps and 400 kbps are supported. Table 8: I2C Interface. Signal Name. Pin NoThis interface is an alternate function on each pin,Single Mode BLE ModuleThey can be accessed individually. Each has theWake-up from high or low level triggers on all pins. The following feature exists in hardware but cannot be configured in the firmware:This featureThe BL600 provides access to six-channel 10-bit incremental ADC. This enables sampling up to sixThe ADC has configurable input and referenceNote:Analog Interface (ADC). Signal Name. Future FW. Analog Input. Analog Input. Analog Input. Analog Input. Analog Input. Analog Input. Pin. No. Comments. This interface is an alternate function on each pin,Pin. NoBL600 HW reset (active low). Lines are 8, 9, 10 bit resolution with voltage scaling.Signal NameAdd reset signal period after VCC power up.Signal NamePin NoBL600 HW reset (active low)Single Mode BLE ModuleThe BL600 FW consists of 2 pieces:BL600 smart BASIC programming (loaded through UART by customer). To allow customer the capability to upgrade the BL600 base FW, then in current FW (v1.1.49.15)Signal Name (hiddenPin NoConnect 12 K resistor to GND (for current siliconLaird can supply JTAG programmer for this. Only requirement is that the customer should use theThe JTAG connector MPN is as follows. Reference. Part. DescriptionFTSH-105-01-L-DV Samtech. Note 1. Reference on BL600 development board SCH. Please refer to the BL600 development board schematic for wiring between BL600 and JTAGNote: Future releases of BL600 base FW (Q3 2013) will support upgrading the BL600 firmwareThe BL600-SA on-board chip antenna radiation performance depends on the host PCB layout. Please refer to suggested BL600-SA placement (from the BL600 development board) to allow theAntenna characteristics are those achieved by the BL600-SA placed on the BL600 developmentSingle Mode BLE ModuleThe BL600-series module is easy to integrate requiring no external components on the customer’sNote. In BL600 modules shipped from production with base firmware, all SIO pins (with “defaultRemember to change the direction SIO pin (using smart. BASIC) if that particular pin is wired to a device that expects to be driven by the BL600. SIO pin configured as an output.Use solid GND plane on inner layer (for best EMC and RF performance). Place GND vias close to module GND pads as possible. Route traces to avoid noise being picked up on VCC supply and SIO (digital) and AINUnused PCB area on surface layer can flood with copper but place GND vias regularly toThe BL600-SA has an integrated chip antenna. It is critical to find the best placement of the. BL600-SA on the host PCB to allow the antenna to radiate. The following are a few helpfulFor best antenna performance, place the module on the edge of the host PCB, preferablyThe antenna keep-out area is defined by the BL600 development board which was used forKeep-out area is shown in. Figure 1.Single Mode BLE Module. Figure 1: Antenna keep-out area in red under the BL600-SA module.The below picture shows the RF trace (implemented as GCPW) from the BL600-ST module RF. Notice the regular spaced GND vias.Single Mode BLE ModuleIt allows easy development of a complete BLE enabled sensor application. Laird provides theJTAG programmerRefer to the BL600 DVK User’s Manual for list of accesories provided with development board.Single Mode BLE ModuleLaird Technologies surface mount modules are designed to conform to all major manufacturingThis Application Note is considered a livingThe modules are designed to meet the needs of a number of commercial and industrialModules are shipped in ESDFigure 8-1: BL600 Shipping Tray DetailsSingle Mode BLE ModuleLaird Technologies surface mount modules are designed to be easily manufactured, includingUltimately it is the responsibility of the customer to choose theFigure 8-2: Recommended Reflow Temperature. Temperatures should not exceed the minimums or maximums presented in Table Table 9: Recommended Maximum and minimum temperatures. Specification. Value. Unit. Temperature Decrease rate (goal)Flux Soak Period (Max)Flux Soak Temp (Min)Time Above Liquidous (min)Time In Target Reflow Range (goal)Time At Absolute Peak (max). Sec. Liquidous Temperature (SAC305)Single Mode BLE Module. Specification. Value. Unit. Upper Target Reflow TemperatureThe BL600-ST holds a limitedTo ensure regulatoryIf these requirementsContact Laird Technologies forThe BL600-SA and BL600-SC hold full modular approvals. The OEM must follow the regulatoryCeramicTrace Pad. Can be valuesThe BL600 family has been designed to operate with the antennas listed below with a maximumItem. Part Number. Mfg. Type. Gain (dBi). ModelDipoleDipoleSingle Mode BLE Module. Note. The OEM is free to choose another vendor’s antenna of like type and equal or lesserFCC Part 15.204(c)(4) for further information on this topic. To reduce potential radio interference to other users, the antenna type and gain shouldFCC RF Exposure Statement. This device complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. End users must follow the specific operating instructions for satisfying RF exposure compliance. This transceiver must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna,This includes a clearly visible label on the outside ofThe enclosed device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules and Industry Canada. License Exempt RSS Standard(s). Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1). This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept anyLabel and text information should be in a size of type large enough to be readily legible,However, the type size for the textCAUTION: The OEM should have their device which incorporates the BL600 tested by a qualifiedCAUTION: Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by Laird Technology could voidFCC Warning:Single Mode BLE FCC Caution: Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible forThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following twoC95.1-1999 and had been tested in accordance with the measurement methods andThis module is intended for OEM integrator. The OEM integrator is still responsible for the FCCUnder such configuration, the FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the manufacturer could void the user'sThe end user has to also be informed that anyIf the size of the end product is smaller than 8x10cm, thenOperation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) thisOperation is subject to the following twoIndustry Canada (IC) Warning. This device complies with Industry Canada license-exempt RSS standard(s). Operation is subjectFrench equivalent is. Le pre sent appareil est conforme aux CNR d'Industrie Canada applicable aux appareils radioSingle Mode BLE ModuleIC Radiation Exposure StatementIC RSS-102 et a e te teste en conformite avec les me thodes de mesure et proce dures spe cifie esModular Approval. OEM integrator is still responsible for testing their end product for any additional complianceApprobation modulaire. OEM inte grateur est toujours responsable de tester leur produit final pour les exigences deIn these circumstances, the OEMEnd Product Labeling. Contains transmitter module IC: 1393-BL600”; “BL600-SA Contains transmitter module IC:Single Mode BLE ModuleThe BL600 is approved for use in the Japanese market. The part numbers listed below hold WWModel. Certificate Number. AntennaJapan does not allow use with any antennas other than those listed below. Contact a Laird. Technologies representative for more information regarding adding antennas. Item. Part Number. Mfg. Type. Gain (dBi). ModelDipoleDipoleThe OEM should consult with a qualified test house before entering their device into an EUReference the Declaration of Conformities listed below for a full list of the standards that theTest reports are available upon request.Laird. Product:Single Mode BLE Module. EU Directive. Conformity Assessment. Annex IV. Reference standards used for presumption of conformity. Article. Number. Requirement. Reference standard(s):Health and SafetyProtection requirements with EN 301 489-1 V1.8.1Emissions. Immunity:We, Laird, declare under our sole responsibility that the essential radio test suites have beenPlace of Issue. Laird. Saturn House, Mercury Park. Wooburn GreenDate of Issue. March 2013. Name of Authorized Person. Andrew Dobbing, Engineering Manager. Signature:Laird. Product:Single Mode BLE Module. Conformity Assessment. Annex IV. Reference standards used for presumption of conformity. Article. Number. Requirement. Reference standard(s):Health and SafetyProtection requirements with EN 301 489-1 V1.8.1Emissions:We, Laird, declare under our sole responsibility that the essential radio test suites have beenPlace of Issue. Laird. Saturn House, Mercury Park. Wooburn GreenDate of Issue. March 2013. Name of Authorized Person. Andrew Dobbing, Engineering Manager. Signature:Single Mode BLE ModuleFigure 3: BL600 Mechanical drawings. Module Keep-Out Area: An area of 1.5mm around the module should be reserved as a keep-outSingle Mode BLE ModuleDevelopment board with BL600-SC module soldered in place. Development board with BL600-ST module soldered in placeThis is a preliminary datasheet. Please check with Laird for the latest information beforeSingle Mode BLE ModuleThis section covers the procedure for generating a new EPL (End Product Listing), on the. Bluetooth SIG website. In the instance of a Bluetooth End Product design, a member can createBL600 Original End Product listing. Design Name. Owner. QDID number. BL600 Module. Laird TechnologiesBL600 Module The BL600 Module incorporates the following Bluetooth components from Nordic Semiconductor ASA. Design Name. Owner. QDID number. Link to listing on the SIG website. NordicSemiconductor ASANordic. S110 link layer. Semiconductor ASANordic. S110 host. Semiconductor ASA. Assumptions. This procedure assumes that the member is using the original Bluetooth End Product design withFigure 4 shows the basic concept of how an EPL isBluetooth End. Product. EPL Listing 1. EPL Listing 2. Figure 4: EPL referenced back to BT end productSingle Mode BLE Module. The following link provides an overview of the EPL system:Alternatively the member can choose to have a new QDID for their own End Product. Design if they do not want any reference the original QDID listing. However it shouldUseful FAQ linksPlease contact your local sales representative for further assistanceSingle Mode BLE Module. Laird is the world leader in the design and manufacture of customized,Laird Technologies partners with its customers to find solutions for applications inTelecommunications. Data Communications. Automotive Electronics. Computers. Aerospace. Military. Medical Equipment. Consumer Electronics. Laird offers its customers unique product solutions, dedicationLWS-UM-BL600-Sx. All rights reserved. The information contained in this manual and the accompanying software programs are copyrighted andLaird Technologies, Inc.Copying, duplicating, selling, or otherwise distributing any part of this product or accompanying. Inc. is strictly prohibited. All brands and product names in this publication are registered trademarks or trademarks of theirThis material is preliminary. Information furnished by Laird Technologies in this specification is believed to be accurate. Devices sold by. Laird Technologies are covered by the warranty and patent indemnification provisions appearing in its. Terms of Sale only. Laird Technologies makes no warranty, express, statutory, and implied or by description,Laird Technologies reserves the right to change specifications atLaird Technologies’ products are intended for use in normal commercial andApplications requiring unusual environmental requirements such as military, medicalLimited Warranty, Disclaimer, Limitation of LiabilityPDF Version: 1.5. Linearized: No. Page Count: 36. Language: zh-TW. Tagged PDF: Yes. Author: Benjamin Ng.