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bose 401 speakers manual

bose 401 speakers manual

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bose 401 speakers manualLearn more or change settings here. Just type your request belowQuick tip: Try searching for just one or two words (e.g., connection help). Something went wrong. View cart for details. All Rights Reserved. User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies and AdChoice Norton Secured - powered by Verisign. You will find the current user manual for Bose bookshelf speakers in the details of individual products. We also recommend looking through our discussion forum which serves to answer questions and solve problems with bose products. Found: 5 products Showing: 1-5 products Engineered to reproduce sound over a large area, they bring you spacious stereo almost anywhere in the room with a fullness and im. Engineered to reproduce sound over a large area, they bring you spacious stereo almost anywhere in the room with a fullness and im. Try Google Search! Manual - Coles Microphones 4038 Stereo Mount for Studio Ribbon 4038 SM Posted by: Ruth 2020-08-10 18:00:04 Coles 4038 stereo mount. Peavey Peavey Delta Blues 115-Tweed 30 watt Guitar Amp - Peavey Delta Blues 115 Tweed Tube Guitar Amplifier 03327810 Posted by: 2020-08-08 23:50:04 please pdf the manual on this amp. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. May not be very popular, as there seem to be not that many Bose fans here, but I'd try anyway. Some background. I'm sure I dont qualify to be called an expert on any of this, but I do like to listen to the music - all kinds, really, as well as trying different (mostly vintage) speakers, receivers, etc. I also like to keep things on a budget, which means - most of my electronics usually come from CL, Thrift stores, etc. Slowly I have managed to put together a couple of small systems that I'm pretty happy with. But periodically I like to stir things up - switch out speakers or amps and such. Which means if I come across something interesting I might just try it. They are in great condition, everything works.

  • bose 401 speakers manual, bose 901 speakers manual.

I have never owned anything Bose in a past and based on many comments here and other online places, I was not sure at first if I should even get them. But condition and the way the look - their shape peaked my interest, so I thought I'd give them a try. They are connected to my Pioneer SX-780, and I also have Pioneer SG-9500 EQ and Pioneer PL-400 TT hooked up to it. Before I had some bookshelf speakers connected to this set up - Pioneer BS-22's and they sounded pretty well overall. Now I have these new to me Bose 401's in place on BS-22's. They (Bose) sure are a different animal. Sound is different, not as clearly bright as with the Pioneers. And one thing I noticed, - when Bose speakers are positioned as recommended in a manual - sound was OK, but something was missing. I checked the wires - all were plugged in as they should. Then I started playing with the positioning of the speakers. So I started experimenting with that. I guess, it hugely depends on any given room's acoustics - as to how speakers will sound. I suppose this applies even more so with the Bose's reflective design. And this was apparent pretty much immediately. However, what was funny is that they sounded much better with the side with a one woofer and tweeter pointed to the back wall. (Usually ported side should face the back wall).I guess, the whole idea of reflectivity of the sound actually works. Sound got better, by a good amount. Yet, interestingly enough, they sounded better in some parts of the room but not others. So, I started tweaking orientation of the speakers - which way they would point. Each adjustment would bring somewhat different results - some better, some worse. Yet the best results I got when I broke all the rules - one speaker I left pointed tweeter side to the back wall, yet the other - tweeter pointed towards the other speaker. When you look at them this way - looks odd - but they do sound very good now - sound seem to have a very good stereo effect, nice clean sound, good soundstage - all reflected off the walls. Low end, of course, is not as deep as my JBL speakers with 12 inch woofers, I have with my other system, but otherwise - very good sound. I'm actually rather surprised - as I read lots of unfavorable reviews of Bose speakers. I tried this setup with different types of music - from Ohio Players to Led Zeppelin to Coltrane. All sound very pleasant. Just took a while to find just the right orientation, thinking outside of the box, so to speak. Makes me wonder if this is why people often dont like Bose - maybe they didnt take time to set them up for the best sound. Thoughts?I have them to complement a pair tower speakers that have fifteen inch woofers and adjustable crossovers. The combination of direct and reflective sound in the same space is quite the experience. So many traditionalists just wish to put one speaker on each side of a rack of equipment and angle the speakers a bit and think that's the best there is. I found out also that angling a Bose speaker towards the wall and towards the opposite part of the room instead of directly towards where a person sits while listening creates a fuller sound stage. Then when using all four speakers the music just has more personality, depth and perception of detail.It is also a PITA to figure out how they sound best.I think I'm beginning to see what Bose concept is all about. These speakers can go very loud and hold their own too. Another plus - as sound travels from room to room - I have more of an open floor house design - from other rooms they sound very good as well. Seems like some experimenting is paying off!It is also a PITA to figure out how they sound best. Click to expand. No room to try 901s even if I found a cheap pair.Part of the owner's manual for Bose back in 1979, a room placement guide. not be very popular, as there seem to be not that many Bose fans here, but I'd try anyway. Makes me wonder if this is why people often dont like Bose - maybe they didnt take time to set them up for the best sound. Thoughts? Click to expand. Used speaker terminals B and C so to series them on the amp. (8 Ohm load if I recall) Sounds very clean and can be very loud. He was happy!Click to expand. I keep trying different speakers but they just work better than any I've tried so far. One thing to note is the screws on the speakers themselves seem to want to loosen up over time. Double check them often. And they used some of the cheapest caps in the crossover I've sever seen. Well worth it to recap that crossover if you like them already. If you want them to really shine add a cheap sub to each one to take the load off the bottom and they get quite pleasant to listen to. Enjoy!It may be a good idea to do a recap, but I am pretty new to all this and have no idea what and how to do such a thing, so I think I'll leave it alone for now. I did check the speaker screws and they were just fine. Also, I noticed that they really show off if recording is poor or LP is worn out. On some brand new albums I have, - sound was crazy good, while ones that are well used - sounded clearly more muffled. This resembles my JBLs in that respect. One thing I can tell so far for sure - these are NOT terrible speakers as some people on the net claim that BOSE are. And they are definitely fun to play around with. AS many speakers ( as I read about them) - seem to be better for some things more than others. Its very hard or even impossible to find a speaker that id best for every type of music. Seems that Bose has it's own place in that world, which I guess, works for some but not the others. Maybe one day I will work up enough nerve to do some mods to them, but for now - I think they are just fine as-is. have heard great speakers sound terrible one situation and wonderful as they were meant to be in another environment. Rob Speakers that sound horrible in a generic average room are speakers that have severe design flaws. Speakers that make ludicrous placement demands are speakers with serious design flaws. Bose and Klipsch are chief among those in my book. I like dipole speakers a LOT, and they are certainly demanding in how they're placed, but some concepts are just lousy. Small Bose speakers aren't horrible if you want to feel out what dipole speakers can do, but if you really want to experience the concept executed well you need to hear some MartinLogans, Maggie's, Quads, or ESS AMT's. And that jazz Bose says about recreating the live listening experience is just a bunch of crap. Go listen to some live stuff on a pair of Focal Aria or better and you'll realize real damn fast all the sonic information to convey the depth of a live performance can be convincingly replicated by a conventional monopolar 6 sided box. Click to expand. Yes there was an absence of 'high' technical knowledge (no insult to the OP or to people with high tech audio knowledge) but the all basics were right and he was putting together a system with love and attention was what I gravitated too. You are right, a well resolved speaker will sound amazing in just about any environment, but this thread was not about any of that - it was one man, one day and his caring pursuit for a better audio experience and that was enough for me to be hooked to the story - regardless of mine, yours or anyone else's technical knowledge. Is what you posted accurate - yes. Is any of that important - yes, just not in this instance necessarily within the context of this thread. My response to you is genuinely not intended to be Are there better speakers than Bose yep sure, are there worse yep sure - where we really diverge, I read the OP and relished the human experience, you read the original post and my comments as shortcomings in a knowledge base. On a separate discussion, regarding speaker ownership, I hear what you are saying in your post and just wanted to comment or reaffirm that not all of us here on AK have the same audio goals. I read your post and it did give a small but never the less a wonderful insight into your preferred audio experience - and I mean that sincerely. Me personally, I treat speaker purchasing like I do a box of chocolates - I wanna get me a taste of everything. One speaker vs many, both approaches have there merits and disadvantages. I want to buy a set of Bose 901's, I want to live with them, immerse myself in their sound, make personal comparisons against my other speakers. I want to know and understand them for myself and not rely on opinion as my perspective. Many will say life is to short to be wasted like that, give me the best of the best (whatever that means to them). Who knows, one day I might get sick of this journey and switch paths but for time being I am enjoying the view on this path. I will get my dream speaker or speakers one day - they might even be a pair of 901's Rob Edit: I wanted to add before anyone replies - I know Toolguy mean't no insult - was just being informative.As I said earlier, I'm pretty new to all this. Just recently I decided to put together a vintage system and as I'm doing it - I learn many things in a process. This site is where I get lots of info about things. But I also like to experiment with things and form my own opinions. Most of my stuff comes from the garage sales, CL, Ebay, etc. So, speaking of these Bose speakers - I realize, of course, that they are far from the best speakers out there. Plus base on many online comments I was even very skeptical about these, to the point I almost walked away. Yet since I was buying many other things at that garage sale - overall cost ended up being very reasonable, so I decided to give them a try. And I'm glad I did. I really like the looks of them - thats what really got my attention to begin with. And I do enjoy tinkering with them - position them differently - see how that affects the sound. I have never had a speaker that interesting, so for me it's a lot of fun. Would I like to try those. Getting back on track here - these 401's are very eye opening experience to me. I never expected for them to sound so good ( to my ears) and to me it seems that the more I play them, the better they sound. I have JBL CF 120 speakers for my other system (I know - not even close to the TOTL), but they have very different sound and character, so having these Bose is even more fun as it gives me very different experiences in listening. Another thing - my amps and receivers are not all that powerful, so speakers I get can only be the type that would go well with lower powered amps. From what I read about some other speakers listed above - I'd have to upgrade my entire system, not just the speakers - something I have no desire or budget at this time. So, these Bose keep my ears happy, sound good for my taste and I dont have to spend too much money this way. And based on my so far limited time with them - most of the music that I like sounds good through Bose with a setup I have. WIll I change things one day - possibly, but these 401s will keep me busy for a while, I think. Just played Nightwish LP though them - sounds very nice too. So did Stevie Wonder - these speakers seem to work well for many types of music.It was an outside party that my friend was having. He had them things cranked all night and they handled every note. I brought Black Sabbath's We Sold Our Soul CD and those poor speakers I thought were gonna vibrate to death. Took out the Sabbath and put in something else and all was right. Tough, good sounding speakers considering the circumstances.Since these have rather small woofers, I thought that was the reason. But then I thought I'd take them out and see whats inside. Turns out, these speakers were packed pretty tight with polyfill. I'm not sure if this is how they were made at Bose, or previous owner did that, but for a ported speaker it seemed a bit too much. Wow! What a difference - even smoother and cleaner sound, tighter low end and improved mids. At least to my ear. I dont think I would take all of the polyfill out, but the way I re-arranged it seems to work very well. Need to do more testing, but I'm liking this change. What do you guys think about having polyfill in ported speakers and in this type of speakers in particular?Best evocation of live jazz played in a nightclub I've ever heard.As I said before - when I opened them, they were pretty stuffed with it. I'm thinking that previous owner did that. Because - as I take out more and more of it - these Bose sound better and better. By now I took out about half of the amount of polyfill that I found in them and they sound even more musical, overall cleaner sound and low end improved, they seem to go lower and bass is tighter. As if they were suffocating before and now they opened up a good deal. However, I think I'll keep some polyfill in them, I'm afraid if I take all of it out they may not have enough low end - after all they only have small woofers in them. But for now - I'm very surprised how nice they sound. I had them hooked up next to JBL S38s (which is pretty well respected speaker) and they sound very similar. So I think some of these older Bose speakers, based on my experience so far, were actually very nice - well made with great sound. Makes me wonder why so many people dont like Bose. Maybe later they declined in quality, but at least my 401s sound very nice with all sorts of different music. I played some Al Di Meola and sound was very rich and full and detailed. Same with Dire Straits and Queen. So, I'd say if anyone comes across Bose 401s - it's worth giving them a try. Just may need to play with positioning them. I suppose different amps may make some difference too. But with my vintage Pioneer they work very well.I find on some ported boxes it seems to help if you can find a magic point and stick to it. And it can be a lot of fun to experiment. Mine didn't have a lot in them and since I got them same as new it may be someone was playing with yours. But like I say I use them as surrounds so don't really expect much from them. The reason I say as new is because I got them on a deal from a buyout of a store that went out of business. I've heard or lived about all of these from the 901's, 701's, 601's and 501's. The only one I could live with was the 901's but didn't have the room or right amp at the time. Plus the 401's just seem like Bose got something right in this one. Not the best speaker but certainly a fun one to play with. I'm glad you're enjoying yours as too many pass them off just because they say Bose on them.And I think it helps too. Based on my experience it does change the sound of the speaker. Now I think I either found that magic point or I am pretty close to it as far as the amount of polyfill goes. As I have said before - positioning of each speaker makes a very noticeable difference - I think more so than regular speakers. And you are right - it is fun to play with this. Makes you pay attention to a detail more. Please use the box above to search for any other information.Where Can I Get The 1 where can i get repacement speakers for the 10 inch woofers they are both blown ?If an update is available, an Update button will a. Tuesday, Aug 18Tomorrow Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. Shipping included on all repairs. Fully transferable. If we can't fix it, we will send you a reimbursement for your product purchase price. Plan is fully refunded if canceled within 30 days. This will not ship with your product. Shipping included on all repairs. Fully transferable. If we can't fix it, we will send you a reimbursement for your product purchase price. Plan is fully refunded if canceled within 30 days. This will not ship with your product. Please try again.In order to navigate out of this carousel, please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Register a free business account Exclusive access to cleaning, safety, and health supplies. Create a free business account to purchase Please try your search again later.You can edit your question or post anyway.Built-in voice assistants, like Alexa and the Google assistant, let you enjoy millions of songs, internet radio stations, playlists, and more — hands free. Just choose your voice assistant to start listening. And when the musical playing loud, the Bose Home speaker 300 will still hear you. Just under the top is a custom-designed six-microphone array for superior voice pickup. Plus, an elegant light bar will help visually indicate when your voice assistant is listening, thinking, or speaking. But control doesn't stop at just voice — Tap the presets on the top of the speaker to play, pause, or skip tracks, or enjoy a personalized experience from the Bose music app. The Bose Home speaker 300 is part of a Bose family of smart speakers and sound bars Designed to grow with you, so you can enjoy more music in more rooms. It may be small, but it is powerful. Turn it up and feel The difference. Available in triple Black or luxe silver.Size that fits in.It may be small, but it is powerful. Turn it up and feel the difference.Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant are built right into the speaker, so you can play music, get information and more without lifting a finger. Just choose which voice assistant is right for you and ask away.With a custom-designed six-microphone array, the speaker will still hear you, even from across the room. You can always turn off voice access, too. Just tap the mic-disable button.There are three different ways to manage what you hear: your voice, the Bose Music app or the six one-touch presets on the top of the speaker.If you can get it on your device, you can hear it through the Bose Home Speaker 300.Puzzle party? Craft night? Makeshift cooking competition. Whatever you have planned, the Bose Home Speaker 300 delivers the sound you want to keep your family entertained all day—and all night—long.Browse your current library, access integrated music services and set up individual accounts for everyone in the house.Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 In order to navigate out of this carousel, please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings using a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The machine learned model takes into account factors including: the age of a review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified purchases. Please try again later. Allan McCue 3.0 out of 5 stars Unfortuneatly after talking with Bose tech support, it was stated by the support tech, that the speakers software is N O T compatible with the Bose Sound Touch products. As such I'll be returning them. While testing the Sound Touch 300 out, I found that it wasn't as good recognising commands that my normal Alexa defice always got right. My third comment is that you can't change the base word to wake the device. I have my Echo Dots lacated in the basement man cave. I had to change my wake word to Echo as my voice travels upstairs to where her Alexa is located and it causes great grief when my downstairs commands are playing out upstairs. Not having the abilty to change the wake word on the Bose 300 was the final straw in returning it.There is no wall between the two and the volume is more than enough for the area. It worked fine. The problem came when I tried to join another network while on a week's vacation in the US at a time share. Despite having printed off the instructions to enroll it on another network, it would not do so. When I returned home after the week away, it would not work on my network. I had to default it and start over again. That took some time to accomplish. The instructions on various Bose web sites were somewhat contradictory and confusing. I thought I might have to contact Bose support but in the end I was able to make it work on my home network once again.Meaning the Alexa built-in part. I returned it because it doesn’t react exactly like an Amazon product does. That may have just been my misunderstanding. I wanted it to link with all the rest of my echo devices. It doesn’t, it works as a standalone unit with Alexa built-in.This sad excuse for a speaker doesn't cut it. If you're into Apple's ecosystem, the HomePod blows them all away. (I haven't had a chance to hear the Sonos Five.) Another annoyance, though likely not the Bose's fault, is that there was no way to permanently connect it to an iPad. The connection (not pairing) had to be reestablished daily. The touch-sensitive buttons on top are small, and not as easy to use as real buttons would be. Positive: aux input, a rare thing these days.The app could be a bit easier and it's not compatible with Soundtouch unless they are setup as bluetooth speakers, but it seems it only works with one at a time as a pair.Its expensive no doubt as compared to all other offerings in the market and the expectation is great quality and sound. The product was ordered at 7 am and delivered at around 2 pm same day thus exceeding all expectations (no one wants to wait to lay hands on new tech). Unboxing was easy with two simple peel off tapes on either side of an upright box which looks premium. Once inside, the speaker is wrapped in white bag along with user manual (not very useful), a power cable and three pin options. Yet to understand why three different pins but I am sure people will read about them at the Bose website. Speaker feels premium and looks premium which is expected. Build quality is robust. One just has to plug it into a power source to start the set up. Once plugged in, you need to get on your mobile with the Bose Music app. Set up is easy as the app guide you through simple steps till you hit the update barrier. It is a little frustrating and it take a long time (many users say, multiple hours). Mine kept updating and I went to bed letting it update without fussing too much about it (try unplugging the speaker for 60 seconds and replugging to get out of the loop, it might work). Work up at 2 am and checked, the speaker software was updated. Once the upate is done, the app asks you to setup music services, alexa etc which happens pretty quickly. Bose Home speakers does not offer Amazon Music on the Bose Music app for India yet (why?). They really need to work towards it. Also only Spotify premium accounts are supported so get ready to get a premium subscription if INR 119 per month. TuneIn radio is built in (yet to be tested). Bose Music app is easy to use and navigate and also great to manage music. Bluetooth connectivity for the speaker is easy to set up and there are no drops or lags. Just press the bluetooth button on top of the speaker and it is in pairing mode instantly. The Bose Music app lags or hangs if you switch to other functions on the phone, however it does not stop the music from playing on the speaker. One needs to restart the app to take control. Alexa is responsive, thanks to the array of mics on top of the speaker. Amazon music thankfully is accessible through alexa (if not through the Bose Music App). Buttons on top of the speaker are easy to use, sturdy and clearly marked. Now coming to the most important part, music. It sounds like a very big speaker. Bass is limited given the small size but fills up a mid size room nicely. I tried listening to Indian classical, Indian Ocean-Tandanu, some AR Rahman numbers from Bombay and hip hop. The speaker plays along well and sounds like a good investment. An in built battery to let it be a true wireless speaker would have been a boon but I am not complaining. Pros: Sound quality, build quality, connectivity features, good app, responsive alexa. Cons: App hangs, no battery to make it a true wireless, software update during setup takes forever. Bass could be more defined. Overall a great purchase. Recommended.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again PROS - Excelente sonido -alexa te escucha perfectamente a un rango de unos 10 metros aproximadamente -el app hace todo muy practico y esta muy completa (no todo, todo pero se acerca) -la integracion con alexa es de mis cosas favoritas -potencia.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Setup failed because a required firmware update failed. This left the speaker unusable. Spent three hours this morning researching the problem, I found many other purchasers having the same problem, then I had to download an update, get the correct USB cable, and then try to update the speaker firmware. My update also failed but I was able to finish setup of the Bose Home speaker. I mean by working I'm able to play music and Alexa is working. Beware! There are problems in the setup of the Bose Home Speaker 300. It may be better to wait or look for other options.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again This would be OK for podcasts, books, Alexa or Google voice assistants (though it doesn't support Google Play Music). Sounds like an industrial strength AM radio. My old 1st gen Bose Soundlink Mini sounds much sweeter, just not as loud.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again I will touch on that aspect. First impressions with this speaker is it is well designed. Small but heavy. Very well constructed. I have a much older Bose soundlink mini Bluetooth speaker that is still running strong after many years. I have confidence in the brand and the way the devices are made. This one is certainly bigger than the soundlink mini and also will need to remain plugged in. But where you lose in portability you gain massively in audio quality. This speaker has a fantastic range of audio. The bass is strong and deep even without being turned up. I actually prefer the bass level at a lower setting with Bose as I feel you get a more natural and balanced audio at that level. That’s more of a personal preference. I did test it with full base to get an idea and it certainly would not disappoint people who love base heavy music. As far as the software is concerned, you do need to download the Bose app to really get the most out of this speaker. I followed the instructions. I wish I could say it was a super easy setup but there were some slight issues with pairing the device to work with Alexa and also to get Spotify registered. That being said once you mess with the app a bit for anyone with a little bit of tech knowledge this is not a complicated set up. The firmware update I installed perhaps was not available when earlier reviewers had purchased the device. Pandora worked flawlessly right away. Like I said Spotify was a little fussy to link at first. As far as Alexa goes you need to go into the Alexa app first and add the Bose device before you can use the Alexa voice control. Once you do get it programmed the speaker is one of the best I’ve tried in this class. My favorite feature of this device is the 6 preset stations setting with the buttons available for quick changing on the top of the speaker. Or you can have several stations from just one of the apps preprogrammed in. This is a great touch that many other speakers have not adapted with physical buttons for easy control.