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boss cx350 manual

boss cx350 manual

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boss cx350 manualThese CHAOS EXXTREME models feature a low pass crossover (one for each channel on the front panel. This new series includes a 2- channel and a 4- channel amplifier.With the CHAOS EXXTREME amplifier series, we are introducing introducing two new models, both high level and RCA low level inputs on the CX350 ), and both designed in.Increasing the number of an additional 10W per speaker. This acoustic coupling effect increases your music reproduction will be sure you have enough current to 2 Ohms. This means that you can install four 8 Ohm speakers per channel at 2 Ohms, the amplifiers will increase their output power by approximately 50. CHAOS EXXTREME Amplifier User's Manual.Please keep this manual in your system, disconnect the vehicle battery.If you work near the gas tank, fuel lines, hydraulic lines and electrical wiring. SHOCK HAZARD! General precautions. Before installing and using your new.If the mounting surface is sufficient air circulation around the intended mounting location. 3. page 5 Mark the location for the mounting screws. Make sure there is carpeted, measure the hole centers and mark with a felt tip pen. 4. CHAOS EXXTREME Amplifier User's Manual - Mounting the amplifier Be sure to observe proper polarity to the desired frequency points. 10. Power up the amplifier. 9.NOTE: Do not connect BOTH the high level and low level inputs from the receiver to your amplifier at the same time!CH2 SpeakerCH4 SpeakerChassis ground pointCH1 SpeakerMake sure that the Input Level Control is properly grounded. Check all RCA inputs to make sure you experience operation or performance problems with the electrical wiring diagram.Two Channel Car Audio Amplifier Four Channel Car Audio Amplifier Min. CHAOS EXXTREME Amplifier User's Manual -The following terms are frequently used to search for Boss Audio CX350 support. The high level input(s) should only be used when your head unit lacks RCA outputs.

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If the RCA outputs are not present, connect the speaker outputs from the receiver to the high level input connector of the amplifier. Be sure to observe polarity to avoid audio phase problems. NOTE: Do not connect BOTH the high level and low level inputs from your receiver to your amplifier at the same time!CHAOS EXXTREME Amplifier User's Manual - page 8 Be sure to observe polarity to. Please try again.Please try again.In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Register a free business account Please try your search again later.One is called low level input and the other is called high level input. A low level input is measured in voltages. It comes in the form of RCA outputs from the back of your receiver and goes to the RCA inputs on your amplifier. A high level input is measured in wattages. It comes in the form one positive and one negative wire from the back of your receiver to and goes to the input terminal of your amplifier in the same wire form. Low-level (RCA) input wiring is preferred for best audio performance. Always use a high-quality RCA cable for best audio performance. NOTE: Do not connect BOTH the high level and low level inputs from your receiver to your amplifier at the same time. View larger Variable Gain Control Properly setting the gain on your amplifier is key to getting great sound in your car. The gain control is not for adjusting volume. It simply adjusts the amount of signal that is coming from your receiver and going to your amplifier. If you set it too high, you are introducing distortion into the sound. But if you set it too low, then you are choking back on what the amplifier is there to do. View larger Nickel Plated RCA Low Level And High Level Inputs What Comes in the Box. 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The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Please try again later. TBAP 1.0 out of 5 stars Will be returned.I'm amazed at how good it makes my Rockford Fosgate speakers sound. I use the RCA inputs so can't speak for the speaker-level setup but its noise-free and sound fine. It doesn't get hot after cranking tunes for hours. It's powerful enough that you may want to either add an external crossover to it or else get the next model amp with built in crossover. I definitely recommend it if you want a little more power on a budget, great value overall.As with most BOSS products (I've had a few) the RMS output wattage is a blatant lie. Its worthless for powering 50 wRMS speakers like my kickers, however If you put lower wattage speakers in, they are sufficiently powered. Sounds great when i have it hooked up to my pioneer 35 wRMS 3-ways. Just know that since BOSS doesn't adhere to the optional CEA2006 consumer standards they can lie about wattage all they want. If you are setting up a system buy speakers that are lower than what this amp is rated and it will sound fine. I've melted a two boss amps, but this one seems to manage heat fairly well so i can't complain too much. Most head units this day an age have their own High Pass Filter crossovers, so use them, because this amp doesn't have that feature onboard.If you are looking for loud hi-fidelity sound, obviously this price range isn't the place to be shopping. It worked well for the speakers I had that were rated in this amp's range.When trying to power a small subwoofer it struggles and can't perform as expected.My other amp was fine but this amp was warm to the touch even when the car was off. Please check your inbox, and if you can’t find it, check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there. Please also check your spam folder. Built for UV, saltwater, and resistant to corrosion, BOSS. If the RCA out puts ar e not pr esent, conn ec t t he s pe ak er o utputs fr o m th e r ecei v er to the high l evel input c o nnector of the a mpli fier. Be sur e t o o bserve p ol ar ity to avoid audio p hase p r oblems. Pr ot ection LED com es on wh en ampl ifi e r i s power ed up. Chec k for sh ort ci r cuits on speaker lead s. T ur n dow n the volume contr ol on the head u nit t o pr event over drivin g. Rem ove sp eaker lead s, and r ese t the amp lifie r. If the Pr o tec tion L ED sti ll com es on, then th e ampli f ie r is fa ulty a nd ne eds ser vicing. High hi s s i n the speake rs. Disconnect a ll RC A inputs t o the am plifiers. If t h e h iss disapp ears, then pl u g in the com ponent d r iving the a m plifier and u nplug it s inputs. It is best to se t the am plifier's i nput level con tr ol a s low a s possib le. Th e b est sub jecti ve sig n al-to-noise ra t io is achieved in t h is mann er. T r y t o set the head u nit a s h igh as p ossible (without d istortion ) an d the amp input level as low a s possib le. Squeali ng noise fr om spe akers. Chec k for improp er ly gr ou nded RCA int er c on nect s. Disto rt ed sound. Chec k that the In p ut Level Control is set to m atch the sign al level of the head unit. Always tr y to set t h e In put Level as l ow as p ossible. Chec k tha t all crossover fr eq ue n cie s ar e properly se t. Chec k for sh ort ci r cuits on the spe a ke r le ads. Ampl ifi e r get s very hot. C he c k th at t he m ini m um sp ea ke r im p ed an ce fo r t he a mp mo d el i s c or rect. Chec k tha t ther e is good air circu latio n aroun d the amp. In som e app lications, it may b e nece ssa r y to add an d exte r na l cooling fan. En gi ne noise (static type) This is usua ll y cau se d b y p oor quality RCA cables, which can pic k up ra d iated noise. U se only t h e best quality c ab les, an d rou te them aw ay fr om p ower cab les. En gi ne noise (al te rn ato r w hin e) Chec k tha t spe a ker le ad s ar e n ot sh orted to the vehicle cha ssis. Chec k tha t the RCA gr ounds ar e n ot sh orted to the vehicle cha ssis. Y ou r C HAOS EXXTREM E ampl ifi er has b een d esign e d to operate ef fic iently at loads down to 2 O hms. Th i s mea ns that yo u can i ns tal l fo ur 8 Ohm spe ak ers p er channel, wh en using p a ra ll el wir ing. I nc r ea sin g t he n um ber o f wo o fer s p er channel at low f r eque n c ies (be low 10 0H z) pr od uc es an ac o us ti c c ou pl i ng ef fect. This a co ustic cou p ling e f fect in cr ea s es you r po wer o ut pu t by a bo u t 3dB per s peaker, or th e equivalent of an addi tio na l 10W p er speaker. When operating at 2 Oh ms, the amp lifi er s wil l incr ease their out p ut powe r by ap pr oxima te ly 50. Th e curr ent d r aw wi ll also increase b y abo ut t he same amo unt, so be sur e you ha v e enoug h cur rent to run the ampli fiers i n to a 2 O hm lo ad. If you la ck adeq uate curr ent, yo ur music r epr oductio n wil l b e di st or ted. Lo w -level (R C A) inp ut wi rin g i s preferr ed for best aud io perfor mance. Alw ays use a hig h-qual ity RCA cab le f o r be st audio p er fo rmance. Da n gero us hi gh vo lta ges a r e p rese nt wh i ch ma y res ult in elect r ic s ho ck. I t h as be en de s ig ne d, en g in eer ed and m an ufact ur ed to bring y ou the hig hest l e v el o f perfo rmance and quali ty, and wil l af fo r d you years of lis t eni ng pleasure. Thank you f or making yo ur c ho ice for car a udio ente rtainm e nt.Si has llegado aqui significa que esta situacion ha ocurrido. Sin embargo, no eres la unica persona con problemas guardando manuales de instrucciones de todos los dispositivos de casa. Mas abajo encontraras unos consejos de como y por que deberias guardar los manuales de instrucciones. Se diferencian entre si por la cantidad de informacion que podemos encontrar acerca de un dispositivo: p. ej. Boss Audio Systems CX350. Por supuesto, si el fabricante considera oportuno facilitarnos una mayor cantidad de informacion acerca del dispositivo Boss Audio Systems CX350, vale la pena leerlo aunque sea una vez, al principio, tras comprar el producto. Sin embargo, pensamos que los manuales deberian contener la informacion mas util y necesaria acerca de Boss Audio Systems CX350, para no desanimar al usuario al leerlo al principio. Por supuesto, si el dispositivo Boss Audio Systems CX350 tiene varias funciones avanzadas, no podemos evitar una gran cantidad de informacion en el contenido de este documento. Entonces sera mucho mas facil acceder a el que buscarlo en las cajas de compra que seguramente ya habras tirado tu u otros familiares. Basta con ordenar el cajon una vez al ano y tirar manuales de dispositivos que ya no utilizas. De esta manera podras evitar tener documentos innecesarios y te quedaran los actuales. 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