bose 901 amplifier manual

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bose 901 amplifier manual

bose 901 amplifier manual

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bose 901 amplifier manualScored a pair of series 3.I refoamed all 18 drivers bought a EQ on eBay sent it in for re-cap and upgrade then hooked them up to Pioneer SX 1250.Ha ha heaven. Reviewed Nov 21st, 2018 by Artfrobadoo My buddy has a pair of supposedly original 901s which I have suspicions of being fakes. The wood does not match. There is no labeling. The terminals are crude. He thinks they are the cats meow. So I searched craigslist and I found a pair of 901s for 200 dollars. Then the guy throws in a beautiful working Kenwood KA 7300 amp. I like my Bose 301's better then these 901 VI. Perhaps it's the amp I have the associated speakers to what. Reviewed Nov 02nd, 2018 by OzDaddyBear I have 901 series VI and there i a plug between left and right termina, there is nothing in the manual to advise what this is fot. Any ideas?l Reviewed Jun 12th, 2018 by Mrsteve I have owned two pair of these. The first pair a series IV, the Second pair a Series VI. I took advantage of the Bose Trade-in program some years ago when they still offered it. There are several companies that offer the drivers, and replacing them for both pair is around 560.00-Plus the time involved.I need to do a repair on the equalizer. I cannot find the Series III Service Manual. Thanks To be use for PA system or Karaoke. Any suggestion for an appropriate mixer. I'm looking for resources to help me troubleshoot and repair the equalizer. I don't have much experience, but I would like to learn, and this seems like a fun project. If anyone is willing to help break things down as simple as is convenient, or could help guide me in this process, I would be very grateful. We all have to start somewhere. I refurbished the speakers myself, and would like to say I did the same to the equalizer. Due to purchasing from a second hand store and not really knowing enough about them I consequently now own two right hand speakers. Not sure how this will affect the speakers.

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While it might well be quite possible to fix, I would be more interested in feeding the speakers from another signal source. The cable from the preamp connects to the speakers via a five-pin 180 degrees DIN plug, and so I think it should be quite possible to connect to some other signal source, the same way I have used a pair of Philips MFB speakers. Am I right or am I right. Anyone have any experience of the 901p active speakers. Or of other Bose Lifestyle 20 substitutes for them? No need to attend a live concert anymore. With Two Pair in the proper positions you've got your own live performance! To purchase 901 spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an authorised retailer. All rights reserved. Bose, Acoustimass, Lifestyle, Personal and Wave are registered trademarks of Bose Corporation. Please fill out the information section on the card and mail it to Bose Corporation. Customer service For additional help in solving problems, contact Bose customer service. See the inside back cover for Bose customer service offices and phone numbers. The installation and operating principles of this system are significantly different from those of conventional speakers. To obtain the best possible performance and avoid problems, please take the time to read this guide. Using different components may require different connection methods. More information is available by calling Bose Corporation.Figure 2 Pedestal (A) and ceiling mount. Do not drill completely through the cabinet. Note: Contact Bose for more information on suspending speakers. For details on your specific ceiling construction, consult a qualified building contractor or professional installer. Choosing the wire It is important to use the right thickness of speaker wire. For distances of up to 30 feet (9 m), 18 gauge (.075 mm ) 2-conductor wire works well. Call Bose Corporation for assistance with the connection of additional speakers or signal processing equipment. Refer to the address information inside the back cover of this guide. Note: To use an external signal processor, or to add a graphic equalizer, contact Bose for more information. Refer to the inside back cover of this guide. When connected to TAPE MONITOR Press your receiver TAPE MONITOR button to the IN or MONITOR position. It may also be used with 901 Series V speakers. WARNING: Bose 901 Series I, II, III, or IV speakers require a substantially different equalization.Bose Corporation will make every effort to remedy any problem within the terms of the warranty. Or call Bose directly (see inside back cover for phone numbers). How you go about connecting the Bose 901-series equalizer to your stereo system varies slightly depending on whether you intend to use it in a two-speaker or surround sound setup. If you're using earlier 901 speakers, check for possible compatibility issues with the 901-series equalizer you're using before you begin. These devices might include tape decks and other equalization or signal processing devices. All jacks are located on the back of the Bose 901 equalizer. Connecting to a switched outlet ensures the equalizer is turned on or off automatically whenever the receiver or amplifier is turned on or off. Play some audio through the system and press the “Tape” or “Tape Monitor” button on your receiver. All sound should stop when this button is pressed. When it does, switch the “Monitor” button on the equalizer to the “Source” position. The audio should start playing again. If it doesn't, check your connections and try again. Consult the documentation that came with the receiver or amplifier for more information about which jacks to use when connecting an equalizer. The 901 Series VI active equalizer must not be used with 901 Series I, II, III or IV speakers. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. This technology produces Stereo Everywhere performance with balanced sound everywhere in the room, rather than in a single sweet spot. The Acoustic Matrix enclosures house 9 full-range drivers with helically-wound aluminum voice coils to provide exceptional power handling capability, and dramatically reduce chamber noise to deliver well-defined bass. A separately-available active equalizer specifically engineered for the 901 speakers balances the output of all audio frequencies to deliver natural tonal balance and clarity. Stylish floorstanding pedestals are also available as a separate option. Let us know YOUR RECENTLY VIEWED ITEMS Browsing History ON Clear History Not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. I have it paired with bose 301 and it is also an excellent combination. The HK3490 is an incredibly poweful receiver. Best of luck. I see the 901 s can work with a reciever or amp rated anywhere from 10 to 450 watts, wow. You also need the 901 active equalizer to get optimum sound and performance according to the Bose web site. I can only vouch for the Bose 201s I have a pair and they sound great with the HK 3490. I have a rectanguler room and have to place my speakers facing across the narrow section of the room. I have yet to crank it up very loud because there really is no need to. I may have turned it about half way up and the sound is nice,clean and crisp. Hope this helps. They also have gold connects with monster cable in the roof. As a former Bose salesman, I would recommend the 3490 for your 901s. I would not tax the 3490 with a subwoofer on top of the 901s, however. Good luck and happy holidays. Mark in Walnut Creek, CA Both analog and digital audio inputs (you can select either from a source) deliver the best sound I've ever experienced on my 4 Bose 901 series 1 and 2 (yes, they ARE 37 years old, and never better!) This receiver does not have a loudness adjustment control because it absolutely doesn't need it. Clear, precise highs, room-shaking lows, and a wonderfully full midrange. There are inputs for 2 separate sub-woofers(systems 1 and 2), but you won't need them with the 901s. If you're looking for a receiver to replace your 901 power equipment, you most definitely will not be disappointed with the HK 3490.Both analog and digital audio inputs (you can select either from a source) deliver the best sound I've ever experienced on my 4 Bose 901 series 1 and 2 (yes, they ARE 37 years old, and never better!) This receiver does not have a loudness adjustment control because it absolutely doesn't need it. If you're looking for a receiver to replace your 901 power equipment, you most definitely will not be disappointed with the HK 3490. First I tried Yamaha R-S700 as it has very attractive specs but it sounded thin, annoying, narrow sound stage and low power. So I bought HK3490 and it is INDEED very High Quality receiver. HK3490 sounded clean, Very loud like Live Concert, 3D and long time enjoyable musical sound. Bass is also loud clean and detailed just as vocal and highs. This is a parfact match for Bose 901. Go for it!First I tried Yamaha R-S700 as it has very attractive specs but it sounded thin, annoying, narrow sound stage and low power. This is a parfact match for Bose 901. Go for it! However, I think you could get a better deal than BOSE by looking at other brands. I am confident that the receiver has enough power for your speakers and as long as you don't crank it, I would doubt that it would blow them. Something went wrong. Looks like this page is missing. If you still need help, visit our help pages. All Rights Reserved. User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies and AdChoice Norton Secured - powered by Verisign. To do this refer to The disadvantage of this One disadvantage of this method of connection is that it is difficult to use an. C lick here for more information on the types of cookies we use and how to change your cookie The SA-5 amplifier also has three aux ports so you can connect non-streaming sources, such as a CD player. If you can get it on your device, you can hear it through the SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier. Music services may vary. If you start with the SA-5 amplifier hooked up to outdoor speakers, you can add more at any time: It could be in-ceiling speakers in the basement, your home stereo in your living room, then a SoundTouch 10 speaker for the kitchen.SoundTouch lets you take total control of your listening experience, right from your smartphone or tablet. Easily personalise presets for one-touch access to the music you love, and control one or many SoundTouch speakers around your home. Without lifting a finger. Just open the Alexa app. Search for “Bose” under the Skills menu. Then follow the simple one-time setup. So, what can you do? Plenty. Start your funk playlist in the kitchen. Turn the volume up or down. Change tracks. Find out what’s playing. And even control where it’s playing—from the speaker in your kitchen to the speaker in your bedroom. It can also run two pairs of speakers in parallel, so you can wire four speakers to the amp. It’s extremely clean sound and intuitive app that helps you run it in a stereo pair or mono.SoundTouch products use the SoundTouch app, while the Bose Home Speaker family uses the Bose Music app. However, Apple device owners can use Apple AirPlay 2 to group the SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier with Bose Home Speaker family products for multi-room synchronised playback. Apple AirPlay 2 requires a Wi-Fi connection. The Bose 901 speakers are active speakers and therefore will not work with the SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier. When running two pairs of speakers, we recommend using speakers rated no lower than 8 ohms. All attached speakers will work together as one SoundTouch zone. It can be used with outdoor speakers, but must be placed inside while the speakers are outside. If the SA-5 is wired to Ethernet, it may be placed in a metal wall panel or cabinet, as long as the location of the SA-5 is well ventilated. Please refer to the Owner’s guide for appropriate spacing. For example, say “Alexa, play my jazz playlist in the Kitchen” and the playlist will begin to play on the SoundTouch speaker named “Kitchen”. You can also control the music that’s playing—for example, say “Alexa, pause the music in the Kitchen”, “Alexa, resume the music in the Kitchen”, “Alexa, turn up the volume in the Kitchen”, “Alexa, skip to the next song in the Kitchen” and so on. However, you can still create groups in the SoundTouch app as normal, even if the music was started through the Bose Skill. For example, “Alexa, ask Bose to play Preset 1”. Play content in a specific room. For example, “Alexa, ask Bose to play Preset 1 in the Living Room”. For example, “Alexa, ask Bose to pause”. Adjust volume. For example, “Alexa, ask Bose to turn this up”. Play the same music everywhere. For example, “Alexa, ask Bose to play this everywhere”. Find out what’s playing. For example, “Alexa, ask Bose what’s playing”. Turn a system on or off. For example, “Alexa, ask Bose to turn off”. The Skill itself is free and it is enabled through the Skills section of the Amazon Alexa app. An Alexa-enabled device like an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot is also required to use the Skill. Favor de enviarme manual para conection a mis 901 SPEAKER BOSE.If not Can I use a shelf that is 18 inches distance from the floor. Thanks in advance for your answer You could, but the boundary effect of the speaker being. The sound that comes from the speakers is muffled and crackles loudly. Is this what they sound like when the speaker is toast or is the a fix for this issue. Yes, if you hear I hadn't used them in about a year.the gentlemen that purchased them told me that when he used them he got a crackling. Any Ideas on best possible way The Bose EQ connects to the tape out and tape in on the amplifier or reciever. If. Search Fixya for the dozens of times I have answered this type of question.Bose 901 are speakers. Here is a video to show how a Bose CD tray was repair ed. It might help. Analog, USB and TOSLINK digital audio inputs are provided. When used in the digital input mode the music stream is maintained in the digital domain all the way through the 901 equalization process. Two identical stereo pairs outputs are available allowing for dual active stereo systems (two stereo power amps) or the addition of an active subwoofer(s) Remote selectable inputs: Driver installation (PC only, Apple is plug and play) The driver for the miniDSP 2x4 HD enables USB streaming from the computer to the EQ901USB. To install the driver, the EQ901USB must be connected to the computer with a USB cable and powered on with the supplied AC adapter. Then select and load the appropriate driver for your PC version from the enclosed CD. Also, when you power the EQ901USB on and off, be sure that the associated equipment is off. Connect power to the EQ901USB before turning associated equipment on. Level Setting Your EQ901USB is being delivered with an internal level (gain) setting of 0db (max, no insertion loss), which you will adjust with the supplied remote control. It has been set with the analog Inputs selected. Be sure to turn down your music source to protect your system at turn on. Once you have your inputs connected and all components on, you can adjust all the gain levels for optimal volume mid-position control performance. Subwoofer Settings To begin, your subwoofer should be set at mid level gain, and the crossovers should be set at the mid level setting. After you have the system up and running adjust the subwoofer level, phase, and crossover to get the best response. USB Music Server Volume Setting Warning If you are streaming digital music via a server such as foobar2000, JRiver, Roon, etc., begin with the server application level set low. Remote Control Functions The supplied IR remote control has the following functions and is the only user control interface. Tone configurations selected on the remote control: Specifically: Normal mode is the most neutral, Enhanced mode provides a richer sound with more treble and bass, Warm mode adds midrange with slight treble reduction, and Low frequency reduction mode is intended to control bass in smaller rooms or on boomy recordings. Specifications The EQ901USB is shipped with the analog input level set to 2 Vrms. Warranty Terms This product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the invoice date. Warranty does not cover failure of the product due to incorrect connection or installation, improper or undocumented use, unauthorized servicing, modification or alteration of the unit in any way, or any usage outside of that recommended in this manual. The customer provides return shipping to Deer Creek Audio. Deer Creek Audio is an Authorized miniDSP dealer. I do not have any knowledge but have read on the Bose specs that these speakers need a Bose equalizer to work well but my thoughts are that technology has improved since then and I can buy a amp with an equalizer. Can anyone kindly provide some insight for me about my options please. Thank you.. I would follow the above advice as he is correct in what he says. Other equalisers don't seem to give the proper base and treble boost. If you do find one do send it off to Dave as his upgrade does make an improvement. The caps are likley to be of an age that need replacing. Also get an amp with some grunt. I used a Yamaha pro amp that was 1000 watts into 8 ohms for a while and now have a big Class A amp. Base heavy tracks suck the power. I think Dave does the upgrade for roughly a 100 dollars. Good luck be interested in how you get on. They are worth saving. The foam surrounds should still be okay.I have bought 18 and they sound good maybe not as good as original but close enough.I have the Yamaha power amp I intend to sell and it made the 901s sound good with the power it has. They still sound fine with amps that only have 50 watts or so but seem to clip the amps a bit under some heavy bass tracks.I don't think I can reply individually. It looks like I have a few options. As I am probably most likely to use my phone to play music through the headphone jack will I notice the difference in quality if I don't get a Bose equalizer. Maybe I just need a good amp. The Bose equalizers I have seen on ebay are 120 volts where I need 240. It seems all very complex partly due to my complete lack of hifi knowledge. Power consumption of the Eq should be low ( Unsure how wrong that can go - impedance mismatch from headphone output to the input of the equalizer. I have done it when desperate, maybe others can comment on that as a long term solution.We were all there once. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here to help your understanding grow, so don't be afraid to ask questions. I still do!The MX-1000's LED power indicator bars neatly show how much power the 901's are getting.Paste as plain text instead Display as a link instead Clear editor Upload or insert images from URL.Vandersteen 1Cs sounding awful Our publication is supported by its audience. By clicking links on our site, we may earn affiliate commission, but our editorial remains entirely independent and unbiased. Australian Business Number 79 662 719 408. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Report this Document Download Now save Save Bose 802 III Service Manual 3 For Later 3K views 0 0 upvotes 0 0 downvotes Bose 802 III Service Manual 3 Uploaded by justinnandor Description: Full description save Save Bose 802 III Service Manual 3 For Later 0 0 upvotes, Mark this document as useful 0 0 downvotes, Mark this document as not useful Embed Share Print Download Now Jump to Page You are on page 1 of 8 Search inside document Browse Books Site Directory Site Language: English Change Language English Change Language. Consumer Electronics, If you follow any of those links and end up acquiring a manual, it will not be from us. Here is why we may deserve your business. We love our Vintage Audio and other built-to-last electronics equipment in an age of disposable products for a throw-away society. We might sell the kids before our classic silver Pioneer or Vintage Marantz, Kenwood and Sansui gear. If you also value High Quality Manuals that enhance the ownership satisfaction of your vintage audio treasures, you found the right place. (continued below.) It IS Our Guiding Principle Add Site to your Favorites Other sites we host: Phase Linear History Vintage Technics Database We sponsor two free Yahoo Audio Groups We are meticulous and give genuine best efforts to produce clean, well-constructed manuals for you. A side-by-side comparison of our reproduction manuals with those from many other vendors will usually reveal an overall better appearance, construction, and print quality. Sometimes strikingly so. Our Customer Comments page is a fraction of what we receive from real customers and electronics technicians. The vast majority of our printed reproduction manuals are Very Good to Excellent on our Guaranteed Quality Ratings scale. But every single item is not and we refuse to give a false impression that they are. We want you to see a detailed description and individually-assigned quality rating before you purchase. This time-consuming extra service is almost never provided by our competitors. Customer complaints are nearly zero, perhaps one per 500-1000 sales. We believe that virtually none of our competitors could truthfully make a similar claim. We are a USA based family business operating old-school style. That means real people trying to serve you as if we were a walk-in store in your local neighborhood. We always combine shipping on multiple-item orders and do not rip you off on shipping charges. If interested, check out About Our Manuals and other site sections with the menu links at the top of all pages. If you would like for us to be here in the future, you can help by telling your friends and by sharing links to our site in your discussion groups, forums, blogs and web sites.We have been slowly updating these manuals lists over the years. As time allows we will replace the spare Factory ORIGINAL Manuals Catalog section with the same page format as these here in the reproduction manuals section. We also have more than 400 Gigabytes of various manuals, schematics, brochures, etc in (mostly) PDF format. They number perhaps 400,000 files. Truth is that we may never get them listed on our site. But they are available. Click here for further PDF manuals informatiion. If an item has a description and Price Code, then CLICK THAT PRICE PRECISELY identify the item you want with company brand. If you want multiple Whether your email is to order Tell us EXACTLY You may findIndividually-assigned Overall quality is Normally folded Normally folded and mailed in ordinary business Includes equalizer voltage conversion instructions Overall quality is Very Good to Excellent. Overall quality is Very Good. Models covered: 901 Series IV. Overall quality is Very Good to Excellent. Overall quality is Very Good to Excellent. Supplement If an item has a description and Price Code, then CLICK THAT PRICE PRECISELY identify the item you want with company brand. If you want multiple Whether your email is to order Tell us EXACTLY You may findIndividually-assigned It makes a difference. Seekers of truth mayImages may be used with. See the inside back cover for Bose customer service offices and phone numbers. The use of 901 Series VI speakers without the 901 Series VI active equalizer will result in improper per- formance. The use of graphic or parametric equalizers, instead of the Bose 901 equalizer, will result in unsatisfactory performance. Figure 2 Pedestal (A) and ceiling mount. Do not drill completely through the cabinet. For distances of up to 30 feet (9 m), 18 gauge (.075 mm ) 2-conductor wire works well. Refer to the address information inside the back cover of this guide.Note: To use an external signal processor, or to add a graphic equalizer, contact Bose for more information. Refer to the inside back cover of this guide. Connect the additional speakers to the additional speaker output jacks on the receiver or amplifier. Then check all the connections between the speakers, receiver, and active equalizer. Correct any wiring problems before you follow the guidelines below. Or call Bose directly (see inside back cover for phone numbers). Die Anschriften und Rufnummern der Kundendienststellen von Bose finden Sie auf der hinteren Umschlaginnenseite. Um die optimale Leistung zu erzielen und Probleme zu vermeiden, lesen Sie sich diese Anleitung bitte genau durch. Die Telefonnummern finden Sie auf der hinteren Umschlaginnenseite.Die Anschriften und Telefonnummern finden Sie auf der hinteren Umschlaginnenseite dieser Bedienungsanleitung.Die Anlage ist nun einsatzbereit.Die Adressen finden Sie auf der hinteren Umschlaginnenseite dieser Anleitung. Gire el logotipo de Bose para colocarlo hacia arriba antes de colgar los altavoces. Figura 2. No traspase la caja con el taladro.Para distancias de hasta 9 m, un cable bifilar de 0,075mm funciona bien. Quite estas clavijas. Consulte la ENGINEERED IN U.S.A. BY BOSE CORPORATION FRAMINGHAM, MA 01701-9168 ASSEMBLED IN MEXICO ( TO AMP “TAPE IN” ) ( FROM AMP “TAPE OUT ” ) ( TO REC “INPUT”. Puede usarse con altavoces Series V 901. El ecualizador activo Series VI 901 no debe usarse con los altavoces Series I-IV. Ne placez pas d’objets contenant des liquides, tels que des vases, sur l’appareil.Informazioni dettagliate sulla garanzia sono fornite sulla scheda di garanzia inclusa con il sistema. Completi la sezione delle informazioni sulla scheda e la spedisca alla Bose Corporation. La Bose non garantisce la performance dei diffusori 901 Series VI che non sono usati con un equaliz- zatore attivo 901 Series VI. Guida all’installazione Segua attentamente le seguenti istruzioni per installare il sistema di diffusori 901 Series VI. 1. Scelga il posto migliore ed installi, o appenda, i diffusori (pagina 6). Sono previsti per fornire il supporto adeguato e sono disponibili presso i rivenditori autorizzati Bose. Prima di collegare i diffusori, legga attentamente le istruzioni allegate al piedistallo. Per fissare il diffusore al piedistallo, sono presenti quattro fori guida sul pannello inferiore dei diffusori (veda Figura 2, gruppo di fori A). Chiami la Bose Corporation per assistenza con il collegamento di altri diffusori o processori audio. Veda l’indirizzo nella terza pagina di copertina di questo manuale. Nota: contatti la Bose per ulteriori informazioni sull’uso di un processore audio esterno, o per aggiungere un equalizzatore grafico. Veda la terza pagina di copertina di questo manuale. Controlli tutti i collegamenti tra i diffusori, il ricevi- tore e l’equalizzatore attivo. WAARSCHUWING: Deze apparatuur mag niet worden blootgesteld aan druipende of spattende vloeistoffen en objecten die gevuld zijn met water (zoals vazen) mogen niet op de apparatuur worden geplaatst. Verdere gegevens over uw garantie staan op de garantiekaart die bij uw systeem werd geleverd. Vul de informatie op de kaart s.v.p. in en stuur deze terug naar Bose Corporation. Klantenservice Indien u verdere hulp nodig heeft bij het oplossen van problemen, neem dan contact op met de klantenservice van Bose. Het gebruik van 901 serie VI luidsprekers zonder de actieve equalizer van de 901 serie VI resulteert in onjuiste geluidsweergave. De actieve equalizer is een integraal bestanddeel van het systeem en kan op verschillende manieren aangesloten worden, afhankelijk van de componenten die u heeft. Keer het Bose logo zodanig dat het rechtop staat voordat u de luidsprekers ophangt. Figuur 2. Boor ongeveer 12 mm in de kast van de luidspreker. Boor niet helemaal door de kast heen.Het juiste draad kiezen Het is belangrijk om de juiste dikte luidsprekerdraad te kiezen. Voor afstanden van maximaal 9 meter, dient u tweeaderig draad met een dikte van 0,075 mm te gebruiken. Neem contact op met Bose Corporation als u hulp nodig heeft bij het aansluiten van overige luidsprekers of signaalverwerkingsapparaten. Zie de adresinformatie op de binnenkant van de achteromslag van deze gebruiksaanwijzing. Het systeem is nu klaar voor gebruik.Hij kan ook gebruikt worden met de 901 serie V luidsprekers. WAARSCHUWING: Bose 901 luidsprekers van de series I, II, III of IV vereisen een beduidend andere gelijkschakeling. U kunt Bose ook rechtstreeks bellen (zie binnenkant van achteromslag voor telefoonnummers). Fyll i informationsdelen av kortet och skicka det till bose corporation. Registrieren Sie sich jetzt.