bose 1401 booster equalizer manual

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bose 1401 booster equalizer manual

bose 1401 booster equalizer manual

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bose 1401 booster equalizer manualMade in USA. Also comes with extra wiring that was included, as well as a mounting bracket. UNTESTED. Pre-owned condition. Cosmetically, this looks to be in good condition. There are no major wear or scratches. Looks hardly used. I was unable to test this unit because of the unconventional power cable. Please see photos for more details. Photos are part of the description. I make all effort to list any defects or damage in my listings. PaymentPayPal Only.Payment is required within 48 hours after purchasing. International Buyers - Please Note: Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding or buying. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. I'm happy to provide more pictures upon request. Please check out my other listings too. Thank you! MESSAGE ME ABOUT FREE LOCAL PICKUP IF YOU WOULD RATHER PICK YOUR ITEM UP YOURSELF.Pre-owned condition. Cosmetically, this looks to be in good condition. There are no major wear or scratches.Super high amount of views. 1 sold, 0 available. More Super high amount of views. 1 sold, 0 available. You are the light of the world. Speakers Because of their direct-radiating qualities, the two front loudspeakers of the Bose 1401 system are intended for mounting as far forward on the door as possible. The two rear speakers feature special reflector grills that can be rotated to the angle providing the best sound quality. All four 44-inch speakers have a voice-coil producing 0.45 ohms that is made of rectangular wire and wound on an aluminium former, creating heat dissipation, high efficiency and power handling. It also features active electronic equalisation, where the bass and treble responses are modified according to the car's interior acoustics.

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For cars with absorbent interior fabric, there is an optional treble boost switch on the unit's back panel that can be set when the stereo is installed. Bose recommends running the unit from the car battery to avoid problems with the switch contacts or fuses; however, the unit's power must be turned off separately from the car ignition. The system also comes with a 7-amp fuse. A display shows the station frequency and then reverts back to clock mode after seven seconds. This unit has standard DIN measurements and should easily fit into the dashboard of most cars built after 1975. She contributes to several websites, specializing in articles about fitness, diet and parenting. To start viewing messages,My late uncle had this setup laying around his house, and I claimed it Its a complete Bose 1401 system. Still in the original packing, original twist tie's holding it together, bags for screws and whatnot havent ever been opened. Even the installation manual is in black and white The date on the speakers reads October, 1981. Im not sure if this was the exact date these were produced, a quick google told me they were more late 80's early 90s stuff. More googl'ing reveals mixed opinions on these, but of course, its the internet. I typically think Bose makes some really high quality audio products for the home. Im really quite excited about this find. I think it will be the perfect solution for my M3. I have been looking for something to replace my terrible system left over from the previous owner, and I think this might be it. Installation will be in a few days at least. I need to get some sound absorber for the front kick panel speakers. I think thats where the fronts will have to go, I dont think they will fit in the door. The rears should be a direct swap in. The unit itself is really quite small, maybe about a foot in length and 2-3 inches thick. Regardless, I see no reason to even consider putting that in your car. None. Not one. if this is as good as stock, Id be happy.Bose is all about ignorant people and good marketing tactics.Bose do make quality products, there's no denying that, they're well thought out and designed etc. However, they do verge on the side of more 'marketing hype' and I do believe they don't give out too much technical information etc. They do sound good, but that 'good' is for the masses and other similarly priced genuine hi-fi manufacturers products will outperform them. This is generally for their home hi-fi and home cinema products. I'm not sure if their pro audio is still widely used and highly regarded in studio's etc, but you will see them around. Their car hi-fi stuff is nowadays in collaboration with car manufacturers and their oem audio setups. Again, they do sound 'great'.Cheers, Dennis!I think that any reasonably modern speaker would out-perform themI hadnt considered that the speakers might have deteriorated over time. I gave them all a good once over and didnt notice anything really wrong with them. Im going to hook them up loosely and make sure everything works before doing anything. This will allow me to test the sound quality. My current setup is disgraceful, I often just turn off the radio in favor of the engine sounds. At least with the Bose system, everything is meant to go with each other. I also like how small the amplifier is, and its going to be really easy to hide it and re-convert my trunk to a stock trunk. I have considered selling them. I dont think its worth that, but if I did sell the system, it would allow me to upgrade my current setup.I started installing professionally in 1980, when I was 17. I always got the tough jobs, those were a PITA to install. As others have said, if you can sell it, do so. Heck of a find though! LukeThere are a lot of people who collect vintage stereo equipment on ebay and craigslist. If it is working, keep it and replace the existing speakers. Hopefully you have one of their older amps that you can keep and wire in some new speakers. Good luck.This aftermarket Bozo thing is single ended input, it is going to whine like you won't believe, especially considering caps from 1981 aren't exactly healthy still. I mean, it's your car so do as you please.but it will be painful, I assure you. Best of luck! LukeI did have to rip one of the boxes to get it open, but I kept the box still. Im going to further consider selling the set. The ADS amp I have now seems good, I just wish it were tuneable. Maybe some new two way speakers in the front and 6x9s in the rear would make me happy Thanks for the input, I think you all may have saved me from making a big mistakeAm I out of my mind?Cheers, Dennis!Haha! Just kidding. Thanks a lot for the information. I sent a couple emails to electronics collectors, if I don't hear anything from them, which I don't have high hopes for, I'll throw it up on eBay for a while. Thanks again!Digital Point modules: Sphinx-based search. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. M OVING with the times, a desperately cheerful sales manager for automobile stereo equipment came up with a new promotional scheme. Enjoying good sound while waiting in the gas line, he suggested, would make the line seem shorter With stereo in the car, music is a nice travel companion. That was last month. Meanwhile the gasoline shortage — or whatever it was that made the pumps go dry — has abated; the waking dream of the open road once again stirs endemic wanderlust, and one may again talk about car stereo without seeming somehow disconnected. Besides, in this country, there is a mystical link between motorcars and the conveyances of fantasy, and music is as essential to such vehicles as wheels. We like being engulfed by music as we traverse the roadside scene, less perhaps to let the mind soar than just to keep it rolling along. Even on prosaic excursions. Like the daily commute, music serves as a travel?aid, and Berlioz or the Bee Gees — as the case may be — prove soothing relaxants in a traffic jam. As one audio executive recently put it, “It's evident that people nowadays want something more than just a radio in their cars.” The latest wrinkle in sonic sophistication for musically demanding motorists comes from Bose, a company known for its excellent, if unconventional, home speakers. The guiding principle of Bose designs is the use of reflected sound supplementing and enhancing the portion of sound traveling directly from the speaker to the listener. In such models as the Bose 901 Series IV — to these ears one of the most convincingly musical speakers ever made — the blending of direct and reflected sound conjures up a remarkable feeling of sonic spaciousness. With part of the speaker's sound angled toward the rear, multiple reflections from the wall behind the speaker produce a sound spread that makes the typical living room seem much bigger than it actually is. Bose now applies the same principle to car stereo, where the inherently tight dimensions of the enclosed space present an even greater need for this type of sonic expansion. The Bose 1401 car stereo system consists of four speakers, two mounted in the doors up front, and two on the rear deck. The latter have adjustable deflectors, allowing the listener to aim the sound so as to counter the acoustic quirks of his particular car. Reflections from the rear window can thus be made to produce an effect similar to that obtained from rear?wall reflections in the home, making even compact cars sound as spacious as a bus. The most unusual aspect of the system is that the four speakers are not connected directly to the output of the in?dash car radio or tape Mounted inobtrusively under the dashboard, this unit takes the signal from a dash?mounted radio or cassette unit and increases the output to 100 watts total — More than enough to let musical nuances rise above what Cole Porter once called “the roaring traffic's boom.” The circuitry also features an unusual control that not only permits relative volume adjustment between front and rear speakers, but also allows the listener to vary the frequency distribution between the two sets of speakers to optimize the overall sound balance in anything from a Rabbit to a Jaguar. Bose is by no means the only component company to hitch a ride in the fastmoving automotive sound field. Jensen, Marantz, Pioneer, KLH, EP', and Mitsubishi, among others, have added their voices to the peripatetic chorus of the highways.Their small size makes both these units especially suitable for installation in cars with limited dashboard space. Incidentally, in comparing power ratings of car stereo units, alwayS'consider the level of distortion at which the measurements were taken. Unfortunately, no uniform testing standards have yet been adopted by the industry or imposed by the Federal Trade Commission, leaving.Some of the best car speakers, notably those by ADS, KLH, and Polk, require considerable amplifier power, often at least 30 watts per channel, and therefore can be appropriately used only in fairly hefty car rigs. For systems with lower wattage, there is an ample choice of less power?hungry but sonically competent speakers from such firms as Jensen, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer and Motorola. We will get back to you in 24 hours. Thank you. Close Feedback Found a bug. Suggestions Copyright Need help. Business Development General inquiry Email address (optional): A message is required Message (required). Please enable it or use sftp or scp.Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime. Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details. From version all Peace executables have a code signing certificate by certification authority Certum (Asseco)Current size of the download file PeaceSetup.exe is 10,727,504 bytes. This value can be used to check if SourceForge has added some software to PeaceSetup.exe. You also can install Peace by moving Peace.exe to the config folder of Equalizer APO. If you want a 64 bit version use Peace64.exe. Version Released 2020-03-08. Formerly these issues might cause damage to the speakers.A warning message is being shownA device without a name did occur on someones computerVersion Released 2019-10-14Note that A4 and A5 aren't supported yet by Equalizer APOVersion Released 2019-07-09Version Released 2019-07-09Version Released 2019-06-11Peace uses GUID's to select an audio device in the device selection dropdown boxFor each slider a hotkey can be set. And one hotkey to reset current slider to 0 dBSettings respond quickerVersion Released 2019-05-03Peace responds quickerVersion Released 2019-22-01You can make a theme (images and appearance settings) and post it on the Peace forum (thanks Lubomir Hubatka)They have to be switchedIt can be used to enlarge the font of the textVersion Released 2018-08-11Version Released 2018-08-11It will be show as tooltip when you hover above a configuration in the configurations listNote that older version aren't capable of reading. signsVersion Released 2018-05-27It sometimes gave a download error right at the endVersion Released 2018-04-06Peace is just closedA redraw is neededVersion Released 2017-12-21Version Released 2017-10-15Up mixing is always done firstVersion Released 2017-07-26Version Released 2017-06-11Version Released 2017-02-10Version Released 2017-02-10No need for.NET framework to be installedVersion Released 2017-01-06Can be set in Interface selection windowVersion Released 2016-08-14Version Released 2016-06-26Must be the center frequencyVersion Released 2016-05-30It's smaller and less likely to give a false positiveVersion Released 2016-04-07The center frequency wasn't calculatedVersion Released 2016-01-13Version Released 2016-01-12Version Released 2015-11-26Version Released 2015-10-24Version Released 2015-10-06Version Released 2015-09-29Version Released 2015-09-15Version Released 2015-09-11Version Released 2015-07-15Version Released 2015-06-22Version Released 2015-06-02Version Released 2015-05-27Can be changed in graph settingsCan be used for instance to zoom inVersion Released 2015-05-17Version Released 2015-05-02Version Released 2015-04-01Window can be hiddenVersion Released 2015-03-18You might have to move some equalizationsTo activate this popup go to settingsCan be used to spread out the sliders horizontally (thus widens the main window)Can also be downloaded. Version For each slider one of these filters can be selectedVersion GUI no longer appears to invoke configurationVersion Released 2014-03-13. Initial version Bringing back the classic start menu style. But before you do so, you have to know about a few things that will make it easier for you to find the diagram you want. Diagrams are available Online. There are many sites you could use to locate a wiring diagram of a Schumacher sc-6000a. The biggest issue you need to think about is whether the diagrams are accurate and current. You need to make sure the pictures aren't off. Most of the schemat diagrams that you find on the internet will probably be away from the original schematics that you may have been provided with. Additionally, if the diagrams are not up to date, then you might be able to save money by simply visiting the shops which you normally buy your scanners from and carrying them from the scanner which you need to do some wiring to. This is something that you will need to know about in order to save cash and be as effective as possible if you're trying to find a wiring diagram of a Schumacher sc-6000a. Once you find the website that you need to go to, you need to be sure that you understand how to use the webpage. Each individual feature which you want to find will be listed on the page and you want to know how to use the attributes so that you are able to ascertain which components you're looking for and how to link them together. You should also know the proper naming conventions for your wiring diagrams you are interested in and how to enter your information. When you are able to find the diagrams which you need, you may then search the Internet to find out if anyone has used them before or in the event that you're able to find someone who's knowledgeable in using these scanners to figure out what you need to do to create the cables get the job done. If you find a site which you may use for your own wiring diagram, it is possible to then find a company that could create the cables work for you. You can either use the same wire you had before or you can order unique ones. There are other ways to get a cable to operate also. By way of instance, you can use a jumper cable to connect the scanner into the computer. This way, you won't need to buy wires when you need to repair your scanner. Should you need to put something back, you can cut on the cord. Be careful once you are cutting the cable because you don't wish to cut it too brief and not be able to link it whatsoever. Some folks also use special connectors to attach with the cables, but there are really no special connectors that you can buy or use to attach the wires. If you would like to connect wires to the scanner, then there are just a couple pieces of equipment that you may use to do this and they are not so pricey. The wires which you find are available in a number of areas, but you may wish to consider saving them for repairs so you won't need to worry about replacing them often. Whenever you can determine where to get a wiring diagram of a Schumacher sc-6000a, it is possible to subsequently be prepared to troubleshoot issues which may arise. When a person learns about their brain, a number of them will be confused by how the human brain has a huge part of it that can be used for greater thinking tasks and also uses smaller portions of the mind for remembering things and responding to stimuli. To put it differently, the diagram of what part of the brain does what isn't a very simple picture. It's actually made up of many different parts that perform various functions. With respect to the structure of exactly what portion of the brain does what, there are brain cells that assist with memory, that's the first element that should be mentioned. The next one from the diagram is that the component that manages the processing of information and the final component is the component that prepares the individual for actions. The process where the neurons fire is the first component to be discussed. There are different pieces of information which will be discussed as well, however this is a good place to get started. Among the most important aspects of the diagram of what part of the brain does what's the synapse. It is the region where the electrical signals travel from 1 neuron to another. The second part of the diagram of what portion of the brain does what is the storage of information and the collecting of secondary neural endings. The last element of this diagram of what portion of the brain does what's the perception of motion, either of a self or of something else. Each one of these areas are important for individuals to be able to function normally and find out also. 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Learning about the fundamentals will help somebody to learn about your mind. They'll discover that it is an invaluable tool for specifying the reason for why they do certain things and can use this knowledge to have a better knowledge of themselves and how to enhance them as well. Something went wrong. Cancel Thanks, we'll look into this. All Rights Reserved. User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies and AdChoice Norton Secured - powered by Verisign. Click here for more information on the types of cookies we use and how to change your cookie settings. This is not applicable on all devices. Please refer to the owner's manual for your audio device for more information on balance, equalization and tone controls if necessary. Refer to the owner's guide for your device for balance, equalization and tone controls if necessary Leaving on EQs and audio enhancements such as bass boost may result in exaggerated highs and lows, and potential distortion at loud volumes. Please feel free to share additional comments below. If you connected a cable, satellite, or other set top box to your TV, it will appear in the. SOURCE menu under the name you assigned it during the setup process.Using the tuner in your TV. If you are using the tuner in your TV to receive TV programs:To return to using other sources, use the TV Input button to first select the input forTuning to a TV station. You can tune to a TV station using any of the following methods. Enter the channel number on the keypadPress Channel Up ( ) or. Down ( ) to change channels. Press to tune to last selected channel.These would typically be connected to inputs 1-5.Listening to a Bose link input deviceTo listen to the Bose link source, press the SOURCE button and select Bose link. Be sure to connect your Bose link device before attempting to select it. It willMENU Device menu (if available) or system setup menu. GUIDE Blu-ray Disc player pop-up menu. INFO Device information. EXIT Exit menu. Up one item. Down one item. Move left. Move right. Select. Next page, channel, or disc. Previous page, channel, or disc. Play. Fast forward or search forward. Fast rewind or search reverse. Quick skip or skip forward. Quick replay or skip backward. Shuffle modeBe sure to dock your iPod before attempting to select it. It will not appear inYour iPod or iPhone menus and content appear on the left side of your screen as shownThe “Now Playing” track appears on the right. The following controls are available to operate your connected iPod.Up one page. Down one page. Up one menu item (press and hold to scroll quickly). Down one menu item (press and hold to scroll quickly). Up one menu level (If playing video, pause and return to menu). Down one menu level. Next track or audio bookmark. Previous track or audio bookmark. Fast forward. Fast rewind. Note: For a list of compatibleThese inputs are provided for temporarily connectingFront USB inputWhen selecting the USB source, folders appear at the top of the list on the left followedSelecting a folder displays its contents. Use the following controls for viewing digital photos. Up one menu item (press and hold to repeat). Down one menu item (press and hold to repeat). Up one folder level, or exit and return to browsing folders (if viewingDown one folder level. Down one folder level (if a folder is highlighted), or. Play slideshow (if a photo file is highlighted). Up nine items. Down nine items. EXIT Exit slideshow and return to browsing folders. Play slideshow of highlighted folder. Pause slideshow. Exit slideshow and return to browsing folders. Next image. Previous imageYou need to use the controls on the device itself or the remote that came with it. You can use this input for devices that have an HDMI output. The Bose remote does notYou need to use the controls on the deviceChanging the image view. Press the image view button to display a menu of video formattingYour TV picture will change momentarily after you select a format. Normal Leaves original video image unchanged. Auto-Wide Fills width of the screen without cropping anyStretch 1 Stretches video image evenly from the center. Stretch 2 Stretches the edges of the video image muchGray Bars Places vertical gray bars on the left and right ofSelecting the radioTuning to a station. Storing a preset station. The built-in radio tuner can store up to 25 FM and 25 AM preset stations.For 10-25, press and hold the OKRecalling a preset station. Deleting a preset stationOptional radio tuner settingsPress the channel up orFor quick access toPress the MORE button to display additional button functions along the top ofThe functions that appear depend on theActivating a MORE button functionButton function definitions. Turns device power. Video on demand. Displays a list of favoriteSwitches your TV to liveEnables or disables. Teletext functions. Switches between main featuresEnables or disables. Internet functions. Moves to the “Home” state ofDisplays programSelects a repeat option on theDisplays programSwitches tuners in a multi-tunerDisplays playlist ofSwitches between TV and radioPicture-in-pictureDisplays the OPTIONS menu. See “Changing system options”Changing system options. The number of items appearing in the OPTIONS menu depends on which source isThe following is an example for a video device. Accesses Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue functions on. Accesses the system menu for your set-top box. Accesses A, B, C, or D functions in an interactiveAccesses data broadcast on a tuner deviceSelects different types of video broadcast (EU only). Highlighted option. Selected settingOPTIONS menu. Factory settings are in bold type. Option Available Settings. SoundOriginal.Plays stereo audio when stereo audio is received fromRecommended.Plays 5-channel audio whether 2- or 5-channel audioAlternative.Plays 5-channel audio when either stereo orEnhanced Mono.Plays simulated surround sound when monaural audioCurrent. StationAllow Stereo.Allows stereo sound from the current stereo FM radioStereo Off.Changes the current station to mono, which can helpOn. Displays RDS information on the remote. Off. No RDS information on the remote. Game Mode On. Produces improved video performance for game systems. Off. Normal video performance. Audio. Compression. Off. No change to audio track. Enhance Dialog. Enhances sound output so you can hear movie dialogsSmart Volume. Reduces the range of volume levels in a movieAudio Track Track 1. Selects track 1 from an external audio stream withTrack 2. Selects track 2 from an external audio stream withBoth Tracks. Selects tracks 1 and 2 from an external audio stream. Not Available. Automatically selected when only one track is received.