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boss cs-2 manual

boss cs-2 manual

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boss cs-2 manualCreate one here. Product replaced by the Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer. G601721302 2002-2-D3-2Y BOSS Corporation. INSTRUCTIONS. Please read the instructions carefully. The BOSS CS-3 is a compression.,,,, Creators are allowed to post content they produce to the platform, so long as they comply with our policies. United Kingdom. Company number 10637289. Search results for: (found: ) ask for a document File Date Descr Size Popular Mfg Model: Found in chassis2model: Found in repair tips. Unfortunately, I was finally able to get the CS3 owners manual, and it says: At it's clockwise position, the attack sound is retained, in each note even in fast picking, creating drive sound. At it's clockwise position, the attack sound is retained, in each note even in fast picking, creating drive sound. Try setting it a 50 to begin with. I'm not really a country player but being from North Dakota you have to have some country chops at the ready in case of emergency or when I do fill-ins with bands that play some of that stuff. I've found that the attack knob is very interactive with the sustain knob, the attack at around noon or one o'clock works well for compressing overdriven leads for me. I'm sure this varies with each player's rig and style. Good luck to you with your CS-3, you'll surely find what you need. Paste as plain text instead Display as a link instead Clear editor Upload or insert images from URL. The CS-2 uses a VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) instead of the photocouplers used by the CS-1. The VCA's speeds up the signal processing and makes the attack much faster compared to the CS-1. The Attack knob can however be used to control this. The CS-2 performs compression and expansion at high speeds, depending upon the input signal, which permits a faster response to any input and thus eliminates the volume reduction that normally occurs during the attack, as well as the weakening and instability of the sound. This, in turn, improves the sustaining effect of the sound.

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In addition, the wider range of control of the attack time allows each note to be fully and clearly produced, even with fast moving phrases. On the other hand, long and attractive tones can be created for slow-moving phrases. The CS-2 also features an input impedance of 1 MOhm which allows users to take full advantage of their guitar's unique characteristics. This sound can be further enhanced by adding a chorus effect pedal. Find out what you can do. These documentations are only intended for qualified technicians who are aware of the respective safety regulations. Products names, logos, brands and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders in the USA and other countries. Please do not offer the downloaded file for sell only use it for personal usage. Looking for other manual? For this no need registration. May be help you to repair. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock. Instead, contact your nearest service center. Note! To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. In addition, Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. These free programs can be found on this page: needed progs If you use opera you have to disable opera turbo function to download file. If you cannot download this file, try it with CHROME or FIREFOX browser. Translate this page: Relevant AUDIO forum topics: Telefunken Concerto Hi-Fi 101 asztali radio rajzat keresm,megoldva koszonom Sziasztok.Kisebb kontakthibaktol eltekintve mukodik,csak szerintem kicsi az erzekenysege(egy Videoton Kleopatra helyere kerult). Szeretnem eltolni a veteli lehetoseget, a jelenlegi 104 MHz-tol 108 MHz-ig, ha lehet. A Ha valaki tudja hogyan lehet letolteni, vagy tag ezen az oldalon es tud segiteni megkoszonom. A rajzokat megkaptam koszonom a gyors segitseget,remelem boldogulok a radioval is. Fet-eket kellett benne cserelnem, mert elszalltak. 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Capable of serving bright, punchy attack that barrels through a mix thanks to the pedal’s construction on photocouplers, the CS-1 can put that bright twang needed for a country tune or added presence for soloing. In the CS-1 this is done by using photocouplers. The later CS-2 and CS-3 used VCA’s (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) to create the same effect. The sound of the CS-1 is thus very different from its successors. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. A compressor to me is the least intuitive effect. It can be very subtle by nature, so it took me a while to grasp how the controls interact (not the CS-2, but compressors in general). Also, people tend to set them so they pump and don't sound natural. I hate unnatural effects. The CS-2 CAN be set to be natural, so that it fattens and evens out your tone. The controls are actually pretty simple. The level controls the overall volume level of the CS-2 when engaged. You want your bypassed tone to be as loud as your compressed tone, so set accordingly. Unless, you want to use the CS-2 as a sort of boost, and in that case, crank it. According to the manual, the Attack knob adds 'attack' when you turn it clockwise. I think what's really going on, is that when you turn the knob clockwise, you get a slower attack time. Counterclockwise, the attack time is increased. Finally, Sustain controls how much the signal is being compressed. I believe this to be a threshold control, and the more you turn the knob clockwise, the lower the threshold. When it's maxed, you end up bringing all of the amp noise and static, so you have to be careful. My favorite setting, is this: Level: 3:00 Attack: Maxed Sustain: 3:00 You get some nice evening out of the strings, but not a whole lot of nastiness. I want the compressor to be transparent, so that you only really notice what it was doing when you bypass it. Overall, the CS-2 is indeed classic. The crossrail reference is of course to the east-west rail scheme, which is. In the long term the gold monetisation scheme should succeed. Gold monetisation scheme yields 3 tonnes, govt may tweak it further to lure investors. I have the CS-3 Compressor and was wondering if you guys had any. Description, Boss CS-3 compression sustainer guitar effects pedal, boxed; together with. A two level superimposed coding scheme for partial match retrieval. Scheme 3: NIST Base password plus modification. City centre roadworks: Norwich transport boss says “worst is over”. Get rid of that crumby Boss CS-2 or CS-3 and build this!. This is much better than a boss compressor (CS-1). Boss CS-3 Compressor Sustainer (Japan). CS Wamalwa champions for voter registration as IEBC deadline inches closer.Viral video of police 'beating UoN students' under probe - police boss says. A few of the shops listed here have internal paint scheme design staff and never refer. BOSS Aircraft Refinishers, Salisbury, NC. BOSS in this case) and create queries in the sessions. Grades are letters, with A worth 4 grade points, B 3 grade points, etc. Get rid of that crumby Boss CS-2 or CS-3 and build this. The RSA scheme uses a slightly more complicated function. For our encryption exponent e, we could choose the prime number 3 because it's less. A CS course on algorithms or cryptography may well show you some of the more. We see that your boss frequently needs us to write functions that take a list of numbers. CS to unveil curriculum reform team 2 hours ago; Judge Philip Tunoi at the. Ipoa probes alleged police brutality 3 hours ago.Morrison's digital boss exits after supermarket chain bets the farm on, er, digital. The schematic diagram of Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive guitar pedal. There are 3 silicon diodes in the negative feedback path of the op-amp. Two diodes are in one direction and only one.Digital credential is signed by the issuer with a digital signature scheme. I would really like to build a Boss CS-3 clone with a bunch of Mods I. the practical run-down of what's involved in the existing bypass scheme. The Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme (KRSRBS) has cleared a Sh400. Months of negotiations on the so-called 'three strikes' scheme have come to naught. The story Village Roadshow boss Graham Burke admits 'three strikes' scheme may have been a mistake.This fits with my color scheme in my living room 3. take me on a bike ride. I had a DOD Grunge and a Boss Metal Zone with an 25 watt SS Epiphone. Everquest Quest Information for Brendaleen's Scheme. These tasks have individual 3-hour lockout timers (timer gained upon completion). The boss at the end now hits my 105 rogue (AC 11570 max aa) for 20,755 max. trash. Since he hit on avg.Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. Please contact them to ask about shipping. Sounds great! Comes with the original box and manual (it's in Japanese) One knob is missing the silver cover, very cheap to replace. No returns, 48 US States only. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.Please check the fields highlighted in red. All sales are final. We cannot be held responsible if you ruin your pedal. I got ripped off by a buyer of my TR-2 mod. Said he wasn't happy with the mod so I offered to buy the TR-2 from him. When I received the pedal it was non-functioning. He had drilled the hole for the pot in the wrong place piercing the ribbon going to the depth pot and completely pulled 4 traces from the PCB. And he wanted to know why the mod sounded bad. Because of this I will no longer issue refunds of any type on mods. If you do not have the skills required to perform the mod then please let us do the mod for you. Monte Allums Sometimes the leaking is actually visible. But Electrolytic caps can look okay and still be faulty. By replacing Electrolytic caps in older pedals you can actually improve the overall effect of that pedal. Honestly I was skeptical until I received an email from a client that was having issues after he modded his Boss BF-2 with one of my kits. He said the flange effect was barely noticeable. A couple of weeks later I received another email from the same client. The client said he had solved the issue by replacing all the Electrolytic caps in his BF-2. This peaked my interest so I started experimenting. I was astonished how some of my older pedals benefited from the cap upgrade. Noise seemed to be reduced and clarity and presence of the effect were enhanced. I am now offering these Cap Upgrade Kits for many of the pedals I offer kits for. In some cases some of these caps are already upgraded in the kits that I offer. But I am offering kits that replace all the Electrolytic caps for those that have not purchased my kits. They will benefit from upgrading the Electrolytic caps that I do not replace in my kits. You’ll find that some of these same caps are already replaced in the kits I offer.AYKUTEMLAK.COM/upload/ckfinder/files/canon-ipf600-manual.pdf It’s a win win all around for those that want the maximum benefit when upgrading their pedals. But I didn’t stop there, when possible I have upgraded these Electrolytics with Metal Film and Tantalum. Not only do these caps have tighter tolerances but they will also last the life of the pedal. The BA662A VCA Chip that the CS-2 uses is held in high regard. The compression is much smoother than the CS-3 and has a much smoother attack. My only complaint is there's no tone control and it does add a bit of noise. Plus I upgrade a few critical areas in the signal path that will lessen noise. The mod makes an already good pedal even better. My regular CS-3 Mod is my best selling mod to date and rightly so. Many feel it is better than a certain very popular pedal modders boutique compressor that sells for 3X the cost of a modded used CS-3. Having never played that certain boutique compressor I have no point of reference. But, I will say, without a doubt, that a CS-3 modded with this kit is the most inspiring compressor I have ever heard or played. My CS-3 modded with this kit rivals my favorite compressor, the Waves Renaissance Compressor. In my opinion what makes a great compressor is one that doesn't alter the original tone in a negative way. Most compressors shave off a bit of the top end of the signal and muddy up the mids and bass. This is exactly what my CS-3 Opto Mod does, and it does it very well. I modeled this kit after the character of the old vintage Opto Compressors. These compressors are highly sought after today for their ability to compress a signal in a very smooth yet transparent way. With this mod I have achieved this and more. In fact, I use a CS-3 modded with this exact kit as a front end compressor for my personal studio. I use it for vocals, acoustic guitar and keyboards. The results have been nothing short of amazing. If you're looking for a great compressor that won't break the bank and will inspire you, this is the kit for you. My best selling Mod just got better. This is how Jeurgen uses the Opto modded CS-3 on stage with his acoustic guitar. No other input stages were involved. This is exactly what he feeds into the mixing desk in a live surrounding. Click here for a complete description of what you will here in the mp3. Opto.mp3 Played entirely through a Boss CS-3 modded with our CS-3 Opto Mod Kit. I also used our new DS-1 Rectifier Mod on this mp3. Played on A Strat through a stock Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp mic'd with a SM57. The Uni-Vibe type Chorus effect is a Yamaha MagicStomp II. This is one FAT and Transparent Compressor after the mod. Absolutely smokes any compressor at any price. Jean-Francois Cyr is playing a Gretsch Tennessean. You can see Jean-Francois Cyr on Youtube at. Thank you Jean-Francois for letting me use this clip. The Opto Plus is my best selling Mod I currently sell. It is the first effect in my studio and live rigs and it is always on. So, you ask, why change it. Well, many have asked me to create specific mods for the CS-3 and I already had some ideas of how to improve an already great mod. The result is my New Boss CS-3 Ultra Plus Mod. Here is a list of the specific improvements this Mod offers. With the Ultra Plus Mod I have accomplished this by smoothing out the attack and giving it a more natural feel. I have maintained all those improvements but I have added a bit of warmth and thickness to the affect. With the Ultra Plus, Warmth and Thickness increase as you dial up the Sustain Pot. This is a very cool feature of the Ultra Plus Mod. With the Ultra Plus Mod I wanted to add a bit of high end Sparkle to the effect. The harshness of the stock CS-3 has been eliminated and a very smooth high end Sparkle has been added to the affect. Another guitarist that frequently uses pinched harmonics is Eric Johnson. The effect happens when subtle harmonics are amplified. Pinched Harmonics require that fundamental frequency content be preserved. The timbre of Pinched Harmonics is greatly affected by a guitarist’s ability to maintain fundamental frequency content in their signal path. The Ultra Plus enhances the fundamental frequency content from your instrument and thus making Pinched Harmonics more musically pleasing. The instructions are crystal clear and full of high-resolution pictures that clearly illustrate how to perform the mod. The PDF instructions are e-mailed to you once your order has shipped. All orders ship within 24 hours of order placement and we Ship to anywhere in the World! Reverb and delay was added in Cubase when mixed down. By replacing one of the CS3's inline chips with the Dual Stack Chip Adapter containing a RC4558P and Burr Brown OPA2134PA we increase the clarity of the CS3, decrease noise and add volume and headroom. This is one sweet sounding compressor with this mod. A truly great sounding mod just got better. This is exactly what my CS-3 Opto Plus Mod does, and it does it very well. In fact, I use a CS-3 modded with this kit as a front end compressor for my personal studio. My best selling Mod just got better! Just unbelievably good. Thank you Sean for letting me use these clips. Man, what great tone Sean, Awesome. Erik used a Opto Plus modded CS-3 and a Rectifier Tri-Gain Plus modded DS-1. Recording path was Texas Special Strat into CS-3 Opto plus into DS-1 Rectifier with Tri-Gain into a Fender Blues Junior. Great job Erik, and Great Tone. Juergen used a Opto Plus modded CS-3 into one of my OD-308s. The amp was set CLEAN as clean can be and I did barely increase the overall volume of the amp by using the pedals. Great job Juergen, and Great Tone! This switch will give you 3 different and very usable modes. One gives you basically the stock bass while the other 2 will give you more bass. As an added bonus the tone pot will give you a more usable and sweeter sweep. Great for Bass or Guitar! This mod absolutely Decimates the noise of the stock CS-3.AYHANCEVIK.COM/images_upload/files/canon-ipf5100-manual-pdf The two new opamps kill n oise and add much needed clarity to the circuit. The other request I constantly get is people want more bass and warmth. The Tone Knob mod has accomplished that and more. The tone sweep is now much more responsive and adds a certain sweetness to the CS-3. Together all the mods work to give your CS-3 near studio quality compression at a very reasonable price point. You’ll want to leave your CS-3 on all the time. I never turn mine off. Enjoy! So I have taken some of the critical parts and are offering them here to those that would like to further knock down the noise in their CS-3. I also upgrade a capacitor that will add bass and warmth to the circuit. All in all this is a wonderful upgrade for any CS-3, whether it's an Opto Plus or Ultra Modded CS-3 or even a stock CS-3. Either way you get a great improvement at a very reasonable price.The Opto Plus will retain your guitars original tone while also reducing noise and removing the harshness of the original CS-3. My New Ultra Plus mod for the CS-3 will also retain the tone of your original signal but I have fattened the effect a bit, added warmth, and I've added additional clarity to the upper frequencies thus enhancing the harmonic content of the signal. If you are a Tele player then the Ultra is the ticket. The Ultra is very single coil friendly. Humbuckers will sound thicker with added clarity also. I have also smoothed out the attack to make it a more natural sounding compression. The tone sweep is now much more responsive and adds a certain sweetness to the CS-3. This is the quietest mod for the CS-3 I offer. The added bass and warmth is better suited for bass players and guitarists with a brighter vibe amp looking for added warmth. Bottom line is, it depends on the type of tone you are searching for. All 3 Mods will make the stock CS-3 sound great. If you want noise reduction and transparency all 3 mods will give you that. The Opto is more transparent and the Ultra is fatter and the Noise Decimator will knock down noise while adding enhanced upper frequencies. You really can't go wrong with either Mod. It just depends on the type of compression you are looking for.