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Opinions on God's Law

"More Prophecy Unfolding in Ezekiel 6" is our title today, proving the Bible to be all the more accurate with each day that passes, as we offer more parts that are being fulfilled plus parts on the horizon, all in one interesting chapter.


Lift up your heads my brethren, as our day is amazingly close lately!


Its also been about a month now that our last book has been getting out there, and I am getring lots of thanks yous for having put that together by many who have read it, as they are explaining how it is calming racism-leaning people in their neighborhood, and on all sides, including both believers and non-believers alike, so I am humbled and honored that YHWH has given me a way to help curb these race wars with a simple book, using all truth that smothers lies.  Knowing that the elite created racism to get us fighting one another instead of them, is a big plus in binging us together for the purposes of love rather than war, alleluiah?


Again, there's a free pdf copy for anyone interested, and its especially recommended for families of police officers as well.


Here's the link:


PDF download

"My God is Not a Racist God"


Email: dwaine@bcmin.us 

Vaccines aren't the answer, Yeshua is

"Vaccines and Prophecy" and Matthew Chapter 24 is the subject today.


Amazing parts of prophecy come to life for all but the walking dead.


I would also like to make sure we let it become well known that this one should be interesting for the last few Constitution supporters in our world who dont yet know that YHWH is the "author" of all law--He is therefore the official OEM (meaning the "Original Equipment Manufacturer" of the universe and therefore it's "authority", because the Creator is the author of truth and law, being the "author-ity" of life itself.  Man made laws are of the devil.  Period.


Those who are still supporting the Constitution or its politicians, legislators, etc, are about to find out the hard way who these vaccines are really being permitted to erradicate, along with the heathen's own unwanted "useful idiots" like the moles and trolls, fear monger lap dogs and stoolies, etc.


Please forward this to your political and Constitution worshiping friends to keep them out of danger of hell fire!


A reminder that these audios are being archived on MP3 audio discs for those who'd like them mailed to you (all conveniently on one disc).

Our website:



Blessings to all who trust in our great KING of kings,



State and local government continue to subject people with hostility , manipulation, criminalization through political tactics to coerce illogical laws that violate moral and godly beliefs. 

No love for Truth, bcminus comment

Been that way since Sept 2008.  See my New American Puritan Bible Study video (youtube) series from about 2014 as well.  Its fulfillmet of YHWH withdrawing His Spirit from those who had not a love of the truth.


Bcmin.us on Beast system

Most of that is old stuff with a lot of the satanic ritual aspects having been covered in my "Conformed to Death" DVD from August of last year, but the author/assembler(?) of this lengthy piece still does not understand the true mark of the beast and is also touting a futurist eschatology that is Catholic in origin.  He may be sincere, but the whole thing misses the overall picture that the real violation we fell to, was in signing documents that gave satan/Caesar the permission to do all this to us in the first place.  As I have said many times in the past, the masks, vaccines, etc, are all just like branding iron trophy marks on an already owned (posessed) creature.


Everyone who is still in the system (and I mean in any way), has already accepted the "mark".  Satan is already here and has been for centuries, where he is merely now claiming and preparing those souls as his own.


Maybe I should record some of this again for newbies to my work like yourself, but those who havent seen all my past work (especially on the hundreds of DVDs I had produced over time that were not uploaded due to my own poverty conditions) will yet not see the real seriousness of being "in the system", and how these ritualistic performances that people are willingly going through, only shows just how loosely they feel about their own existence with their Creator, being so eager to please their peers of this present world run by satan.




Are you worthy of the Kingdom of YHWH?- bcmin.us

Joshua 5:6 tells us about a great consumption of those who refused to obey the voice of YHWH.  They had to be consumed away before the more faithful of Israel could cross the Jordan and settle into the land of milk and honey in  the time of the Exodus.

We are in a similar time of being tested to see who will be found faithful to YHWH.  In our time the verse is Isaiah 30:25 when referring to our own time's "consumption" ("great slaughter"), but have we learned anything from our past mistakes against YHWH as mankind?  ... sadly, few seem to reflect such, anyway.

So let's brighten our spirits and consider how there's more unfolding prophecy that's clearly playing out before us where, in fact, there's lots of really exciting tid bits of happy endings in this one for those who are found as faithful members of Father's "club of love" in good standing!

There's only one escape door for all of this my friends, and it aint in any man-made laws, gods, or politics!   ... as that's what got us into this mess in the first place!

So stand with YHWH and His laws of love and liberty with us, and watch as the Father cleanses the land of those who didn't trust or obey Him, just as He did in the times of Moses!

Pray for one another that we all might be found worthy of His protective loving hand, and
Glory to YHWH, the only King for the faithful!
Blessings to all those who are no longer defiled with man's philosophies and vain deceits, but walking in newness of life, free from man's corruptions!

Bcmin.us Why Aren't People Getting This?

Have we not all been "wondering" about those who are "wondering" after the beast?


Are we not all absolutely blown away and even painfully puzzled at times about why so many people can't understand the dangers we're trying to show them?


Do zombies have a death wish but can't die?  ...is that not a theme from the old horror movies?  Can it be coming true in reality?  ...is it biblical?


And are these countless oblivious people being lulled to sleep in ways that are irreversible?   ...or is there hope for them?


Some prophecy puzzle pieces fall into place again for us in this one. (Some good, some not so good, depending on your spiritual status.)


But with all that is coming at us lately, the more we see things fitting Scripture, the more we know we can also trust the promises for us in that Bible, Amen?


Blessings to all my old and new reforming friends!


This is the link to the video I suggest in the audio:



And should any of you wish to see the whole series from this video:

King of kings videos webpage with all ten episodes:





Bcmin.us on Humanism in the form of government

I had a few conversations about this area of discussion just today wih some of you, so...


Your humanist government at work...


Biden White House to Deploy 'Delta Variant' Response Teams Across US to Communities With Low Vaccination Rates  | 1 July 2021 | The Biden Administration will be deploying "Delta variant" response teams across the country to communities with low vaccination rates. The teams will be made up of officials from the CDC, Department of Health and Human Services and the Federal Emergency Management Agency,  according to CNN . The government officials will be focused on communities with low vaccination rates as Biden’s goal of 70% vaccination by 4th of July falls short. As of this week, only 47.2% of Americans are fully vaccinated.



There's only one answer folks, and very little time to implement it. His name is YHWH, and He has a fully assembled law document that comes with more than abundant enforcement power for those who are willing to stand with it, respecting it as simply as it was written.


The great commission is to preach the gospel (good news) of His kingdom (government), and pray that His will (law) be done on earth as it is in heaven.


It worked for the Puritans before the secret societies infiltrated our nation.  Think harder my friends!  Is the Bible that scary that this present man-made oppression machinery is still the preferred system?

Talking Heads ( media) comment by www.bcmin.us

The talking heads all know how to terrify people with endless stories of horror, but do they know how to comfort them with the promise of YHWH's governance solution afterwards?   Of course not!  Tragically, the lost and the lukewarm are caught in the psychopaths' created panic hype and thereby too busy terrifying one another with all the raindrops coming down in our time's flood to consider offering any effort to share this good news, so...

... its up to us who actually love our Savior and friends to be the rare messengers of good news and hope that is there just waiting for us by way of Biblical reforms.

The (previously ignorant(?) popular talking heads also seem to be catching on to the endgame that the elite have planned, including several things I had already brought up in recent messages (as I show in this one), but as always, never, never, never...  do they make any mention of a rescue from a loving heavenly Father for those who are faithful to Him, which is why they are not only popular (and thereby getting tons of help and donations), but also strangely (?) being successfully paraded on the media system without many censorship problems.  Could it be that it's because they promote political action?  ... man made laws?  ... pie-in-the-sky humanist governance documents?  ... and countless other biblically heretical solutions that will never stop the elite's evil forward movement permitted under a jealous God's justified wrath?   Hmmm.

However, on the brighter "rejoice with us" side:

While we are seeing more and more people "switching sides" with a genuine focus in recent months, we had yet another extremely pronounced awakening believer come to life in California just today, who also wants totally clear of Caesar to stand with YHWH.  People that have ears to hear and are awakening to all the death and destruction are increasingly casting away their chains of fear in exchange for the truth that sets us free, and leaving a poison pushing Caesar for a promise keeping Savior!

Links mentioned in today's audio:

Dr. Lee Merritt video:

Old Fashioned Solution Cartoon (pdf)

Next audio:  a much needed look at what might be called "Christian welfare reform".

May YHWH's protections be over all of you who have given your fully devoted hearts and loyalty to Him!

The Toy Pile by www.bcmin.us

"The Toy Pile".  A simple title to explain a complicated Pagan distaction society that many of today's media worshiping "Christians" are unknowingly clammoring to be accepted as prominent participants in.


Which aspects of this toy pile do we see so many mind controlled people caught up in these days?


(13 minutes)


Link to short book mentioned in audio (pdf download; and chapter 6 is the chapter suggested for today's study):



Also, I am hearing more and more everyday about how the net is closing in on us, and how people are thanking me that we are getting such messages on hard discs for later when there may be no further info of real biblical truth to be had on line.  Let me know if any of you would like copies of the MP3 audio discs that are available, DVDs, etc, and help us combat satan's side of this information war by getting hard copies into the hands of those who are especially not on line right now as well.


And be sure to catch Part 38 in a couple of days, called "Family of Faith" as it turned out to be a very good message for our loved ones who are yet unsure of where their hearts lie!



Blessings to all who are growing with our Savior Yeshua!


Danger of Not Knowing
Christian News
Bcmin.us The Deadly Wound study

Learning from the Deadly Wound" is our update insider message that has several biblical clues for us today, that helps to show us what they are doing in shining this pretended bright light of justice on today's villianous vaccine figureheads, and why.


In seeing how they might be bringing some of these players to the witness stand, should we get our hopes up so high that we let down our guard and go back to our unreformed ways of living in this beast world?  


Huge puzzle piece for the serious believers are in this one today, my brethren, let me know if it helps you to see the importance of keeping ourselves focused on our need to stay solid with our Savior.


Blessings to all who are excited about what we are seeing!





Helpful link to our older video "The Deadly Wound" (8 minutes, 2015):



Link to "Book of Revelation Timeline chart" free pdf download (updated 2012 version):



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