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boss cyclocomputer manual

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boss cyclocomputer manualI have a boss cyclocomputer for my bike. This was purchased about 15 years ago and recently the battery had to be changed. This has made the computer. Do you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer? You. Need an owners manual - hopefully to download. has all their manuals online and you can download them for free on their support page. look. From a previous post on Fixya, to. I need to re-set it and change some settings and don't know where to start. I have searched for the manufacturers website by I come up blank. Would like to. Problem: No INSTRUCTIONS were included. Looked online -- can not locate a site. I have figured out some of the how to set stuff-- Please help. Contac them. What else can I check? What else can I check. The gage is likely the issue not. Answer questions, earn points and help others. There are two methods of determining your wheel circumference: 1) the Tire Size Chart Method or 2) the Roll Out Method (the Roll Out Method gives you a higher degree of accuracy). Method 1 - Tire Size Chart Method Using the chart below, locate the size of tire that you will be using on your front wheel. The wheel circumference (in mm) is shown to the right of the tire size. Example: for a tire size of 700x25, the corresponding wheel circumference is 2086 mm is the number you need to program into your computer. Tire Size Wheel Circumference (mm) Tire Size Wheel Circumference (mm) 20 x x 1 24 x (Tubular) 26 x (Tubular) 26 x 1 26 x x x x x x x 1 27 x x C (Tubular) 700 x x x x x Method 2 - Roll Out Method Stand your bicycle upright. With your tire inflated to its proper pressure, rotate your wheel so that the valve is located at the bottom. Make a mark of the valve s location on the floor. Roll the bicycle one complete wheel revolution, in a straight line, until the valve is again at the bottom. Mark this new location of the valve on the corresponding point on the floor. Measure the distance between the marks, in millimeters (mm).

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Replace the battery cover. When no battery is in the unit, stored information will be preserved for approximately 15 seconds. For 5.0: Use a screwdriver to remove the battery cover. Use battery type 2032 (or equivalent) as replacement for the computer. The 5.0 uses a A76 (or equivalent) battery. Resetting the Computer If the display shows irregular numbers, press the AC (Auto Clear) button on the back of the unit. To clear the display on the 5.0, remove and reinstall the battery. Note: This deletes all stored information. Trouble Shooting If the speed display does not appear: Be sure the magnet and transmitter are properly aligned, and the distance between them is correct. Cadence model only: If the cadence (C)does not appear, check that alignment of the cadence magnet and sensor is correct. If the display fades: Check the battery contacts. Replace the battery if necessary. Use only an alkaline 23A, 12V battery as replacement. Use battery type MN21 (23A, 12V) as replacement for the transmitter. Waterproof Your computer was designed to be waterproof. But if you do use the computer in the rain, it is recommended to dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth, making sure to remove the computer from the handlebar mount and drying between the computer and handlebar mount. 3 Wireless Cyclocomputer Initial Set Up Your Axiom 8.0W will compute distance and speed functions in either miles or kilometers. Press the MODE button until ODO, odometer, is displayed. Press both buttons at once for two seconds, the kilometer (k) or the mile () symbols will be displayed. Press the MODE button to toggle between the measuring unit (i.e. k or ). Once the desired measuring unit is displayed, press the RED button to exit set up mode. If you already know your wheel circumference go to - Programming Wheel Circumference, otherwise go to - Determining Wheel Circumference. Programming Wheel Circumference and Odometer When you know your wheel circumference, you are ready to program your wheel circumference into your computer. If the computer is in the wheel circumference setup mode go to - If you must change the odometer value (fourth paragraphs down). If you are not in wheel circumference setup mode, press the MODE button until the ODO, odometer, is displayed on the screen. Press the RED button for two seconds, until the wheel circumference value of 2124 (or your latest wheel circumference setting) is displayed and blinking. If the wheel circumference value shown is correct, press the RED button five times; you will then be in the odometer set up mode (see below). If you must change the wheel circumference value, press the MODE button to change the blinking digit. When the correct number is displayed press the RED button, the next digit will automatically begin blinking. Repeat this process until all four digits display the correct wheel circumference. Once the last digit is correct, press the RED button twice and you will be in odometer set up mode. If you must change the odometer value, press the MODE button to change the blinking digit. Repeat this process until all five digits display the desired odometer value. Once the last digit is correct, press the red button and you will exit set up mode. Note: Your Axiom computer has the ability to easily convert miles into kilometers and vice versa. After you configure your initial settings, you may switch measuring units at any time. Press the MODE button until you get to ODO. Press and hold both buttons for two seconds. Using the MODE button select the desired unit of measure, press the RED button and you will have converted units in your computer. Your computer can switch between two wheel settings. The top left corner of the display indicates which wheel setting you computer is set to, either wheel setting or ((2)). To program a second wheel circumference size, press the MODE button until the ODO, odometer, is displayed on the screen. Press the RED button again for two seconds to toggle between wheel setting and ((2)). See section above on how to program the wheel circumference. 4 Displaying and Setting the Clock To display the clock, CLK, press the MODE button (in any mode) for two seconds. To set the clock, while in the CLK mode, press the RED button for two seconds. Press the MODE button to select between 12 and 24 hour clock. Choose an hour format, then press the RED button. The hour digits will now be flashing. Press the MODE button to adjust the hour. When the correct hour is shown, press the RED button. The minutes digits will be flashing. Press the MODE button to adjust the minutes. When the correct minutes are shown, press the RED button to exit clock set up mode. Computer Functions Press the MODE button to cycle through the functions. In all modes (except Set Up) current speed is displayed in the upper portion of the screen. CLK22 6 AVS MXS 6 CLK: Clock with 12 or 24-hour display. Press the MODE button for two seconds in any mode to display clock. See - To set the clock (two paragraphs above) to program the clock. Note 1: To reset AVS to zero, go to AVS mode, then press the RED button for two seconds. MXS, ATM (or TM) and DST will also reset to zero. Note 2: When the wheel is spinning, current speed vs.The up arrow indicates you are above the average speed and the down arrow indicates you are below the average speed. MXS: Maximum speed. This function displays maximum speed. Maximum speed is automatically reset when you reset the trip distance. Note 1: To reset MXS to zero, go to MXS mode, then press the RED button for two seconds. Only the MXS mode will be reset to zero. Note 2: In MXS mode, you can toggle between wheel size and wheel size ((2)). Press the MODE button until MXS is displayed, and then press and hold both buttons for two seconds to toggle to the other wheel setting. See - Your computer can switch between two wheel settings under Programming Wheel Circumference for instructions on setting wheel circumference for both wheel sizes. Timing Functions: Your Axiom 8.0EL gives you the choice to use the ATM (ride time) or the TM (stopwatch) function. To toggle between these functions, press the MODE button until ATM or TM is displayed on the screen. Press both buttons at once for two seconds. The ATM or TM will flash. Press the MODE button to toggle between ATM and TM. Once you have selected ATM or TM mode, press the RED button to exit set up mode. ATM26 4 ATM: Ride time. This function times your total actual riding time. If you stop, the timer stops. When you resume riding, the timer continues timing your ride. This accumulates until you reset the AVS, ATM (or TM) or DST functions. To reset ATM to zero, go to ATM mode, then press the RED button for two seconds. AVS, MXS, DST will also reset to zero. Note: To conserve battery power, the computer turns off automatically after 4 minutes. Press the MODE button to turn on your computer after automatic shut down. 5 TM 23 DST ODO TM: Stopwatch. This function allows you to use the computer as a stopwatch. The stopwatch must be manually activated and stopped. The stopwatch records time regardless of whether or not the wheel is moving. Press the RED button to turn the stopwatch on and off. To reset TM to zero, go to TM mode, then press the RED button for two seconds. DST: Trip distance. This function calculates your total trip distance. To reset DST to zero, go to DST mode, then press the RED button for two seconds. AVS, MAX, ATM (or TM) will also reset to zero. ODO: Odometer. This function displays your total distance traveled. See - If you must change the odometer mode to change the odometer value. Mounting the Computer The sensor should be mounted to the right fork blade. Using the cable ties, mount the sensor approximately halfway up the fork blade, but do not tighten yet mm Mount the magnet to a spoke directly opposite the sensor. Line up the magnet so that it is centered between the top and bottom lines on the sensor. Tighten the spoke magnet screw, taking care not to overtighten it. See Diagram 2. The distance between the magnet and the sensor should be 2 mm or less. Once the sensor is positioned properly and centered on the magnet, pull the cable ties tight. Recheck the sensor for proper alignment. Route the cable upward (either winding it around the fork blade or laying it in a straight line on the outside of the fork blade). Wind the cable around the front brake cable. Be sure to leave sufficient slack so that the computer cable will not interfere with the handlebar movement. Secure the cable to your fork blade with cable ties. This may cause the computer to not function properly. 4 Secure the mount to your handlebars, using a rubber shim if necessary. See Diagram 3. Slide the computer forward into the mounting unit until it snaps into place with an audible click (Diagram 4). To check proper function, activate the computer by rotating the front wheel. The current speed display should show a reading. To remove your computer from its mount, depress the tab underneath the unit and slide it towards you. Before operation please read this instruction manual carefully and retain it for Please read this manual carefully and save it for future Please visit our website, where detailed instructions Polar Speed Quick Guide Allows you to set 5 exercise sets for interval training with HR target zones and recovery Except as expressly provided herein, no part of this manual may be reproduced, Except as expressly provided herein, no part of this manual may be reproduced, Danfoss heating EVBIKE LCD Display Control User Guide - 1 - Accurist Watches Logo Model Number Calibre Number Battery Number LCD screen is made of imported high hardness acrylic, and the hardness is equal to the tempered glass. Front View Side View The 6000 series will meet your business needs whether your For use with the GPSMAP 62, 62s, and 62st The Q3a is a wristwatch heart rate monitor with additional cyclocomputer features to allow athletes to extensively organize and Danfoss Heating Solutions The 407780 with programmable integrating time For use with the GPSMAP 62, 62s, 62st, 62sc, and 62stc Version: March 2016 2016 Emerson Electric Co. All rights reserved. All rights reserved. Contents MANUAL OPERATION GUIDE Buttons and Icons 3 Basic Functionality 4 Manual The wireless remote humidity sensor monitors the humidity passing through the return For use with the GPSMAP 62, 62s, 62st, 62sc, and 62stc Patents World Wide The Recon XZT is the smallest and most powerful gauge of its kind. With Press STATUS. This will silence the beeping and let you know where the trouble is. Is there a flashing Parts Required: A You will need a NEW servo to Upgrading and Servicing Guide. Printed in Installation Manual Installation Manual 1 1- Begin by removing your original rear suspension disconnect your brake lines, E-brake cables, and remove the driveshaft. To prevent fire Figure 2: Cover Removal User Guide Individual ends are fed from Amp Installation Manufactured by: Polar Electro Oy Professorintie 5 FIN-90440 KEMPELE Please read this user s guide before installing, setting up and using your new product. Contents XMODS Made of high quality materials Just gather together the basic items and add to your toolkit as and when you need. Finally, if your Installation of the supplied mounting fixture 4 4 Electrical To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including cookie policy. We want to know everything. It isn’t so much about measuring things and getting a mountain of data as much as about the information they provide and gaining knowledge in the process. For example, modern technology now gives us wrist devices that measure our heart rate, how much calories you’ve burned, or how many miles you’ve traveled. And it’s great to know these things rather than going about your day randomly making wild guesses about your progress. Things like speed (max speed, average speed, traffic speed), distance, and running time, then shows the data it in a digital LCD display with a backlight that can be set in either green or white color. But having information about various elements about your ride adds a dimension to your activity in a way that is a difference between feeling how you’re doing and explicitly knowing it, backed by empirical data no less. And it’s spot on in framing it this way because it does a lot of things with flair. Maybe one of the closest things to Tony Stark’s Jarvis telling you that today’s huffing and puffing is only burning half of last Monday’s calories. What’s more, taking the extra time to learn it and set it up is well worth the effort because it is capable of a lot of things and even more capable of making you happier if you took the time out to bring out its ability to shine. Make sure you have your correct tire size info for calibration, and you should be well on your way without the frustration of others who may have been too excited to realize that to get the best of any product like this, you need to set it correctly. The bright green of the LED monitor allows you to see the display on the road in the dark. Otherwise, it’s a solid product that users swear by (not at). This is perhaps due to its OEM nature where the originating source (supplier) is the same for these different brands. Start ride button? Where’s the back light button? I travel one mile, odometer says.6 max speed 96 miles an hour. What is wrong or hooked wrong. We have put together the following video guides, leaflets and support documents in order to assist you in getting the best out of your fantastic new bike. Not only will a well maintained bike be more enjoyable to ride, it will also prevent accidents and injuries which could otherwise be avoided. We have put together some guides below to talk you through some of the simple steps that you can take as a bike owner, in order to keep your bike in top condition. Remember though, if you are unsure about anything or do not have the necessary tools then you should always seek advice from a trained bike technician. No Fields Found. Please turn it on so that you experience this site's full capabilities. Select QuantitySelect Buying OptionOff-roading is no problem on the Stealth thanks to its full suspension, 21 speed Shimano gearing and powerful mechanical disc brakes which can be relied upon in any and all conditions. Its Y-frame design makes for great performance and a comfortable ride, and its off-road, chunky tyres are great at biting into rough ground. Topped off with front and rear mudguards, a saddle with rail adjusters and soft compound handlebar grips, this is a MTB which will give you a ride that means it. This will then be confirmed when you have completed checkout. For Bikes Please wait for your store to phone you to arrange a suitable collection time. (a colleague will confirm an appointment to collect or select home delivery. We are currently unable to complete instore bike purchases without an appointment’) If you have ordered a bike, please wait for your store to phone you to arrange a suitable collection time. Instead we are introducing two new ways to shop with us: This will be situated at the check in desk in the entrance to our stores. Here you will be able to get your Click and Collect purchase. If you have not used our Click and Collect service, our colleagues will be able to take your order and retrieve the product for This is for essential fittings and services. Simply park your car at the front of our stores and request your service at the check in desk. To help make this easier, we will be marking out safe distances at the entrance to our store. Returns - For product returns you will no longer need to fill in any paperwork. Please turn it on so that you experience this site's full capabilities. Select QuantitySelect Buying OptionThe Vortex has a strong hi-tensile steel frame and Zoom branded front suspension fork to provide a responsive ride and take the bumps out of the terrain. Control is further enhanced courtesy of the front and rear Zoom branded mechanical disc brakes. The 3-finger alloy levers respond well to the touch for re-assuring feedback, whilst 160 mm wavy rotors disperse heat to extended the braking performance. Style is in abundance, thanks to the matt grey frame and oversized rim graphics, for a truly premium look. The MTB saddle is fitted with rail adjusters to allow front to back adjustment and a long 300 mm seat post with alloy clamp provides bags of height adjustment for the best possible fit. To complete the line-up, a sleek frame mounted front mud-guard catches the crud thrown up whilst out on your ride and adds a cool aggressive edge to the design. If you are looking for an eye-catching bike with the spec to impress, then the Boss Vortex is the bike for you. Lightweight and strong, alloy double wall wheel rims featuring Boss branded graphics. Padded MTB saddle with a 300 mm seat-post for ultimate adjustment and coloured cables and seat-clamp to complete the look with a frame mounted front mudguard to fight the dirt. This will then be confirmed when you have completed checkout. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. 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Men's And Women's Bike Accessories For those who like to keep track of their time, speed and fitness progress then a brand-new bike computer is just what you need. The newest addition to our bike accessories range, bike computers act like a smart watch, with a built-in GPS device complete with road maps and bike trails as well as offering a handy way to keep you connected with your emails and social media whilst you're out riding. You can also find adult helmets and protective bike gear, with a large selection of choices, helping you to ride safer. Learn more here Buy online using We accept the following payment methods online Need Help. All Rights Reserved. Planned Workouts Guide Full requirement details can be found in our FAQ article on Do I need a Today's Plan or TrainingPeaks premium account to access planned workouts? Relief has arrived. Spending time searching through workout forums is time-consuming and unclear. That’s where Planned Workouts saves the day. 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